Way back in the ’90s, a little girl lived with her parents and two brothers. She loved her life and was incredibly happy.

But, all that changed when she started going to school.

The school she attended wasn’t a bad one. It had an excellent reputation. The teachers were also, for the most part, lovely, godly people. But, she was lonely, even after attending for several years. She wanted her parents.

To cut a long story short, her parents decided to homeschool. And they never looked back!
By now, I’m sure you’ve guessed this little girl was me.

But, what happened after that?



It was a raging success!

We had so much fun together and learned what matters in life.
My parents taught me many practical skills and spent significant amounts of time teaching us systematic theology.

We have all married beautiful, helpful spouses. Furthermore, we all did well in tertiary education (my older brother becoming an Architect then Pastor, and my younger brother becoming an owner of a law firm).

I went to medical school before giving it up due to a desire to stay at home with my children as I homeschool them myself.

But, the crowning glory is that we’re now all Christians with our eyes set firmly on Jesus.
After seeing my parent’s success with homeschooling, I became interested in promoting home education to others as a better way to educate children.

My journey down this blogging road started in 2013 when I wrote a 16,000-word treatise on homeschooling for one of my friends.

She is now homeschooling!

Then I published Why on Earth Homeschool in 2017.

After this, I started the howdoihomeschool.com website in 2018 before launching the YouTube Channel called How Do I Homeschool.

Over the years, I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time studying classical, Charlotte Mason, and other educational methods. Along with this, I’ve thrown myself into analyzing curriculum options to present you (my lovely readers) with great options that suit their worldview and chosen educational methods.

I love supporting new homeschooling parents when they write to me and give them hope in a sometimes discouraging world. I get so much joy out of it, and my prayer is these blogging efforts will one day be acknowledged before God when he says, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’

But, all this blogging and vlogging comes second to my home life.

A priority in my life is Jesus. And then my husband, Tristan, and children come next. We have so much fun as we live life and learn about each other, growing in love for Jesus and others together.

Mission Statement

To help parents homeschool joyfully and save time, money, and trouble.

Vision Statement

To be a place any homeschool parent can come to learn how to homeschool in 30 days before they launch into their formal home education journey.