10 FUN Homeschool Curriculum Picks [2024]

Homeschooling can be downright dull at times. Sometimes, our curriculum is one of the main culprits in making it boring, too! But it doesn’t have to be. Many fun homeschool curriculum options today include math, reading, history, geography, and language arts picks. We’re going to discuss Christian and secular picks in this post.

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I will also tell you why these programs, many of which I’ve used myself, are good fun and will engage children. Some of the curriculum we’re going to cover include:

So let’s get started!

A FUN and engaging homeschool curriculum encourages a love of learning which is more encouraging for parents. This encourages children to learn a log more and ultimately helps them become lifelong learners.

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All-in-One Fun Homeschool Curriculums

If you’re looking for a curriculum that covers all your subjects for the year, check out these all-in-one curriculum options.¬†

My Father’s World (Christian)

My Father’s World¬†is a really fun homeschool curriculum if your kids love crafts and you have enough time to do that with them.¬†

The course, which infuses Classical, Charlotte Mason, and Unit Studies philosophies, teaches children a solid biblical worldview, cementing learning with many crafts and fun activities. 

This curriculum is a favorite of many homeschool parents and gets incredible reviews. 

Check it out here, or see a review of it here. 

Apologia (Christian)

Apologia offers one of the most loved homeschool curriculum programs today. The lesson books are packed with bright colors and exciting images to keep children interested in the program. 

Apologia likes to teach many things through stories. They also teach a solid gospel-centered worldview.

This program is likely the most well-loved science homeschool program today. Although Apologia offers many other subjects, it is often purchased just for their science because they do it so well!

Discover Apologia here, or read a review of Apologia here. (Also see my video review below Рand SUBSCRIBE.)

Waldock Way (Secular)

The Waldock Way curriculum offers an affordable homeschool curriculum packed with fun!

This program offers a secular unit studies approach to education and encourages student-led, interest-based learning. 

They very much encourage the student to lead the way as you learn alongside them. 

The program includes book lists, video lessons, hands-on activities, and educational games, making the program less book-based and more fun-based!

Check out the Waldock Way curriculum directly here.

Compass Classroom (Christian)

Compass Classroom offers wonderful video lessons for middle to high school students. This program teaches primarily using the classical method but also with a little Charlotte Mason!

I use this program with my children Рand also for myself. I learn Latin with them because the instructors are always highly engaging. 

If you want a program that teaches your kids to think critically Рget Compass Classroom. 

Not only is content fun and engaging, but it also gets kids to ask why instead of just serving them up information in a boring manner.

Forget the kids РCompass is great for all ages! 

Check them out here, or look at a detailed review of Compass Classroom here. 

Generations (Christian)

Physical homeschool curriculum has to cost a fortune, right? Not with Generations. 

Generations is taking the homeschool world by storm with its incredibly affordable workbooks and lessons delivered to your door in a box. Workbooks include lots of bright images and activities.

This program offers a very biblical-centered homeschool program, the main aim of which is to get kids to think, live, and breathe God through the scriptures and prayer. 

Generations is also very missionary-minded, so children learn about various countries and become excited about sharing the gospel as they learn their geography and history. 

Check them out here or look at a review of Generations here. 

Five in a Row (Secular)

How do you inspire a love of learning while teaching children what they need to learn? By teaching through great books.

Five in a Row¬†teaches children to love learning by introducing children to great¬†concepts through literature. It’s a very¬†gentle approach¬†to learning.¬†

Offering material for¬†ages¬†2 through to age 12, most parents find this curriculum particularly useful in¬†primary school. It’s a great springboard into more rigorous curriculum programs they might use later.¬†

Check out Five in a Row here. 

Schoolhouse Teachers (Christian)

Schoolhouse Teachers offers a fun online homeschool curriculum for the whole family. They offer a massive range of electives so you can cater to the interests of any child. 

One affordable subscription covers all grades and all children. Even parents can learn from this program!

Furthermore, depending on the course, there’s a¬†medley of printable PDF lessons and video content.¬†

To make things easy, they offer basic¬†open-and-go curriculum options, so all you have to do is¬†print the lessons, and you’re good to go.¬†

My son is interested in dinosaurs, so he’s taking their Dinosaurs and the Bible course, a video course with printable PDF worksheet questions and answers.¬†

Check out Schoolhouse Teachers here or see a review here. 

True North Homeschool Academy (Christian)

Some kids find mucking around and laughing with their pals the most fun thing about homeschooling. But that’s hard to do in a homeschooled environment.¬†

Well, not if you have¬†LIVE online lessons with small class sizes¬†– and that’s what you get with True North Homeschool Academy.¬†

They offer an engaging Christian course that’s a medley of various homeschool methods.

Classes are limited to only a few kids, so your child gets lots of one-on-one attention. 

Check out True North here or see a review here. 

