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Dinosaur homeschool curriculum courses do a great job of engaging our children’s interests! If your primary schooler, like my six-year-old son, is crazy about colossal creatures or keen on exploring prehistoric wonders, this guide is for you. Check out some of the BEST dinosaur curriculum courses from a creation science¬†perspective. Let’s make learning as fun as dinosaurs‚ÄĒfind the ideal fit for your child’s educational journey!

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Creation Science Dinosaur Homeschool Curriculum (Christian)

Creation science dinosaur curriculum programs are popular among primary and middle school-aged children. Here are some great options:

Schoolhouse Teachers РDinosaurs and the Bible VIDEOS

My son is doing the Dinosaurs and the Bible¬†video curriculum¬†with Schoolhouse Teachers. He’s loving it!

Currently, he’s learned about:

  • Dinosaur hunters
  • Dinosaur wars
  • Classifying dinosaurs
  • Noah’s ark and the dinosaurs
  • Dinosaurs and extinction and more.

The cool thing about Schoolhouse Teachers is that they have hundreds of electives.

So, if you have a subscription with them, you don’t have to purchase this one separately because it comes with the affordable subscription. Or¬†you can get a one-month subscription for $29 to access this fantastic dinosaur curriculum.¬†

Check them out here. 

Schoolhouse Teachers Dinosaurs and the Bible Creation Science homeschool curriculum.

Answers in Genesis РDinosaur Combo BOOKS

Answers in Genesis is known for creating kid-friendly creation science resources.

And they don’t disappoint when it comes to dinosaurs.¬†

Discover the thrilling world of dinosaurs through Answers in Genesis’ creation science dinosaur curriculum, curated by Ken Ham.

This engaging¬†combo, valued at $31, is tailored for kids of all ages, offering a¬†biblical perspective on the true history of dinosaurs. “Dinosaurs for Little Kids” presents Bible-based facts in a rhyming format, making it accessible for younger children.

Meanwhile, “Dinosaurs for Kids,” a comprehensive hardback book, provides an up-to-date and complete exploration of dinosaur history.

With a powerful Bible-based timeline, captivating illustrations, and the latest dinosaur insights, this curriculum promises an exciting and revealing journey into the world of dinosaurs.

Check them out here. 

Answers in Genesis Dinosaurs for Kids Combo homeschool curriculum.

Masterbooks РMany Options

Masterbooks offers lots of dinosaur homeschool curriculum options. It seamlessly incorporates the captivating world of dinosaurs into its all-in-one homeschool program, offering courses catering to various educational needs. Explore the prehistoric wonders with options such as:

  • 4th-grade curriculum
  • Dinosaur bundle
  • Apologetics curriculum
  • Dinosaurs by Design
  • Dinos in Eden
  • Elementary paleontology

And much more! This comprehensive homeschool curriculum is known for its engaging approach to teaching and for embracing the principles of the lovely Charlotte Mason method and is quite easy-paced.

Masterbooks ensures a well-rounded and enriching learning journey for students of all ages.

Check it out here or read a review of Masterbooks. 

Masterbooks Dinosaur Bundle

Gather Round Homeschool РUnit Study Option

Gather ’round Homeschool’s “Dinosaurs”¬†unit studies¬†curriculum¬†explores the world of dinosaurs¬†through stories of adventure and discovery.

Written in a living book style, lessons start with daily devotionals and include an apologetics section, emphasizing the reliability of the Bible.

The curriculum spans 4-5 weeks, with 20 lessons designed for a 4-day or 5-day school week.

Students learn research skills like using the Dewey Decimal system, internet safety, and identifying reliable sources. Art is integrated into nearly every lesson, and notebooking and art pages are in the appendix for creating a personal dino discovery book.

To start, purchase a workbook for each child and a Teacher’s Guide for comprehensive lesson guidance.

See a review of Gather Round here. 

Gather Round Dinosaur homeschool curriculum.Dinosaur Curriculum Options

There are also several homeschool curricula that include dinosaurs in their full curriculum. These are:

  • BJU Press¬†– have a chapter on dinosaurs in their 5th grade curriculum
  • Apologia¬†– talk about dinosaurs extensively in their Zoology textbook
  • Abeka¬†– their life science course includes info on dinos

Check them out by clicking the links above.

The Bottom Line on Dinosaur Homeschool Curriculum

Whether you’re into dinosaurs or want a good learning experience, there are incredible dinosaur homeschool curriculum options! You’ve got choices from the video lesson in Schoolhouse Teachers to the book focus of Answers in Genesis to the hands-on approach of Gather ’round Homeschool. Learning about dinosaurs isn’t just about books; it’s about asking big questions about creation vs evolution (and having a bit of fun!). So, as you dive into this learning adventure with your kids, find a curriculum that makes them excited, helps them think, and sets them up for a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. Happy homeschooling!

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