BEST Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Packages [2024]

Are you looking for the best kindergarten homeschool curriculum programs today? Sometimes sorting through a mountain of reviews can feel like an impossible task. For this reason, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best kindergarten homeschool curriculum programs available today.

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They include big names like:

Let’s dive in and have a closer look at these programs below.

Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Picks
Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.

BJU Press (BJU)

The BJU homeschool curriculum is a highly-rated program that has been around for many years.

It provides a homeschooling program that is extremely high quality.

The K4 and K5 curriculum gives parents teachers manuals or video lessons (great for working parents).

Teachers’ manuals make teaching easy as you only have to read the script to teach the children, but video lessons are even easier as there is minimal prep work and children can do the program almost by themselves.¬†

The BJU kindergarten homeschool program is paper-based +/- video lessons.

This means that when you order the program, you get a box delivered to your door with everything you’ll need for the year! ¬†

Christians love the BJU Kindergarten program as it focuses on filling all its textbooks with a biblical worldview.

You can view BJU Press’ full kindergarten homeschool curriculum here.

All About Learning (Pre-Reading Curriculum)

All About Learning Pre-Reading Curriculum is a top-rated homeschool curriculum for preschool and kindergarten.

The All About Learning Program can also be easily adapted to suit a wider range of learning needs.

It is also suitable for older students still working on pre-reading skills and phonological awareness.

Additionally, children with fine motor delays or speech issues can benefit from the program as well.

The Pre-Reading curriculum consists of 78 lessons, and it is important to note that these lessons are not intended to be completed in a single day.

Some lessons may take a week or even more, depending on various factors such as the student’s age, attention span, prior experience, and the difficulty of the concepts being taught.

If you are teaching multiple students, you will need to acquire additional Activity Books and Adorable Animal Stickers for each additional student, as the Pre-Reading Package contains materials for teaching only one student.

Check out All About Learning Pre-Reading curriculum here. 

Memoria Press (Classical Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum)

The Memoria Press curriculum is a good option for parents who want to give their children a classical education.

It allows homeschoolers to exercise their minds rigorously and challenges them using classical methods. 

Children learn the trivium in classical education:

Thus, studying the trivium means homeschoolers will learn Latin, debating, logic, argumentation, and many other things students learned 100 (or 2000) years ago.

Other classical curriculum packages that are similar to Memoria Press^ include Classical Conversations, Veritas Press, and Classical Academic Press.

Memoria Press¬†is a classical hardcopy program¬†that is mailable worldwide. You can view Memoria Press’ full kindergarten homeschool curriculum here.

Schoolhouse Teachers

Schoolhouse Teachers is one of the best kindergarten homeschool curriculum providers for large families or children with varying interests.

This curriculum offers ALL of its material for a single fee (either paid monthly, quarterly, or annually).

Unlimited curriculum resources mean if you have 10 children and need to find a curriculum for them, you can get this for ALL your children for around $200 a year (check if there is a sale on right now).

Apart from offering an incredible price, Schoolhouse Teachers also has an insanely huge collection of courses.

This large collection means that no matter your child’s interests, Schoolhouse Teachers will probably have a subject on it!

You can find a Schoolhouse Teachers review here or check out Schoolhouse Teachers curriculum directly here.

Abeka (Traditional Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum)

If you’re looking at homeschool curriculum for kindergarten, Abeka is a good option.

They’re extremely thorough with the content they cover and material reviews they set, so children don’t forget the lessons they’ve just learned.

Compared to other programs, Abeka seems to be modeled after the traditional or school-at-home approach.

This means you can sit your children down with workbooks and ask them to do their assigned work for the day like a schoolteacher might.

Often, there’s minimal teaching required from parents, and (like BJU Press) video tutorials are available if you prefer to homeschool that way.

The curriculum was originally designed for schools, so the material can seem repetitive for children who learned the lesson the first time.

But, for children who benefit from repetition, this kindergarten homeschool program is a great choice.

You can read an extended Abeka review here or check out an Abeka review here.

Programs like this one: BJU.

