Gather Round Homeschool Curriculum Review

Welcome to our comprehensive Gather Round Homeschool review, where we delve into the intricacies of this all-encompassing curriculum designed for families embracing the homeschooling journey. In this exploration, we’ll uncover the cost, benefits, and unique features that make Gather Round a notable contender in the homeschooling landscape.

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After spending years studying curriculum, I noticed this new curriculum, Gather Round Homeschool on the market. I really admire Rebecca Spooner the founder of the program and wanted to check it out.

So here goes.

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What is Gather Round Homeschool?

“Gather Round Homeschool is a Christian unit studies homeschool curriculum designed for homeschooling families.

It covers all subjects except math, aiming to simplify teaching by allowing parents to instruct all their children together.

The curriculum follows a thematic approach, integrating various subjects for a more connected learning experience.

One of its key advantages is the minimal planning required; parents can use the provided teacher’s guide without the need for extensive preparation or supply lists.

The exclusion of math provides flexibility for families to choose a math program that suits their preferences.

Pros and Cons of Gather Round Homeschool

There are a lot of reasons this curriculum is a favorite and some reasons it won’t suit other families. Lets go through these below.


Gather Round Homeschool can be a great choice if the following really appeal to you:

  1. Get Creative: Gather Round lets you go off-script if something interesting comes up during lessons, adding a creative touch to learning.
  2. Time-Friendly: It works well with varying daily schedules. You can adjust the pace based on your available time or dive deeper into fascinating topics.
  3. Explore More: There are endless ways to expand on lessons, allowing you to dig deeper into subjects with extra projects or discussions.
  4. Student Choice: Kids take turns picking what to study next, giving them a say in their education and making it more personal.
  5. Affordable: At $30 per unit study, it’s a budget-friendly option. You can teach multiple kids without extra costs, saving money.
  6. Pick Your Format: Whether you like physical workbooks or digital learning, Gather Round has both options, catering to different preferences.

These benefits make this a popular homeschool curriculum choice.


But, there are some reasons this curriculum might not suit your family.

  1. Not Accredited: Gather Round isn’t accredited, so if you need official recognition for academic purposes, you might need to supplement it with accredited courses.
  2. No Video Lessons: If you prefer learning through videos, Gather Round doesn’t offer that option. You might need to find other resources for video-based instruction.
  3. Less Structure: While flexibility is great, some may find the lack of a strict daily plan challenging. If you like more structure, you might need additional tools or materials.

In a nutshell, Gather Round is a flexible and creative way to teach, but consider your preferences and accreditation needs before choosing it.

Gather Round curriculum review. Features unit studies, teaching everyone, cost effective, Christian values, little prep, time saving, learning as a family, interest-based learning, and more.

What Christian Denomination Does It Most Closely Follow?

Gather Round Homeschool aligns closely with a Christian Protestant perspective.

This means the curriculum reflects Christian principles and conservative values in its approach to education, making it suitable for families who share these beliefs.

What Do Reviews Say About It?

GR gets a solid 4.4 stars out of 5 stars on the Facebook page, suggesting this is a great homeschool curriculum for many people.

However, there are some negative comments, particularly regarding their returns policy and ordering system, and deleting negative comments. So I’d encourage you to read them all.

Mostly, however, they are positive. In fact, I’d say most are glowingly positive and are testimony to how this curriculum is absolutely the right fit for some families.

What Grades and Subjects Does Gather Round Include?

Gather ‘Round Homeschool is a curriculum that covers all subjects except math and is tailored for students across all grade levels, spanning from Preschool to Grade 12.

Can I Look At Samples?

Yes. Gather Round offers lots of samples for you to try out before you buy. Here is their samples page for you to checkout.

How Much Does Gather Round Cost?

Gather Round Homeschool costs for a full year of DIGITAL products are currently $ 179.80 USD. This includes 4 books that are 9 weeks each, making it a full year.

A physical bundle costs $239.80 USD + Shipping for one student and 359.80 for two students.

Why does it cost more students???

