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Many of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase. However, none of the fees of these resources have been increased to compensate me. Many of the creators of these tools have given me special discounts that I get to extend to you! You’ll see all the special deals below.

Becs Fave Pick High-Quality All-Round Christian Curriculum

BJU Press

BJU Press is perhaps the best complete homeschool curriculum that teaches children with a biblical worldview. It offers a video and paper-based curriculum with optional video lessons for all grade levels. Lessons are easy to implement and good fun for students. The program is a great fit for new homeschool parents. BJU Press has all subjects, including Language Arts, Math, Science, History, Geography, and Social Studies.

Schoolhouse Teachers Christian Homeschool Curriculum Logo

Becs Fave Pick A Super-Affordable Curriculum

Schoolhouse Teachers

If you want access to everything but only want to pay a small price, you must look at Schoolhouse Teachers. This affordable program offers traditional open-and-go boxes for newbies but allows you to branch out into other homeschooling methods when you feel comfortable.

Generations Homeschool Curriculum Logo

Becs Fave Pick Generations Homeschool Curriculum

Generations Homeschool Curriculum

Generations Homeschool curriculum is a Christian homeschool program that teaches children a robust biblical worldview in every subject. The program teaches through workbooks and heavily emphasizes the Bible as the main book that is valued and used. It’s incredibly cost-effective, and shipping is free internationally for orders over $200.

Compass Classroom Logo

Becs Fave Pick Compass Classroom

Compass Classroom

Compass Classroom is an affordable Classical homeschool curriculum for middle and high school. Lessons are presented as entertaining video lectures. Compass features many well-known men in Christian circles, such as RC Sproul Jr and Francis Schaeffer. You can access curriculum for the whole family for all grades – even education for homeschool moms, on their subscription plans.

Biblical Science Program

Apologia Science

Parents opting for an eclectic curriculum often search for a great biblical science program. And Apologia offers that in spades! They give parents a science course from a creationist perspective, offering students a different scientific perspective than mainstream courses.

Becs Fave Pick Notgrass


Notgrass offers a popular history and geography program where you can teach your whole family at the same time. Their Christian curriculum is open-and-go, featuring colorful photographs that present history chronologically, focusing on all parts of the world. Physical workbooks are affordable, and you can reuse textbooks with subsequent children.

Reach your children’s hearts with more than Bible stories

Illuminate Bible Series

Disciple them to learn and apply Scripture.  Illuminate Bible Series (for grades 1–12) explores a featured Bible story from five different angles every week. Our unique approach will prepare your children for a lifetime of study and communion with God

Veritas Press – Free consultation

FREE Consultation with Veritas HERE

Veritas Press offers an accredited Classical Christian curriculum for children of all ages. The program includes LIVE online lessons where children can interact with their peers a few days a week. Students also have offline workbooks to do in their own time at home. This Christian program is terrific if you seek a solid academic program with a Biblical worldview. Get a free consultation by clicking the button.

A Gentle Feast

A Gentle Feast is a Christian Charlotte Mason homeschool curriculum available as a printed or online PDF you can print from home. The program allows you to teach all your kids simultaneously as you go through various cycles of history. AGF teaches hymn and picture study in true Charlotte Mason style, so it’s a different but lovely education to the traditional sort.

All About Learning (Reading and Spelling)

All About Learning (Reading and Spelling)

All About Reading and Spelling offers a fun and engaging hands-on approach to reading and spelling. This curriculum is excellent if your children like to learn with their hands and struggle with traditional reading and writing programs. AALP offers a scripted open-and-go mastery program with a multi-sensory learning approach and lifetime support for the ultimate reading program. Check them out.



Masterbooks is an easy and gentle Charlotte Mason curriculum that aims to teach children through living books (educational storybooks). Children who don’t take to a more traditional, facts-based education often love the personal stories and heartwarming ways of teaching character in the program. Check out this popular Christian program now.



Lifepac offers a Christian homeschool curriculum by Alpha Omega Publishing. They produce physical workbooks to be completed by students in a self-directed manner. This program is a good option if you don’t have much time to teach your kids face-to-face but still want an offline, paper-based curriculum.



Lifepac offers a Christian homeschool curriculum by Alpha Omega Publishing. They produce physical workbooks to be completed by students in a self-directed manner. This program is a good option if you don’t have much time to teach your kids face-to-face but still want an offline, paper-based curriculum.

