10 BEST Homeschool Curriculum for Working Parents

Finding a homeschool curriculum for working parents is vital because, let’s face it, you don’t have all day to read Beatrix Potter to your children. Time constraints make it essential to discover programs that enable children to learn independently. This article will explore 10 top-notch curriculum options that balance academic excellence and self-guided learning. These choices simplify the lives of working homeschool moms and dads, helping them manage professional commitments while ensuring their children receive a quality education.

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In this post, we’re going to look at the following homeschool curriculum choices for working parents:

  • BJU Press – teacher-led pre-recorded video lessons children can do independently.
  • Compass Classroom – video lessons with printable PDFs for middle and high school students.
  • Veritas Press – classical accredited curriculum – free consultation here.
  • Apologia – all-in-one critical thinking curriculum, hands-on with videos
  • True North Homeschool Academy – LIVE, online lessons with tiny class sizes.
  • Abeka Academy – like BJU Press – compare them here
  • Monarch– online, unaccredited homeschool curriculum for working parents
  • Easy Peasy – a free option with printable PDFs
  • Night Zookeeper – online language learning app with animations and fun games

We’ll also look at secular options at the end that you might like instead.

Let’s get started.

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Best Christian Homeschool Curriculum for Working Parents

If you’re looking for Christian options for your children where they can do most of the work independently, check out the options below.

BJU Press

BJU Press is a fantastic homeschooling choice that combines the best of both worlds: physical workbooks and online pre-recorded video lessons.

The added bonus?

It’s an accredited option that will keep the bank intact compared to its non-accredited counterparts.

Rooted in a solid biblical worldview with a focus on the gospel, BJU Press provides academic excellence and a values-based education.

The curriculum is designed to be hands-on, allowing parents to manage their work commitments. At the same time, their children learn independently in the background.

It strikes a balance between being parent-friendly, ensuring that the little ones get just the right amount of support, and empowering middle and high schoolers to navigate the curriculum entirely independently.

This self-directed learning approach promotes independence and eases the burden on working parents, creating a conducive environment for professional commitments and a quality education at home.

See the BJU Press curriculum here OR read a BJU Press review.

Compass Classroom

Compass Classroom is an excellent homeschool choice, offering video-based lessons that suit different learning styles.

Their content includes lectures, mini-movies, and in-between styles, making it engaging for kids.

What makes it even more remarkable is that it’s not just about memorizing facts; Compass Classroom encourages kids to think critically and use their brains.

With a primarily classical approach and some influences from the Charlotte Mason method, this course is not only educational but also fascinating for children.

It covers the usual subjects and adds some cool ones like:

  • filmmaking,
  • Latin,
  • Spanish, and
  • ‘The Vocab Show.’

Compass Classroom makes learning exciting, helping kids explore various topics beyond the basics.

Parents can be confident that their children are learning subjects and developing essential thinking skills that will be valuable in their lives.

The only thing to be aware of is that they don’t have great homeschool options for kindergarten.

Discover Compass Classroom here OR read a CC review.

Veritas Press

Veritas Press is a top-notch choice for homeschooling, offering a classical accredited homeschool curriculum with a Christian focus.

They provide fun courses through live online video classes, making learning interactive and engaging.

What sets Veritas Press apart is its flexibility to accommodate different preferences.

Suppose you prefer a more independent learning style. In that case, Veritas offers self-paced classes, which are not only flexible but also budget-friendly.

Another option is the self-teach approach, where parents can take on the instructor role for their children, creating a personalized learning experience.

Not sure which option is suitable for your family? Veritas Press provides a free consultation to help you navigate the choices.

This not only assists in finding the best program but also ensures your child is placed accurately within the curriculum.

Get a free homeschool consultation with Veritas here or read a review here.


Apologia is a fantastic all-in-one homeschool choice for busy parents because it encourages kids to read their textbooks independently.

These specially designed books offer a unique blend of exciting stories, providing a wealth of knowledge from a biblical perspective.

While some parents enjoy reading the material to their children, the beauty of Apologia lies in its flexibility, allowing children to learn on their own when time is tight.

Apologia is renowned for its creation science program, offering a distinctive and biblically-centered approach to scientific topics. The curriculum is informative and engaging, making learning a captivating experience for students.

The Apologia preschool homeschool kit is an excellent choice for parents of young children who can spare around half an hour a day for shared reading.

Read an Apologia review here or look at the program directly here.

True North Homeschool Academy

True North Homeschool Academy is an excellent choice for parents working full-time, offering a complete homeschool curriculum with a unique approach.

In this program, children benefit from small class sizes in live online sessions.

One standout feature is the opportunity for children to socialize with their homeschool peers online a few times a week, fostering a sense of community.

The flexibility of True North allows students to complete their work mainly offline, accommodating various learning preferences.

What sets True North apart is its passionate educators who bring enthusiasm to the subjects they teach.

Unlike traditional school classes, True North is dedicated to serving the homeschool world with a distinctive teaching philosophy tailored for a homeschool (instead of a school) environment.

True North Homeschool Academy also incorporates a Judeo-Christian worldview with a gospel-centered focus, providing a values-based education.

True North Homeschool Academy stands out as a reliable and enriching option for parents seeking a complete homeschool curriculum that aligns with their work schedules.

Check out True North directly here OR look at a review here.

Curriculum for working parents include video lessons, LIVE online classes, indepenedent study and self-paced options.

Night Zookeeper

If you want something that’s easy for parents and fun for kids, check out Night Zookeper.

This is a fun language arts learning app that engages children with bright graphics and online games.

The program is very easy to use, and parents have everything graded for them.

They even have online tutors to give tips and encouragement after children write stories or articles.

