BEST Conservative Homeschool Curriculum Picks: Calvinist, Reformed, Baptist Options

Exploring reliable conservative homeschool options can be a great solution if you’re overwhelmed with curriculum choices. In this post, you’ll discover various options, such as free, classical, Charlotte Mason, unit studies, and other reformed as well as Baptist conservativeĀ Christian homeschool programs.

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These are some of the options we’ll consider:

Let’s dive in and take a closer look.Ā 

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Generations Homeschool Curriculum

The Generations homeschool curriculum by Kevin Swanson, an American Christian pastor, is a great choice for a conservative homeschool curriculum.

With a background as a second-generation homeschooler and a current homeschool dad, Swanson has crafted a vibrant curriculum.

This program is designed with colorful materials, significantly emphasizing teaching children through a biblical worldview.

The Bible serves as the primary textbook, prioritizing its teachings above all other subjects. Praised by numerous Christian homeschooling parents, this curriculum stands out for its quality.

It’s one of the most cost-effective mailable curriculums available and ensures free shipping for orders over $200.

Explore the program directly here OR delve into a review of Generations here.

BJU Press

BJU Press stands out as one of today’s best conservative homeschool curriculum programs.

It offers an accessible homeschooling approach with pre-recorded online video lessons, allowing children to manage their studies independently and alleviating parental burden.

With hands-on materials across various subjects, this reformed homeschool curriculum strongly emphasizes a biblical worldview.

It has evolved into an independent entity, initially rooted in the conservative University of Bob Jones in South Carolina.

As someone using this program with my children, I appreciate its gospel-centered teachings.

The lessons are not just educational but also lots of fun!

Explore the program directly here OR dive into an in-depth review of BJU Press here.

Memoria Press

Memoria Press provides a classical homeschool curriculum embraced by both Catholics and Protestants. Their focus on biblical concepts distinguishes them.

With a rigorous approach, it stands out among other programs due to its classical nature.

Their curriculum aligns with a child’s developmental stages, teaching grammar, logic, and rhetoric accordingly.

In the classical education model:

  • The grammar stageĀ focuses on foundational knowledge and typically coversĀ the early elementary years.
  • The logic stage, emphasizing reasoning and critical thinking, aligns withĀ middle school ages.
  • The rhetoric stage, fostering communication and argumentation skills, is typically forĀ high school students.

These stagesĀ correspond to distinct developmental milestonesĀ in a child’s learning journey.

You can access it through hard-copy materials or explore their online accredited school.

For more details, you can check them out directly here OR find a Memoria Press review here.

Veritas Press (FREE Consultation here)

Veritas Press is also a classical homeschool curriculum company, but they offer accredited LIVE online lessons.

Every person I’ve ever dealt with from this company has been lovely, and it has been so evident to me that they have a culture where they love each other and promote the teachings of Jesus in their actions.Ā 

Veritas Press offers high-quality materials that are used with physical workbooks.

They also have plenty of self-paced video lessons you can look at.Ā 

Get a free consultation with them here to decide what’s best for you.Ā 

Notgrass – Conservative History

Notgrass offers a conservative history and geography homeschool curriculum that accommodates children across various age groups, allowing simultaneous teaching.

Their lessons are vibrant andĀ filled with captivating pictures that engage students.

The workbooks complement the lessons effectively, making learning enjoyable and reinforcing the covered concepts.

This program garners enthusiastic reviews for its unique approach, seamlessly chronologically blending biblical and secular history.

Its flexibility as anĀ open-and-go,Ā self-pacedĀ curriculum is a significant advantage for homeschoolers seeking ease of use.

Those interested can explore the program directly here OR delve into a Notgrass review here.

Whether you're after a reformed homeschool curriculum, like something from the Baptists, or something else conservative, take a look at these conservative homeschool curriculum options.

Heart of Dakota

Heart of Dakota is a Charlotte Mason homeschool curriculumĀ recognized for its gentle approach using living books to teach children.

Despite its gentle method, don’t underestimate its academic rigor. This program ensures a thorough education that instills a deep understanding and love for Jesus.

One notable feature of this conservative homeschool curriculum is its color-coded system, simplifying the planning process for parents.

If you’re interested, read a comprehensive Heart of Dakota review here OR check it out directly here.

Apologia – Conservative Science

Apologia stands out as a conservative homeschool curriculum, primarily recognized for its exceptional science program (although it is an all-in-one program).

It’s so renowned that many parents purchase this curriculum solely for its science offerings.

Their curriculum adopts a creation science perspective, encouraging children to think critically.

This focus on critical thinking is particularly crucial in an era where teenagers face constant challenges to their views by secular ideologies.

If interested, explore Apologia directly here OR delve into an in-depth review.

Easy Peasy All-in-One – Free Conservative Homeschool Curriculum

Easy Peasy All-in-One is the best free conservative homeschool curriculum pick today. It is highly regarded among today’s homeschooling parents.

Their program provides online printable lessons in PDF format, offering flexibility for children to complete lessons online.

Many of their courses are linked to free online resources like Khan Academy or YouTube.

Lee Giles, the curriculum’s creator, ensures a solid biblical worldview while maintaining a subtle Christian influence throughout the courses.

Interestingly, despite its Christian elements, many secular individuals utilize this program and skip over the Christian portions.

To explore this program, you can check out a comprehensive review here OR directly visit Easy Peasy here.

Abeka Conservative Homeschool Curriculum

Abeka is considered one of the best conservative homeschool curriculum picks.

