Veritas Press Curriculum Review: Why It’s One of the Best

If you’re interested in implementing a classical Christian education in your homeschool, you can’t go past the Veritas Press curriculum. This curriculum provides a fun and rigorous education to students at a fraction of the cost of private schools. It has self-paced, online and teach-it-yourself options. The course is also accredited by the Middle States Association giving parents who want accreditation peace of mind.

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As a person who’s interested in doing a classical Christian program with my children, we’ll be going over the basic features of this program. But, if you want to know more about how Veritas Press will suit your family specifically, you can book a free consultation with Veritas Press here.

For now, join me as we look into it more closely below.

Is the Veritas Press curriculum a good choice for your family? Find out what this classical education homeschool curriculum can offer your children. #veritaspress #christianhomeschoolingcurriculum #classicaleducation

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Summary of Veritas Press

Veritas Press was started in 2006 so it is one of the oldest online providers of classical Christian education. The program follows the Classical method of education (described in more detail below), although it only separates its program into two stages instead of three stages which is traditional.

The program offers self-paced (asynchronous) or live (synchronous) online courses so children can be part of a classroom with other children. Using a high-speed internet connection, students go online for a few hours a couple of times a week and complete their assigned tasks and homework on the rest of the days.

If they have a group assignment, Veritas Press will make online learning spaces available where students can collaborate.

Children meet twice a week for

  • 1 hour 15 min in the grammar stage and
  • 1 hour 30 min in the secondary stage

Teachers and students have a microphone connected to computers where they can interact with each other. Using this, teachers can talk to students and if a student wants to say something they can ‘raise their hand’ and the teacher will allow them to talk when appropriate. At times, live videos of the students can be streamed (similar to Zoom) so all students and the teacher are visible to each other.

Another part I love about Veritas is their Phonics Museum app. This app teaches children to read in a few weeks as they follow a cartoon character (a medieval knight called Percival) though a museum as he teaches them words and sounds. It’s something I’ll certainly be using with my own children.

What Homeschooling Method Does the Veritas Press Curriculum Use?

Veritas Press uses the classical education method. This method is made up of three stages (of which Veritas uses the grammar stage and then a secondary stage which I assume is the logic and rhetoric stages):

These stages are together called the trivium. Students study the trivium in their primary and secondary years before some of them study the quadrivium in a tertiary institution. Together these are called the 7 liberal arts.

Check out these videos that I made to explain it all.

Veritas Press Curriculum’s Religious Perspective

Veritas Press is unashamedly Christian.

It boldly teaches truths found in the Bible and has a strong focus on teaching children history.

This means graduates from the Veritas curriculum know the history surrounding many Biblical events and cultural influences at the time these events occurred. They also get a good grounding in scripture, preparing them for life after homeschooling.

How Much Does the Veritas Press Homeschooling Curriculum Cost?

The cost of the Veritas Press curriculum varies considerably depending on the bells and whistles you want.

If you’d like online tutors for your homeschoolers, it is more expensive compared to parents teaching the program using their material.

The other variant is the stage children are up to. The grammar stage is less expensive than the secondary stage.

Each stage has a separate enrollment fee:

  • Grammar school costs around $250 for the classic level and $550 for the premium level (as of 23/4/20)
  • Secondary school costs around $350 for the classic level and $650 for the premium level

There is then course tuition fees on top of this which can be between $200 and $700. Check out more about course pricing at Veritas here. In comparison to other courses I’ve looked at, this type of pricing is fairly average for homeschooling curriculum today.

If Veritas Press is sounding good to you, make sure you book a free consultation with a homeschool mom here to discuss starting homeschooling and curriculum on a one-on-one basis.

Is it Online or Paper-Based?

It can be either.

If you choose both, it costs more. However, if parents undertake to teach the material themselves, it costs less.

Some parents might prefer a paper-based course as it means their children will spend less time on the computer.

Additionally, they might like an offline version as then they can learn the course with their children (one advantage of homeschooling is that it is exciting for parents as parents learn the material themselves as well as their children!).

As a homeschool mom myself who works during the day, I like to have video lessons for part of the day. This means my son can learn independently while I clean the kitchen and fold the clothes!

But, if you’re not sure what will suit your family, book that free consultation here.

Is Veritas Press Accredited?

Veritas Press is accredited by Middle States Association which means they’re a recognized provider of education in America.

This is great, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at other curricula because they’re not accredited. These days home educators can easily write a transcript for their children which many colleges will accept willingly.

