Power Homeschool Review [ONLINE Unaccredited Acellus Program]

Power Homeschool is a secular homeschool curriculum. It serves as the official provider of online AcellusĀ® courses designed for parents who are independently homeschooling their children without teacher support. It should be noted that for a fully accredited homeschool course, Acellus Academy is recommended. The platform offers a comprehensive K-12 online homeschool program, featuring over 400 engaging courses.

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Let’s take a closer look at what they offer as well as looking at the pros and cons.

Power Homeschool is an online homeschool curriculum with LIVE lessons. It's more affordable than Acellus Academy. Power Homeschool is able to pinpoint student weaknesses to focus on resolving these while avoiding busywork where children already know the material.

Power Homeschool

Power Homeschool is like a special school on the internet, only it’s unaccredited, which means it’s a lot more affordable than an accredited homeschool curriculum like Acellus Academy.

It’s made for parents who teach their kids at home without a regular teacher.

If you want your homeschool to be officially recognized, it’s recommended to use Acellus Academy.

Power Homeschool has lots of classes from kindergarten to high school ā€“ more than 400!

What’s with Acellus Technology?

The cool thing about this secular homeschool curriculum is it uses AcellusĀ® technology.

This means Power Homeschool has videos that teach you stuff, and they use smart tools that can see how you’re doing.

If you’re finding something hard, the tools help pinpoint weaknesses and target them for extra practice while ignoring material you already know.

This means less busywork.Ā  It makes learning faster and keeps you interested.

They use video lessons for different subjects like math, science, reading, and social studies.

The smart technology changes the lessons based on how you’re doing. So, it helps you with the things you find tricky and lets you go at your own speed.

Power Homeschool Writing Help

Not just that, Power Homeschool has special tools to make students better writers.

They use something called the AcellusĀ® Writing Tutor. It helps you practice writing and gives you feedback to get better.

Power Homeschool and STEM

And guess what? They know how important jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are today. So, they have really cool classes in these subjects.

You can also learn about computers with these classes:

  • coding,
  • robots, and
  • electronics.

Things to Consider

But, there are some things to think about. Power Homeschool is mostly for kids who learn by themselves without a teacher.

If you like having a teacher around, it might not be the best.

Also, if you want your homeschool to be officially recognized everywhere, it’s better to use Acellus Academy.

Some people like traditional ways of learning without using so much technology. If you’re one of them, the heavy use of computers might not be what you want.

And one more thing, if your child likes being with lots of other kids, Power Homeschool might not have as many chances for that.

In the end, Power Homeschool with AcellusĀ® technology tries hard to give a good and flexible learning experience for kids and their parents. It’s all about making homeschooling fun and helpful for everyone involved.

Pros and Cons of Power Homeschool

Like every top homeschool curriculum, Power Homeschool has its pros and cons.

Pros of Power Homeschool

Let’s take a look at its pros below:

  1. Flexible Learning: Power Homeschool lets students and parents make their own learning schedule. This means you can learn when it’s best for you.
  2. Lots of Different Classes: There are more than 400 interesting classes on Power Homeschool. You can learn about many different things from kindergarten to high school.
  3. Smart Learning Tools: AcellusĀ® technology is smart! It changes how you learn based on what you find easy or tricky. This helps you understand things better and remember them.
  4. Cool STEM Classes: Power Homeschool really likes science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). They have fun classes about coding, robots, and electronics to get you ready for awesome jobs in the future.
  5. Writing Help: They have a special tool, the AcellusĀ® Writing Tutor, to help you become a better writer. It gives you practice and tips to improve your writing skills.

Cons of Power Homeschool with AcellusĀ® Technology:

  1. No Teacher Help: Power Homeschool is for kids who like to learn by themselves without a regular teacher. If you like having a teacher (who isn’t your parent), it might not be the best.
  2. Not Fully Accredited: If you want your homeschool to be officially recognized everywhere, it’s better to use BJU Press or Abeka. Power Homeschool might not be recognized the same way.
  3. A Lot of Technology: If you prefer learning without using computers too much, Power Homeschool might be too focused on technology for you.
  4. Fewer Friends to Meet: Learning by yourself at Power Homeschool might mean fewer chances to make friends like in a regular school. You might miss out on being with lots of other kids.
  5. Not for Every Learning Style: Even though the smart technology is great, some kids might not like learning from videos all the time. It might not work for everyone’s way of learning.
  6. Secular:Ā  This may be a pro or a con for some people. Not learning about Jesus is a huge loss for people, which is why I love a Christian homeschool curriculum myself. This also means they’ll have a secular way of teaching science (not creation science).

The Bottom Line on Power Homeschool…

In conclusion, if you’re considering homeschooling and value official recognition, Acellus Academy is worth exploring. With its accredited program, dedicated teacher support, and balanced approach, Acellus Academy offers a reliable and recognized option for a well-rounded homeschool education. But, Power Homeschool and Acellus aren’t the only fish in the sea. There are many great homeschool curriculum programs here to check out.

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