It’s been around for more than four decades. They are similar to BJU Press and offer teacher-led videos and accreditation.Ā 

The program is one of the top homeschool programs today.

I’d encourage you to review this article on BJU Press vs. Abeka to decide which is best for you.

Otherwise, check them out here OR read an Abeka review here.Ā 

Schoolhouse Teachers

Schoolhouse Teachers offers a wide array of electives and curriculum options, making it convenient for diverse needs.

They provide simple open-and-go boxes and a vast selection of courses covering almost everything.

It’s an affordable, conservative homeschool curriculum that covers all grades for one price.

Their Bright Beginnings Package even includes two hours of homeschool mom mentoring, a great start!

At home, we’re fans of this program. My son loves their video course on Dinosaurs and the Bible.

If you want to check it out, visit Schoolhouse Teachers here OR read a review of their offerings here for more insights.


Sonlight is a moderately conservativeĀ literature-basedĀ homeschool program. Their primary focus is teaching children through high-quality ‘living books‘ and ‘great books.’

Many parents adore this program, as it carries a subtle Charlotte Mason influence.

It’s predominantly offline, delivering a hefty box filled with stacks of books right to your doorstep. Be prepared for a lot of reading!

However, it’s important to note that the science curriculum doesn’t strictly adhere to a creation science perspective.

While this might concern some, others might find it acceptable.

You can explore a Sonlight review here to understand its offerings better.

Compass Classroom

Compass Classroom is one of my top picks for conservative homeschooling.

Their curriculum works well for both high school and middle school kids. My book has a stamp of approval for Compass Classroom because, except for math, they teach all subjects through a gospel-centered perspective.

Their platform features lectures from RC Sproul Junior and Francis Shaeffer.

Most of their content comes in video lessons, and students can print PDFs for the written part after watching the lessons.

The best part?

TheĀ teachers are passionate about what they teach, making the lessons engaging.

If you’re curious, you can explore Compass Classroom here OR read a review about it.

Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations (CC) offers classical Christian education by engaging students inĀ face-to-face weekly interactions.

It operates with a homeschool co-op style, although it is privately run as a business.

This approach appeals to numerous parents because it allows their children to socialize and enhance critical thinking and logical skills through in-person debates and discussions.

It’s an opportunity for students to engage in meaningful conversations and mull over various concepts together.

If you’re interested in learning more about the experiences of individuals involved with CC, you can explore a comprehensive review here for additional insights.

True North Homeschool Academy

True North Homeschool Academy is among the best conservative Christian homeschool curriculum programs.

Rooted in a Judeo-Christian worldview, it seamlessly integrates Christian values into its curriculum, focusing on Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

With an approach that’s loosely based on classical and Charlotte Mason methods, True North ensures a well-rounded education aligned with conservative Christian principles.

Small class sizes live online classes, and self-paced options accommodate various learning styles, making it an excellent choice for families seeking a straightforward, faith-centered, and academically strong homeschooling program.

Check it out here.

AOP (Lifepac, Monarch, Horizons, Weaver)

When it comes to conservative Christian homeschool curriculum choices, Alpha Omega Publications (AOP) stands as a reliable option with over four decades of experience. They offer a diverse range of programs tailored to various homeschooling styles.

Let’s explore some of their popular curriculum choices:

  1. Ignite Christian Academy:Ā This accredited online school provides teacher-supported, self-paced courses. It covers grading, record-keeping, college planning, counseling, and all curriculum-related aspects. Check out Ignite Christian AcademyĀ here.
  2. Monarch:Ā This subscription-based online curriculum, while unaccredited, operates entirely online. It’s a great choice for families seeking an affordable curriculum that kids can navigate independently. Discover MonarchĀ here.
  3. Lifepac:Ā These individual-paced modules are designed for children to manage independently within a home environment. Lifepac offers a comprehensive boxed curriculum, enabling parents to work while their children learn independently. Check out LifepacĀ here.
  4. Horizons:Ā As a parent-led homeschool curriculum, Horizons provides teacher manuals and physical workbooks. This curriculum demands more time from parents and may not be as flexible as other options. Look into HorizonsĀ here.
  5. Weaver:Ā Geared toward kindergarten through middle school, Weaver adopts the unit studies method. It allows families with children in a similar age bracket to study together, simplifying homeschooling across different grades. Discover WeaverĀ here.

AOP’s offerings cater to various homeschooling needs, from self-paced online learning to parent-led programs and unit study approaches, ensuring something suitable for every family’s homeschooling journey.

Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

To get some great info on homeschool programs, check the following video and articles:

You’re sure to find something you love here.

Choose a Curriculum by Homeschool Method

You may not know, but you can also choose a homeschooling curriculum based on theĀ homeschool methodĀ you like best:

But there are other ways you might prefer to choose a program…

Choose a Homeschool Curriculum Another Way

People also like to choose based on these factors:

Or you can do it by subject:

You can also get some great books…some people homeschool almost entirely through books:

God bless you on your homeschool journey!

A Conservative Christian YouTube Channel

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The Bottom Line…

Baptist homeschool curriculum? Reformed homeschool curriculum? Finding the right homeschooling option can be tricky with so many good curriculum choices. This article aims to make things easier by sharing some excellent options. The goal is to give you enough information to choose a good curriculum that fits your family’s needs and learning style.

Picking the best curriculum can be tricky, but having a few good options can simplify it. Hopefully, this article has provided you with some helpful choices to consider. God bless you as you navigate through these decisions!

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