Saxon Math

Saxon Math

Saxon Math uses an incremental approach to mathematics where children learn small pieces of math and then repeat the concepts, slowly building on their foundational knowledge. The program moves at a steady pace which is appropriate for most children. This is a well-loved math curriculum in homeschool circles.

Eclectic Curriculum

My Father’s World

This is my favorite eclectic curriculum because it joins Charlotte Mason and Classical homeschooling methods with the Unit Studies approach to give you an engaging, hands-on curriculum that won’t make the kids bored!


Heart of Dakota Publishing

Featuring complete “open-and-go” daily plans, Heart of Dakota’s curriculum covers preschool to high school. This Christ-centered program is packed with Charlotte Mason-style living books and lessons, unique hands-on activities with a unit study flair, and heartfelt Godly character training from God’s Word. These core principles make school both educational and exciting, all while providing a spiritually rich foundation every day!

Gather Round

Gather Round

Gather Round is a Christian family-style homeschool curriculum. The program uses the unit studies homeschool method and Classical and Charlotte Mason elements to provide a solid and fun Bible-based education for the whole family. The idea is to save time on teaching by teaching your entire family simultaneously.



Sonlight is a Christian literature-based homeschool curriculum that uses good books to teach children the Bible and good Christian character. The program has a lot of material and includes many workbooks, making it a quality program, but sometimes it is expensive due to all the books you’ll receive.



Excel High School offers an online learning experience that’s both top-notch and easy on the wallet. It’s fully accredited, which means it meets the standards set by the US Department of Education. Excel, which is a secular curriculum, is accessible to everyone. Whether you’re looking for a flexible learning schedule or a curriculum that fits your learning style, Excel has you covered. And it’s affordable. In short, Excel High School is all about giving you an education that’s practical, recognized, and cost-effective.

Right Start Math

Right Start Math is a hands-on mathematics program perfect for kids who love learning with their hands and find traditional learning methods difficult. The program includes lots of manipulatives so children can visualize math concepts. There are also lots of card games and grouping exercises to help kids develop an understanding and enjoyment of mathematics.

True North Homeschool Academy

True North Homeschool Academy offers LIVE online classes for homeschoolers. Their Christian curriculum includes classical, Charlotte Mason, and unit studies methods. True North offers excellent teacher-student ratios with small class sizes, leading to the ultimate premium learning experience. Children can also interact with others in a social online environment.

Learn-to-Read Curriculum

Hooked on Phonics

This learn-to-read curriculum is a top-rated program among homeschoolers as it uses fun graphics to help your children read using phonics. Best of all, you can get your first month for only $1.00!

Becs Fave Pick Classical Curriculum

Memoria Press

Want the best-of-the-best when it comes to classical curriculum? Memoria Press follows ancient teaching techniques to give children a rich understanding of the world around them and of God. Students who have used Memoria Press graduate with a rich knowledge of languages as they learn by transitioning from wonder to wisdom to worship.

Becs Fave Pick A Charlotte Mason Curriculum

Queens Homeschool

Queens Homeschool is appealing in two ways. Firstly, the whole program comes in a big box and has everything you’ll need for an entire year. Secondly, this Christian curriculum is written directly to the child and needs no teacher’s manual! Win, win!

Free Curriculum

Easy Peasy All-in-One FREE

Easy Peasy is a great, free homeschool program. Planning lessons is not necessary, as students can do the curriculum themselves. The program also has a tracking tool which means parents can easily monitor and record their student’s progress.

Free Charlotte Mason Curriculum

Ambleside Online FREE

Ambleside Online is fantastic for two choices. It’s free, and it’s Charlotte Mason. This homeschooling curriculum

Becs Fave Pick Homeschool Resources

Discount School Supply

Offering you insane discounts throughout the year, the Discount School Supply shop helps you buy fun stationery supplies, manipulatives, homeschool room furniture, and even budget bundles to make school supply shopping fun and affordable.

Lapbooking Resource

Knowledge Box Central

Many homeschool parents use lapbooking (mini-books children put together) to add hands-on learning to their traditional curriculum. Knowledge Box offers parents colorful resources so students can make these lapbooks with ease.