If you’re buying a physical bundle, you’ll need more workbooks, so therefore it costs a little more. With the digital bundle, you can print everything off as many times as you like.

What Homeschool Method Does it Most Closely Follow?

Gather Round Homeschool most closely follows the unit studies method.

But, it also has tastes of classical, unschooling, and Charlotte Mason throughout.

In homeschooling, the unit studies approach involves integrating multiple subjects into a themed unit of study.

The unit studies method allows for a more holistic and interconnected learning experience, fostering a comprehensive understanding of a particular topic or theme.

Example of Unit Studies in Action

In the context of Gather Round, each unit is designed to cover various subjects simultaneously, providing a well-rounded educational experience.

For example, if the theme is “Ancient Egypt,” students may explore history by learning about pharaohs and ancient civilizations, delve into geography by studying the Nile River and Egyptian geography, enhance language arts skills through reading about Egyptian myths and legends, and even engage in hands-on activities such as creating Egyptian art or participating in a simulated archaeological dig.

Why Use Unit Studies?

By incorporating different subjects into a unified theme, unit studies not only make learning more engaging but also promote a deeper understanding of connections between various disciplines. This method aligns with Gather Round Homeschool’s goal of simplifying the teaching process and allowing families to efficiently educate multiple children.

Is Gather Round Accredited?

No, Gather Round Homeschool isn’t accredited. the only way to be accredited is to be aligned with a school which doesn’t really align with this mode of homeschool curriculum.

Can I Get Gather Round on Sale?

Yes, you can often find Gather ‘Round on sale, especially during popular sale periods throughout the year. Keep an eye out for promotions and discounts during these times to take advantage of potential cost savings.

Gather Round Homeschool Vs Other Programs

How does GR compare with some of the other Christian homeschool curriculum programs?

Let’s take a look.

BJU Press vs Gather Round

BJU Press offers a learning experience with video lessons, providing a teacher-led approach that allows parents to multitask while their children engage with physical workbooks and online lessons (or teacher manuals, if preferred).

BJU Press is accredited, offering a sense of credibility and adheres to a more traditional educational methodology. Importantly, BJU Press comes from a strong biblical worldview, infusing its lessons with a Christian perspective.

On the other hand, Gather Round takes a different approach, employing a unit studies method that fosters a holistic and interconnected understanding of subjects. It emphasizes flexibility and creativity over a traditional, teacher-centric structure.

While BJU Press underscores a structured and accredited approach with a biblical worldview, Gather Round prioritizes a dynamic and integrated learning experience.

Check outBJU Press directly here.

Notgrass vs Gather Round

Notgrass stands out as an open-and-go curriculum, seamlessly blending history, geography, and literature into a unit studies approach.

With a Christian worldview woven into its lessons, Notgrass provides a bright and clear learning experience. A notable advantage is its versatility, allowing parents to teach multiple children simultaneously, earning it rave reviews.

All of Notgrass’s materials, including workbooks and textbooks, are physical, offering a tangible and traditional aspect to the learning process.

Check out Notgrass directly here.

Memoria Press vs Gather Round

When comparing Memoria Press to Gather Round, the key distinctions lie in their instructional approaches and level of rigor.

Memoria Press offers the flexibility of both accredited and unaccredited choices, primarily through a mailable curriculum.

Rooted in the classical learning method, Memoria Press stands out for its rigorous and structured approach, deviating from the unit studies method.

Check out Memoria Press directly here.

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God bless you on your homeschool journey!

Gather Round is a new homeschool curriculum that uses unit studies to make homeshooling with multiple children easier.

The Bottom Line…

In conclusion, our Gather Round Homeschool review illuminates a curriculum that, while carrying a decent price tag, stands out for its inclusivity, flexibility, and potential cost-effectiveness for families with multiple children. As you embark on your homeschooling adventure, consider the insights provided here and explore the Gather Round community to make an informed decision that aligns with your educational goals and preferences. Gather Round Homeschool offers a dynamic approach, uniting convenience and creativity in the realm of home education.

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