It’s good to note that a course which is accredited is then technically an online school or college. In a way, it is no longer a ‘homeschool’ as homeschool can’t be officially accredited as they’re eclectic in nature and accreditation agencies can’t accredit them.

In the end, you don’t need ‘homeschooling accreditation’ but it can be a ‘nice-to-have’ for some parents as it gives them peace of mind.

How Can I Start Using the Veritas Press Curriculum?

Veritas offers three options for a complete curriculum for the year. A ‘Good’ program (the basics), a ‘Better’ program (an intermediate amount of goodies), and a ‘Best’ program (which comes with all the bells and whistles). I’ll link to these options below for complete curriculum for the year level.

Check out the different curriculum options Veritas Press offers in the following Year Group stages below:

There are also self-paced (asynchronous) options below which we will talk about more below.

Not sure if buying the best is worth it? Book a consultation here to find out.

Veritas Press is an accredited online school that provides classical Christian education to its students. Find out if this could be a worthwhile homeschooling curriclum for your household in this preliminary curriculum review. #veritaspress #curriculumreview

Veritas Press Self-Paced Options

If you don’t want to work at the same pace as everyone else, you can choose the self-paced option. This will be an attractive offer to many homeschooling families as the reason many of them begin homeschooling is that they want to work at a faster or slower pace compared to the pace set out in a traditional school.

What makes Veritas’ self-paced options even better is that they will give you a 90-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the course. So, you can try it and see if it is working for your family.

Veritas Press Phonics Museum App

I first noticed the Veritas Press App when I started investigating the Reading Eggs app, a popular Australian app that teaches children to read. I was impressed with Reading Eggs, but I wanted a Christian ‘learn to read’ app which taught my children good content while also teaching them to read.

After asking about this on the forums, a number of parents recommended the Phonics Museum app. They were very impressed with it.

Phonics Museum is essentially a fun set of stories that teach children to read in a few weeks. On the app, children follow Percival, a medieval knight, who gives students a tour through a museum. Children learn their letters and sounds along the way.

I feel that, even if I don’t end up buying the whole Veritas Press curriculum in favor of another Classical curriculum, I’ll definitely get the Phonics Museum App or reading package.

How Much is Phonics Museum?

You can get Phonics museum in physical form or in an app (only Apple at time of writing).
The physical form is definitely not the cheapest thing on the market today (in fact it costs around $170 at the time of writing), but you get many books for that price.
The Apple app, which includes most of the features the physical program does, costs around $10 a month but comes with a free trial.

Is Veritas Press a good choice? Join me for a preliminary curriculum review as we look at this Classical Christian Homeschooling Curriculum based on the classical education method.

Similar Curricula to Veritas Press

Other curricula that are similar to this course include:

There are also plenty of free curriculum options (albeit not after the classical style) for homeschooling parents on a budget.


Veritas Press’ homeschool curriculum is a great option for parents considering a classical Christian education in their homeschool. The program offers a rigorous sort of education which teaches children to read many classics and infuses them with a love of learning. The program comes with organized lesson plans and accreditation, giving parents ease of mind as their children transition from different courses to further education.

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  1. We’ve used multiple services and curricula in our homeschool community. Veritas Press is by far the worst. If they didn’t claim to be Christians, no one would know. The reps are condescending, inept and painfully bad at basic customer service. The self paced New Testament, Greek and Roman history was well written, I’ll give them that. However the interface is glitchy and needs updating. Customer Service wise, the staff made a mistake with our order, then sent the replacement to our old address despite me explaining twice we don’t live there anymore. She didn’t know how to update so literally she said she’d just send to the old one. 🤦🏻‍♀️ When I emailed later in hopes of reaching someone rational for a refund, I received snarky comments. Truly a strange experience as our experiences with their competitors have been wonderful. Veritas Press was the only dark note in our homeschool journey. I’m thankful there are so many better options out there.

  2. I’m pulling out my child from veritas press online. Although it’s been a great option to face to face learning , I’m done with these online teachers not willing to work with my child. Stay away from Elizabeth Riess in grammar English. She’s very dry and will give out zeros like she enjoys it.

    • Oh I’m so sorry! I’ve read so many amazing reviews about this curriculum and I’ve always found the staff to be lovely. But, I’m sorry that’s been your experience!!! Are you going to try another Face-to-Face option? There is also True North Homeschool Academy I think.