10 Affordable Homeschool Curriculum PICKS [2024]

When it comes to educating their children at home, parents on a budget have several affordable homeschool curriculum programs to choose from. While many commercial programs can be expensive, there are several ways to find quality, budget-friendly curricula on a tight budget. With creativity and ingenuity, parents can create an effective learning environment for their children without breaking the bank. Find some great cheap curriculum programs below!

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1.  Schoolhouse Teachers

Schoolhouse Teachers is an online Christian curriculum provider that offers hundreds of courses for students in grades K-12.

The curriculum includes lesson plans and support for parents. You can print any part of the curriculum as needed.

Schoolhouse Teachers is also fantastic as it has many Charlotte Mason, Unit Studies, and classical courses (like debating and Latin).

Because of the breadth of the curriculum, you can easily find something your child will love in this program. Definitely check it out!

Why is this an Affordable Homeschool Curriculum Program?

One of the great things about Schoolhouse Teachers is that one price covers the whole family for every subject, every grade, and every student!

So it doesn’t matter if you have 10 children; you’ll still pay the same price.

This curriculum currently costs $30USD a month for EVERY grade and covers EVERY subject, including ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING they have to offer.

But, right now, they’re having a sale for $49/quarter.

Check out Schoolhouse Teachers here. 

2. Compass Classroom

The Compass Classroom curriculum is a classical education curriculum that focuses on the trivium (grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages).

This curriculum is designed to help students develop critical thinking and gracious communication skills.

The Compass Classroom Curriculum has been used by homeschoolers for years and was created by homeschool parents.

They offer online lessons that are VERY entertaining and fun.

Why It’s Affordable?

You can access all of Compass Classroom’s programs for only $390/year (on sale now).

Try it for free for two weeks to see if you like it here.

3. Generations

Generations is one of the best gospel-centered homeschool programs. It focuses on family discipleship, character training, and missions.

This curriculum is a high-quality, offline program with physical workbooks.

All subjects and grades are included, although some grades still lack math programs, which are currently in development.

Why it’s a Budget-Freindly Homeschool Curriculum?

Generations offer free shipping on all orders over $200. (International orders are no extra charge on this.)

Although the books are large and high-quality, with great pictures, the program costs only around $400 for the whole grade year.

Each grade year has different pricing depending on what is included, but this is exceptionally cheap for a printed curriculum.


4. Ambleside Online

Online homeschooling curricula based on Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy are gaining popularity among parents who want a more nature-based, literature-rich education for their children.

The Ambleside Online curriculum is a free Charlotte Mason-inspired homeschool program that follows Mason’s educational philosophy of using living books, nature study, and copywork to provide a well-rounded education for children.

Many parents are drawn to the Ambleside Online curriculum because it provides a more gentle, book-based approach to learning than many traditional online homeschooling programs.

The use of living books and nature study helps to create a more engaging and relaxing learning environment for children, which many parents feel is more beneficial for their overall development.

Why Is This a Cheap Homeschool Curriculum Program?

This curriculum is 100% free. You can download lesson plans and print them. However, you have to buy the books.

So sometimes that can add up to being the same cost as a bought curriculum.

5. Memoria Press

With over 25 years of experience, Memoria Press is a leading provider of classical Christian education materials.

Their curriculum is based on the traditional liberal arts and stresses the importance of a well-rounded education.

Memoria Press offers various resources for parents and teachers who want to implement this type of curriculum in their homes or classrooms.

Their materials are based on the works of classical authors and are designed to teach students how to think, not just what to think.

They offer a mailable offline curriculum but also have recently opened up an online academy.

Why it’s a Budget-friendly Homeschooling Program?

Memoria Press sends a box to your door with everything you’ll need for one child for around $300-700, depending on the child’s age.

That makes it a pretty affordable curriculum, in my books.

6. Rod and Staff

The Rod and Staff curriculum is a Christian homeschooling curriculum that has been around for over 40 years.

It is based on a Biblical worldview and teaches students from a young age how to think critically from a Christian perspective.

The Rod and Staff curriculum is one of the most popular homeschooling programs available, and many parents trust it because of its biblical foundation.

The program is available on different online websites, including Amazon.

Why It’s Affordable?

This curriculum costs $120-170 per child for all the books they’ll need for a year.

