10 LIVE Online Homeschool Classes [BEST Picks] 2024

Suppose you’re a busy parent working from home or you just want an excellent education for your children at home. In that case, LIVE online homeschool classes are a great idea. These online classes can take much of the teaching and stress out for busy homeschool parents. However, LIVE classes are pricier than ordinary pre-recorded video lessons such as¬†BJU Press¬†and¬†Abeka¬†offer. But for most parents, it’s worth the investment. Before buying, take advantage of the free consultations to help you choose courses and start your online homeschool well!

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We’ll cover secular and Christian options in this post.¬†

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10 Best LIVE Online Homeschool Classes

In this post, we’ll look at these homeschool curriculum options with LIVE Online lessons:

But let’s take a look at how LIVE Online classes differ from pre-recorded lessons.

LIVE Online Classes vs Pre-Recorded Lessons

It’s essential to¬†understand the difference between pre-recorded lessons and live classes. The key difference is timing.¬†

LIVE Online Classes

LIVE classes are interactive and allow students to socialize with the teacher and other students, making socialization possible. 

However, they are more expensive as they must be replicated every time a child’s class comes up.¬†

Pre-Recorded Online Classes

On the other hand, pre-recorded lessons can be used multiple times and are cheaper for the company to run.

However, homeschoolers who use pre-recorded lessons miss out on socializing with peers and receiving help from the teacher.

Now that we’ve sorted that out let’s look at the offerings.

Veritas Press –¬†Free Consultation

Veritas Press is a classical Christian homeschool curriculum offering online LIVE homeschool classes for children of all grades.

They offer accreditation with their online Scholars Academy. (Accreditation means less work for parents, making it a good homeschool curriculum for working parents.)

Classes they offer include:

  • All the Basic classes you could want, plus
  • Lego, Drawing, Writing, Chess, and Baking clubs – around $80 each
  • Bible, Archeology – around – around $620-780 each
  • Computer Programming – around $620-780 each
  • Latin, Logic, Apologetics, Hebrew, Linguistics – around $620-780 each
  • Precalculus, Geometry, Algebra – around $620-780 each
  • Earth Science – around $620-780 each
  • Shakespeare – around $620-780 each
  • and¬†LOTS MORE!

I didn’t want to bore you with their¬†vast range, but if you’re looking for live online classes for homeschoolers, this is an excellent place to go!

Before choosing classes, getting a free consultation here is helpful to help you start homeschooling well and select appropriate courses.

K12 – Online LIVE Classes with Public School

K12, a secular curriculum, is actually an American Public school.

They offer LIVE online tutoring alongside their basic pre-recorded lessons curriculum. 

They are also a free curriculum for homeschoolers who live in America because it is public school-funded. 

Look at K12 here.

True North Homeschool Academy

True North Homeschool Academy offers a program with an eclectic flavor with hints of classical and Charlotte Mason influences.

But they are quick to use any technology that will work, such as animations and interactive technology (like games).

They are a little more¬†affordable¬†than Veritas Press but¬†don’t offer accreditation¬†(not a big deal¬†for most homeschool families.

However, their class sizes are much smaller, and children will only be studying with a few other children at a time.

This means they’ll get more one-on-one attention from the teacher.

They offer the following elementary classes:

  • French, Spanish -$469 bought separately
  • Writing & Grammar, Art & Music -$469 bought separately
  • Bible -$469 bought separately
  • History -$469 bought separately
  • Science -$469 bought separately
  • Africa, Arctic, Amazon, Oceans – $398 bought separately
  • Extra Coaching – $199
  • BUNDLES of 3, 6, or 10 LIVE classes for a¬†discount.
  • And¬†Much More!

They also offer Junior High LIVE homeschool classes (average $639) and High School Classes (average $639), which are a little more expensive as you go into these years.

Check out a True North Homeschool Academy review here.

Compass Classroom

Compass Classroom offers a few very affordable LIVE online homeschool classes, including:

They range from $250-325.

Compass Classroom is a classical homeschool curriculum program that encourages critical thinking.

Their courses are more than lectures. They’re always visually attractive and do a great job of engaging students.