Fun Homeschool Math Curriculum Picks

When I was young, I wouldn’t say I liked math. My¬†math curriculum¬†had a lot to do with that.¬†Mine was boring. It had no manipulatives and no video lessons.

It was just a workbook. 

I often needed to catch up on concepts and move on without getting foundational concepts. I wished I’d had a more engaging math curriculum. These are some I’d pick now for my kids.

Life of Fred

If you have a child who is struggling with math but loves stories, look into Life of Fred. This is a series of math lessons that are written as stories.

Children find themselves doing a math curriculum, and that’s one big story.¬†

This program is unique and has turned around so many children who hated doing math into math lovers.

Check out Life of Fred here, or see a review of LOF here. 

BJU Press

BJU Press offers engaging video lessons and a hands-on course with manipulatives. My son has used their kindergarten and Grade 1 Math and is excelling. 

The course is pretty rigorous, but the program moves slowly and gives ample opportunity to complete lessons. 

Video lessons have plenty of animations and fun spots so that kids will love this one. 

See BJU Press Math here or see a review here. 


As the name suggests, Math-U-See aims to teach using manipulatives children can see.

This means there isn’t just a visual or auditory display of math lessons and a kinesthetic display.¬†

This easy-to-use program offers a mastery-based learning method in which children master concepts before moving on.

This means they can do the material self-paced and not be rushed, as often happens in traditional schools.

Check out Math-U-See here.

Right Start Math

Righstart Math provides a hands-on way of learning math for primary and middle school students. 

Offering both homeschooling and tutoring options, this program encourages ‘visualizing’ math instead of ‘counting.’

They use card games to make things more interesting, encouraging students to love math. 

You can take a placement test to see what grade you need to start in. 

Check Right Start Math out here. 

Some wonderful fun homeschool curriculum programs include My Father's World, Phonics Museum, Five in a Row, BJU Press and Life of Fred.Fun Homeschool Reading Curriculum

It can be hard to get some kids into reading. So, having a fun homeschool reading curriculum is really important. Here are a few options that do a great job of engaging kids, which I’d love to use with my kids.¬†

All About Learning Press

Very rarely, reading programs are hands-on. But they are with All About Reading and All About Spelling. 

These programs combine online fun and video-based learning with offline card games, flashcards, and workbooks. 

With scripted open-and-go instructions for busy parents, children learn as they engage multiple senses in only 20 minutes a day!

This mastery-based program is perfect for struggling readers; new learners can start with their pre-reading program.

Check them out here. 

Phonics Museum

Reading programs don’t usually teach you art and history simultaneously.

But, Phonics Museum does.

Veritas Press, a homeschool curriculum company specializing in the classical approach, developed this fun reading program.

Veritas Press offers free consultations for their homeschool curriculum. It has made a physical program and an app to rival Reading Eggs, which teaches phonics as kids ramble through an imaginary museum. 

Check the hard-copy material here or their fun app here.

Fun History Curriculum

Some people hate history. Others love it. I suspect the biggest reason behind both are the way they were taught about history. Here are some programs that will encourage a love of history.

Mystery of History (Christian)

Mystery of History is a fun, hands-on history curriculum that promotes a solid worldview.

This program (pictured above) came with very high recommendations from my pastor’s wife, who homeschools.

Mystery of History offers a very engaging look at history. It integrates ‘secular’ and ‘sacred’ history chronologically, so the whole of history comes alive as one big story – HIS Story.

Check out Mystery of History here. 

Notgrass (Christian)

Notgrass has a knack for teaching History and Geography.

They offer a series of courses that cover children for multiple grades. (We use this program and love it.)

So, suppose you have children that are close in age. In that case, this is a really great family-style homeschool curriculum because you can teach children simultaneously. 

The curriculum, which includes colorful textbooks and activity books, is very easy to use as an open-and-go program. 

Images almost burst off the page, keeping interest high due to their fascinating and well-picked subjects. 

Notgrass also gets rave reviews and is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a more offline approach to learning.¬†

See my video review of From Adam to Us below. (Or you can buy Notgrass here.)


Fun Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

As well as the¬†all-in-one curriculum¬†above, an excellent, fun¬†Christian¬†homeschool¬†kindergarten curriculum¬†is¬†BJU Press. I’ve used this with my son, and he loved it.

The program is simple and delivered¬†by video lessons, so all you have to do is crack out a few manipulatives (which are all included in the pack), and you’re set.¬†

I usually wash dishes and prep dinner while my son does the BJU Press curriculum. It’s a¬†huge time-saver.

Check out a review of Focus on Fives here or see the curriculum directly here. 

The Bottom Line…

These handpicked homeschooling adventures aim to do one thing: ignite a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. By embracing diverse and captivating approaches, they create a world where education isn’t just about books‚ÄĒit’s a thrilling journey of discovery. With these vibrant choices, let’s light up the path to a richer, more exciting educational experience!

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