10 of the Best kindergarten homeschool programs. Homeschool kindergarten curriculum reviews from: #Abeka, #Sonlight, #SaxonMaths, Bob Jones University (#BJU), Switched on Schoolhouse (#SOS), #Monarch, Accelerated Christian Education (#ACE paces), Easy Peasy All-in-One, The Good and the Beautiful and Classical Conversations. See reviews from #howdoihomeschool


Sonlight is another great kindergarten homeschool program that many of my friends use.

It highly values reading and is a very literature-based curriculum.

Many kindergarten curriculum books are storybooks (living books) that highly engage children.

Like BJU and Abeka, Sonlight is a paper-based curriculum.

If you’re considering Sonlight, you can try it for free by ‘requesting an invitation’ here.

You can find an in-depth Sonlight curriculum review here.

Accelerated Christian Education (ACE)

Accelerated Christian Education (or ACE paces) is another kindergarten homeschool curriculum program that’s been around for a while.

The aim is to teach children to read so they can teach themselves with individualized workbooks.

Then, once children learn to read, they follow instructions in the books and learn that way.

You can imagine how easy this is for parents! 

ACE also has a big focus on a self-paced kindergarten curriculum.

This means, for example, a gifted student could progress at a faster speed than the average.

It also means that if you have a child with special needs, they can take their time with the workbooks. 

Learning with ACE means students don’t study according to their age or grade level but their understanding.

As such, the word ‘accelerated’ does not mean the work is more difficult than any other kindergarten homeschool curriculum or you have smart kids to complete the course.

As far as home education styles go, ACE seems to be modeled after the traditional education model.

If you’d like to read about what other parents think about this kindergarten program, check out this link: homeschool reviews forum for Accelerated Christian Education.

PLEASE NOTE: Lighthouse Christian Academy (LCA) is the long-distance provider for ACE.

Programs like this one: LifePac (by Alpha Omega Publishing).

Easy Peasy All-in-One (Free Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum)

If you’re looking for an affordable kindergarten homeschooling program, look no further.¬†

Easy Peasy All-in-One is a free kindergarten program.

With huge Facebook groups in every country, this curriculum is probably the most loved free kindergarten homeschool program used today.

Even though it’s free, it’s of excellent quality and is listed as one of Cathy Duffy’s 102 homeschool kindergarten picks.

And if you want to do your kindergarten curriculum offline, Easy Peasy has PDF sheets you can print.

Finally, if you need additional homeschool resources, the course is all linked to helpful resources along the way, so you shouldn’t need additional materials.

On the downside, because Easy Peasy is a free platform, you don’t get premium help from email experts as you might with BJU Press, Memoria Press, or Schoolhouse Teachers.

But you can use its FAQ page or Facebook group, which is quite active.

If you’re curious to check out other free kindergarten curriculum programs, check out this link which outlines 10 of the best free home education curricula available today.

Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations is a kindergarten homeschool curriculum modeled after the Classical education style.

Like Memoria Press, this program is available to children of all ages.

However, it is most often done in social homeschool groups in America, but it can be done worldwide.

CC works best when a group of home educators can come together for the co-op component (such as debate or argumentation – not that relevant for 5-year-olds).

If you love classical education but don’t feel CC is the right fit for your family, why not check out other classical homeschooling curricula at this link.

Programs like this one: Memoria Press and Veritas Press.

If you want a Classical homeschooling curriculum but don’t want to attend a co-op to get the benefits, you can consider Veritas Press.¬†

The Veritas Program is a mailable curriculum offering LIVE lessons and accreditation. 

They also produce Phonics Museum, an online learn-to-read program that engages students to help them read using attractive graphics.

You can get a free consultation with Veritas Press here or check out a review of them here. 

Programs like this one: Memoria Press and Classical Conversations.

Simply Charlotte Mason

Simply Charlotte Mason (SCM) is a homeschool curriculum for kindergarten styled after the Charlotte Mason method.

The program is distinct from many other curricula in that it has short lessons (a hallmark of CM education) and incorporates much nature study and habit training.

Because lessons are concise, parents find this curriculum is great if they want a flexible homeschool lifestyle.

Living books (educational storybooks) are employed, so children engagingly get exposure to many books.

Simultaneously, their love of learning is fostered.

Like many kindergarten curriculums above, this one has large, active forums where parents can ask questions.