There are lots of rewards, and kids start feeling like a hero after playing this program for a while.

This is a secular program. Many parents use it in place of screen time.

BUY the program here.


Abeka has been a go-to for homeschooling families for decades, and even second-generation homeschool parents, like myself, have fond memories of using it.

They’ve kept up with the times by offering online video lessons taught by teachers and providing physical workbooks for offline activities.

Abeka is a good fit for working parents because teachers take the lead in teaching, allowing parents to work in the background. While it’s a more traditional program, it might only suit some people’s idea of a homeschool schedule, as lessons are longer than most homeschool picks.

If you’re considering Abeka, it’s often compared with BJU Press, giving you options to explore.

In the end, Abeka remains a trusted and enduring choice for homeschooling, carrying on its legacy from generation to generation.

Check out a review of Abeka here OR their program directly here.


Monarch stands out as an excellent homeschool curriculum for middle school and high school. They use online lessons, including printed text, images, and videos. This helps provide a varied and engaging learning experience.

For Christian families looking for an affordable program that allows children to work independently online, Monarch is a well-priced option.

Its user-friendly approach makes it a particularly suitable homeschool curriculum for working parents seeking an option children can do independently.

Developed by Alpha Omega Publications, a trusted name in homeschool curriculum for decades, Monarch reflects the expertise and commitment to quality for which the publisher is known. Alpha Omega Publications is also the creator of other well-regarded programs like LifepacIgnite Christian AcademyWeaver, and Horizons.

Check out a review of Monarch here OR the curriculum directly here.

All-In-One Easy Peasy Homeschool

Easy Peasy All in One is a free Christian homeschool curriculum for primary, middle, and high school.

Specifically designed for children to work independently once they can read, it offers a self-guided learning experience.

While the program may be less visually appealing, its content is substantial. It draws from a variety of free resources available on the internet. As a free option, Easy Peasy is an excellent choice for working homeschool parents on a tight budget.

Though it’s rooted in a Christian perspective, it’s noteworthy that many secular users also find value in Easy Peasy by skipping the Bible portions. The program’s creator, Lee Giles, approaches science from a creation science perspective, offering a biblical angle on scientific topics.

Look at an Easy Peasy review here.

The Robinson Curriculum

The Robinson curriculum was designed by a working homeschool dad who needed a program his children could do independently, as he didn’t have enough time to sit with them during the day.

The program is a Christian open-and-go homeschool curriculum and is one huge PDF.

They include all subjects, and children can slowly work through the material.

For a few hundred dollars, this can be a good choice. But, because of its format, it may not be for everyone.

Check out a review of the Robinson curriculum here.

What are the best curricula for working parents We look at programs kids can do independently.

BEST Secular Homeschool Curriculum for Working Parents

You might prefer some secular curriculum if you’re a working parent. Take a look at these options:

  1. Time4Learning – an online curriculum
  2. Juni Learning – 1:1 learning 
  3. Acellus – complete secular homeschool curriculum. Review here
  4. Under the Home – free Charlotte Mason curriculum reviewed here
  5. K12 – online homeschool curriculum
  6. Oak Meadow – an accredited nature-based curriculum
  7. Khan Academy – free option with video lessons but not a complete curriculum
  8. ABCmouse – suitable for younger kids.
  9. Beast Academy – advanced math

Preschool Curriculum for Working Parents

If you’re after a set-and-forget preschool curriculum, you have to check out the Virtual Preschool here. My daughter, Penny, LOVES this program, which comes as half-hour video lessons children will happily watch. It’s like a virtual, interactive lecture.

But it’s super engaging. And maybe best of all, it’s the most affordable preschool you’ll likely find!

Check out the Virtual Preschool here.

Homeschool Reading Program for Struggling Readers

Dr. Marion also has a great free homeschool curriculum for struggling readers. This program, which is free until the end of 2025 and then becomes low-cost, is online and requires NO help from parents.

This is an excellent choice for working parents because kids don’t have to ask parents for help. It’s all built into the program, meaning kids can learn to read while parents work.

The only catch is it’s mainly for 3rd- 4th grade students as well as gifted 2nd graders.

Check out Dr. Marion’s Reading Program, Comprehendi, here, or I’ve reviewed Comprendi here.

BEFORE Homeschooling Do This…

You may feel a bit desperate, and you’ve just taken your kids out of school, but you think, “I’ve still got to work.”

If so, I’d suggest you deschool for a few months before starting a formal curriculum.

When you do this, it doesn’t mean your kids do nothing.

It would help if you got them into nature and lots of fun things…see this article on the process of deschooling here.

But also make sure you get your kids into good books.

Here’s a COMPLETE HOMESCHOOL BOOKLIST you can use for free! You can get them as free homeschool books if you listen to them on YouTube (most are available as audiobooks there).

While you’re on YouTube, SUBSCRIBE to my How to Homeschool channel for more helpful homeschool info.

The Bottom Line on the Best Homeschool Curriculum for Working Parents…

Choosing the right homeschool curriculum for working parents is not just a matter of convenience but a necessity in navigating the challenges of time constraints. The options explored in this article provide a diverse range of choices, each tailored to meet the unique needs of both Christian and secular preferences. From teacher-led pre-recorded video lessons to online, unaccredited curricula, these selections balance academic excellence and self-guided learning, alleviating the burden on working parents. Whether opting for BJU Press, Compass Classroom, or exploring secular alternatives like Time4Learning or ABCmouse, the goal remains the same – to simplify the lives of working parents, allowing them to manage professional commitments while ensuring their children receive a quality education. The flexibility and adaptability offered by these homeschool curriculum choices empower parents to create an enriching learning environment that accommodates both their busy schedules and their children’s educational needs.

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