I am using their Visual Latin curriculum (pre-recorded video lessons) and love it. It makes me laugh and is very cheeky.

See the picture below to get a visual of their LIVE classes.

What are your options for LIVE Online Homeschool Classes There are many unaccredited and accredited options like Veritas Press, Connections Homeschool, Apologia, True North Homeschool Academy and more.

Well-Trained Mind Academy

Well, Trained Mind Academy offers accredited LIVE online homeschool classes. 

This curriculum primarily teaches with the classical homeschool method. 

They offer the following courses:

  • Fine Arts
  • World Languages
  • History
  • Literature
  • Math
  • Science
  • Study Skills and
  • Writing & Grammar

Students pay:

  • $40 registration fee, then
  • $275 for clubs and
  • $400-465 for one semester courses and¬†
  • $700-850 for full year courses.

Well, Trained Mind Academy offers secular LIVE online classes. 

Check them out here. 

Ignite Christian Academy

Students can take LIVE online classes with¬†Alpha Omega‘s Ignite Christian Academy.¬†

Ignite offers homeschoolers the chance to socialize with classmates and teachers in educational Zoom classes. 

They offer:

  • All the basics¬†PLUS a massive range of electives like:
  • animal systems
  • STEM
  • Forensics
  • Civics
  • Languages
  • Career Management
  • Journalism
  • Music Appreciation
  • Health, Nursing, and Psychology

Ignite costs between $2305 for a 4-course full tuition year and $3367 for a 6-course full tuition year. 

Homeschool Connections LIVE Online Classes for Homeschoolers

Homeschool Connections is a Catholic homeschool curriculum.

They offer LIVE interactive homeschool lessons for all grades and subjects. 

They offer interactive and engaging weekly lessons and automatic grading, making things easy for parents. 

Offering both pre-recorded classes (like BJU Press and Abeka do), Homeschool Connections has a decent range of LIVE classes, including:

Each course costs around 200, making them reasonably affordable. 

Keep in mind that this program isn’t accredited.¬†

Apologia РOnline LIVE Homeschool Classes

Apologia is a beautiful curriculum offering almost all subjects (including its excellent creation science homeschool curriculum) for all years.

They now have LIVE online classes for homeschoolers. 

They offer self-paced courses (most affordable), pre-recorded video lessons (affordable), and LIVE online classes (most expensive). 

This provider is known for teaching excellent critical thinking skills to equip students to enter the world with a thinking mind!

Courses are constantly engaging and do an excellent job of teaching using engaging narratives and true stories. 

Offering more than 40 classes, they have:

  • ALL the BASICS plus
  • Latin and Spanish
  • Apologetics, Bible, Worldview
  • Civics, History, World History
  • Economics and Other Math
  • Science – $635
  • Literature incl. Narnia and Shakespeare
  • and More.

The cost for their LIVE classes starts with a $50 registration fee per course plus

Check out this popular homeschool curriculum here.

Acellus Academy РWeekly LIVE Online Science Classes

Acellus Academy is an accredited version offering LIVE online science classes. (They also provide Power Homeschool, which is much more affordable, and Tutoring options.)

This is available on their scholarship program. 

Bridgeway Academy

Bridgeway Academy, which is a secular homeschool curriculum that also produces Elephango (online curriculum) and Discover! (mailable, paper-based program) offers LIVE online lessons for homeschoolers.

Like Apologia, they offer offline, self-paced, and online LIVE lessons. 

They’re also accredited, which means they’re technically an online school.

They offer all the basic courses plus electives (look up their range with this link!)

They cost around $1,400 for their accredited program.

The advantages of LIVE Online Homeschool Classes are it needs less parent time, more teacher help, often more fun, less confusion, and parents can homeschool and work full-time.Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

To get some great info on homeschool programs, check the following video and articles:

You’re sure to find something you love here.

Choose a Curriculum by Homeschool Method

You can choose a homeschooling curriculum based on your preferred methodology.

But there are other ways to choose a homeschool curriculum…

Choose a Curriculum Another Way

You can also pick:

Or do it by subject:

You may find some excellent books that can be helpful for homeschooling. In fact, some individuals rely solely on books for their homeschooling needs.

God bless you on your homeschool journey!

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