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How Do I Homeschool Rebecca

How Do I Homeschool?

What if you could start homeschooling with confidence straight away?
Imagine skipping years of homeschool mistakes and stress…

The NEW Homeschool Parenting Program is a course for brand new homeschooling parents just like you. You’ll discover homeschooling methods, learn how to choose the right curriculum, and find out how to avoid burnout!

The Homeschool Parenting Program is tailored to parents who are time-poor and want to learn basic and advanced homeschool techniques and concepts… fast!


What’s in this Course?

Find out here…

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By the end of this program you will have:

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Decided what homeschool method to use…

as I give you a concise crash course on each method.

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Picked a suitable homeschool curriculum…

and learned how to avoid massive homeschool mistakes with curriculum that cause burnout.

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Discovered the secret to motivating your children…

and started to change your children’s perspective on learning.

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Created children who love to help with housework…

without delaying, whining, or complaining at every turn!

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Save money and accelerate your teenager’s career by 2 – 3 years by skipping high school,…

sparing your children (and you) hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in homeschool course fees and unnecessary lesson exercises!

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Discovered how to homeschool with big distractions…

like FULL-TIME WORK or a TODDLER hanging off your leg!


Create children who teach themselves…

The Homeschool Parenting Program will show you how to stop spoon-feeding children information and instead accelerate their learning so they’re motivated and have the freedom to learn what interests them.

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HPP is the PERFECT FIT for you if:

  • Are you just starting (or thinking about starting) your homeschool journey.
  • Feel lost and confused about what to do to make your homeschool… well, amazing!
  • Want your homeschool to be more fun and exciting place to learn and grow.
  • Feel burned out and think ‘there must be a better way to do this.’
  • Want children who love learning, and can motivate and teach themselves.
  • Want to have a closer and happier relationship with your child as you learn to love another better and live together gracefully.



“My favorite part about your videos they are EXTREMELY informative short and sweet… not many of us homeschool mums want to click on a video and listen to 20min plus videos thank you. You have helped me in our journey so much.”


Thanks so much for this! I’m just about to take our children out of school (8 and 7) and I’m very apprehensive.

This has been hugely helpful though so thank you ever so much!


Thank you so much for explaining thoroughly what classical education is and all it entails. I’ve been afraid to teach my children this way simply because I’ve never really understood classical education and the importance and necessity of the trivium. Thank you also for mentioning the importance of learning Latin. I am inspired to learn this language myself!

Homeschool Course Outline

Here’s exactly what the Homeschool Parenting Program covers…

Lesson 1: Welcome to Homeschooling!
Lesson 2: Objections to Homeschooling
Lesson 3: How Homeschooling Works
Lesson 4: Finding Your State’s Homeschool Laws
Lesson 5: Deschooling
Lesson 6: Finding a Homeschool Group Near You
Lesson 7: Choosing a Homeschool Method
Lesson 8: Classical Education
Lesson 9: Charlotte Mason Education
Lesson 10: Traditional Education
Lesson 11: Eclectic Education
Lesson 12: Unit Studies
Lesson 13: Unschooling
Lesson 14: Montessori Education
Lesson 15: Picking a Curriculum
Lesson 15a: Joining Your Homeschool Method with a CORRESPONDING Curriculum
Lesson 15b: Useful Homeschool Resources
Lesson 16: Don’t Use a Schedule…This is Why!
Lesson 17: Curriculum Mistakes
Lesson 18: What Age to Start Homeschooling
Lesson 19: Setting Up a Homeschool Room
Lesson 19a: Equipment and Supplies if You’re Homeschooling
Lesson 20: Learning Styles
Lesson 21: Patience Development
Lesson 22: How to Socialize Homeschoolers
Lesson 23: Testing Children and Narration
Lesson 24: How to SKIP High School
Lesson 25: College Alternatives
Lesson 26: Starting a Homeschool Entrepreneurship
Lesson 27: Field Trips and Field Trip Ideas
Lesson 28: Homeschooling Multiple Ages/Grades
Lesson 29: What to Do With Bored Homeschoolers
Lesson 30: How to Make a Homeschool Transcript
Lesson 31: Homeschool Co-ops
Lesson 32: Working Full-Time and Homeschooling
Lesson 33: Short-Term Homeschooling
Lesson 34: Homeschool Hours?
Lesson 35: Keeping Your House Clean While Homeschooling
Lesson 36: Screen-Free Homeschooling
Lesson 37: Exhausted and Burned Out? Some Tips.
Lesson 38: Homeschooling with Toddlers
Lesson 39: Worldschooling, Roadschooling, Travelschooling
Lesson 40: Habit Training
Lesson 41: How to Stop the Complaining!

Right now you may be thinking…

“I don’t have time to do a homeschool

“Will I really learn that

“Is this course worth the

This course is worth it! The time you spend doing this course you’ll save hundreds of times over. I’m going to show you techniques to save you a lot of money…and I’m going to do it using fairly short videos and infographics so it’s a quick information download for a busy parent.

Enroll now to start your journey!


ONLY $99.00 USD