7. Ace Paces

Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) Paces are an integral part of the curriculum at many Christian schools and homeschools.

They are a unique way of teaching that allows students to learn at their own pace.

ACE Paces are not like traditional textbooks.

They are individualized learning plans that are specifically designed for each student.

This allows each child to learn at his or her own pace and level.

ACE Paces are an excellent way to teach children.

They provide a structured learning environment while still allowing each child to progress at his or her own pace.

Why is this an Affordable Homeschool Curriculum Program?

A child’s curriculum costs around $100, making it a cheap homeschool option!

8. LifePac by AOP

Alpha Omega Publishing is a company that produces the Lifepac curriculum.

The Lifepac curriculum is a Christian homeschooling program that uses a spiral learning method.

This method reviews concepts multiple times throughout the year, allowing students to retain more information.

The Lifepac curriculum has been around for over 30 years and is used by homeschoolers worldwide.

Why It’s Affordable?

Lifepac will only set you back $390-513 per child for a curriculum, depending on the grade chosen.

Check out some great and affordable homeschool curriculum programs on this list!

9. Easy Peasy All-in-One

There are a lot of reasons to love the Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool Curriculum.

It’s Christian-based, it’s free, and it offers a great way to keep track of your child’s progress with “My EP Assignments.”

Plus, there are tons of resources available to help you customize the curriculum to meet your family’s needs.

Here are just a few reasons why we think Easy Peasy is the way to go!

I really love this program and have written an extended review about it. You can check it out here!

Why is this an Affordable Homeschool Curriculum Program?

This curriculum is 100% free, and you can also print the PDF files for offline use.

That means you only need to buy a few pens, paper, a printer, and some ink, and you’ve got yourself a great and affordable homeschool curriculum!

10. Robinson Curriculum

The Robinson curriculum is a cheap homeshcool curriculum because you can get the program for $195.

The program, which is delivered online as a printable file, covers your whole family for all grades.

This means you don’t need to purchase any more curriculum – forever!

This curriculum also employs great literature from the classics to form a self-teaching program whereby parents have to spend very little time homeschooling their children in person.

This means they can work full-time while still being able to home educate.

The Robinson curriculum is a Christian, faith-based, politically conservative homeschooling program.

Why is this an Affordable Homeschool Curriculum Program?

You can get this whole curriculum for all grades covering all subjects (except for math…they recommend using Saxon Math here) for under $200.

Confused About Homeschool Curriculum?

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This program (called the Homeschool Parenting Program) will teach you:

  • the fundamentals of how to homeschool
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Look into the course more here.

How to Save Money on Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschooling can be a costly endeavor if you’re not careful. Curriculum, books, and materials can quickly add up. However, there are ways to save money on homeschool curriculum.

One way to save money is to purchase used curriculum. You can often find great deals on websites like eBay or Amazon. Another way to save money is to buy in bulk. Many curriculum companies offer discounts when you purchase multiple items.

Finally, don’t forget that you can often find free resources online. There are many websites that offer free homeschooling resources. Take some time to explore and see what’s available. With a little effort, you can find everything you need without spending a lot of money.

Free and Low-Cost Homeschool Resources

Internet Resources

The internet is a goldmine of free homeschool resources. You can find lesson plans, unit studies, printables, and more with just a few clicks. There are also many free online courses available.

Local Library

Your local library is another great resource for homeschool families. Most libraries offer passes to local museums and attractions, as well as classes and events for kids. You can also check out books, DVDs, and other materials for free.

There are also many affordable homeschool curriculum options available. You can often find used curriculum at garage sales or online classifieds. Or you can create your own curriculum using free resources like those mentioned above.

Free Curriculum

There are also free curriculum options out there for parents who don’t have curriculum budget at all. These options will be sufficient, but they can be pretty home-brand compared to the ones you purchase.

Check out the free curriculum here or watch the video below on it.

Free Math Games

Making math fun at an affordable price can also be difficult. But, you can find some free online and offline math games here to help. Here are 10 that will help you homeschool for free!

Free Typing Games

There are also lots of great typing games to help your children develop speed as they work on composing small stories and essays. Here are some free typing games to enjoy.

On Finding an Affordable Homeschool Curriculum Program

In conclusion, many affordable homeschool curriculum programs are available to fit any family’s needs. With some research, you can find the perfect program to provide your child with a quality education at a price you can afford.

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