Additionally, you can read more review comments about this program here.

You can find more Charlotte Mason kindergarten curriculum programs here. 

Programs like this one: Ambleside Online (free) and Charlotte Mason in a Box.

My Father’s World

One of the best kindergarten homeschool programs if you’re curious about a program that combines Classical and Charlotte Mason homeschooling techniques. It also makes things enjoyable by including Unit Studies, so kids aren’t just sitting in their seats all day.

You can check out other eclectic homeschool programs here. 

KONOS (Unit Studies Kindergarten Homeschooling Curriculum)

If you’ve got kids who love physical activity, KONOS might be a suitable fit for your family!

It is a kindergarten curriculum that uses the Unit Studies method as its primary educational approach.

Because it is a hands-on program, it interests children by educating them through physical activities and tactile experiences.

Additionally, because parents can teach all children simultaneously, it’s a great homeschooling curriculum for large families.

KONOS has a big focus on teaching good character to children.

Every couple of months, children will study a character trait in a unit. 

Examples of character traits students study include orderliness, obedience, honor, attentiveness, trust, honesty, wisdom, and resourcefulness.

Simultaneously, students learn basic subjects like Math, English, and the Bible.

The physical Unit folder is actually a teacher’s manual with projects from Kinder to 8th Grade.

Having everything to study right in front of you means that if you have many children in K-8th Grade, you can teach them simultaneously.

In addition, using the same curriculum for the whole family means KONOS is an inexpensive curriculum option for families struggling with a single income.

Ambleside Online (Free Charlotte Mason Kindergarten Homeschooling Curriculum)

Ambleside Online is a free homeschool curriculum for kindergarten that uses the Charlotte Mason method.

It is one of the best free homeschooling curriculum packages.

The curriculum is a collection of Charlotte Mason resources with links to (many free) PDF living books.

In addition, the website also gives you access to Charlotte Mason books (such as Home Education) that are free.

These books are necessary for parents to read and understand to guide their children in the CM homeschooling method.

Other Similar Programs: Mater Amabilis (Catholic free CM curriculum).

Christian Light Education

If you’re after a traditional hard-copy kindergarten homeschool curriculum that’s been around for a long time, you must check out the popular Christian Light Education program.

They use a spiral learning model to run kids through the material using a Christian worldview.

Children do a small workbook (called a ‘pace’) every fortnight, encouraging them to feel a sense of accomplishment and a love of learning.

Best of all, parents can get a basic kindergarten package for under $100. Deal!

Check out more about Christian Light Education in this review.

Starfall – Secular Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

Starfall offers PreK and Kindergarten homeschool curriculum for all families.

They are a secular program that engages children with colorful graphics and fun activities.

You can check out a review of Starfall here.

Other Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Programs and Packages

Although we’ve looked at many kindergarten homeschool curriculum packages and programs, there are so many others you can check out if you want.

These include:

Secular Kindergaren Homeschool Curriculum Options

There are also some Kindergarten homeschool curriculum options that are secular. These include:

  1. Beautiful Feet Books
  2. Great Books Homeschool
  3. Acellus
  4. Khan Academy
  5. The Waldock Way
  6. Juni Learning
  7. Beast Academy
  8. Bookshark
  9. Under the Home
  10. K12
  11. Reading Eggs
  12. Oak Meadow
  13. Connections Academy 
  14. ABCmouse
  15. Moving Beyond the Page

Check them out in more detail here.

Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Books

Many parents choose to supplement their existing curriculum with appropriate books that teach literature, character, and other subjects.

Here is a list of some Kindergarten homeschool books:

Find a Kindergarten book list with free shipping on items here.

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When teaching young children, you always want an engaging curriculum.
If a child is not engaged, they’re not learning.
So, you need to find a fun program.
You also, preferably, want a hands-on homeschool curriculum for kindergarten.
That way, information goes into their little minds in multiple ways.


Finding the right kindergarten homeschool curriculum package can feel overwhelming. But, if you research one curriculum every day, you’ll find you’ll be familiar with many of them before very long. To decide which is the best, make sure you check out the homeschool reviews forum links for each program above. They’re a great way to read curriculum reviews from parents who’ve road-tested these programs already. All the best!

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