20 Top MATH Homeschool Curriculum Programs & Packages

Homeschooling has become an increasingly popular option for families in recent years, and choosing the right math homeschool curriculum is an important part of the homeschooling journey. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of some of the best math homeschool curricula on the market, including BJU Press, Schoolhouse Teachers, and Memoria Press. We’ll explore each program’s approach, methodology, and resources, to help you make an informed decision about which math curriculum is right for your child.

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These are some of the curricula we’ll cover below:

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Best Math Homeschool Curriculum Programs

Here is a list of some popular math homeschool curricula, along with a brief description of each:

Apologia Math Curriculum

Apologia offers an award-winning hands-on math program. This Christian program is engaging and teaches children how to think critically.

BJU Press Math

A rigorous math program with options for a) online video lesson teachers or b) teach it yourself with teachers’ manuals.

Rightstart Mathematics

RightStart Maths is an elementary and middle school math curriculum known for its innovative approach to teaching young students.

Developed by Dr. Joan A. Cotter, the program emphasizes conceptual understanding and critical thinking over rote memorization.

It employs a unique progression through concrete, pictorial, and abstract stages, utilizing hands-on manipulatives like the AL Abacus to foster deep comprehension of mathematical concepts.

By focusing on visual and spatial learning, the curriculum aids students’ comprehension, which is particularly beneficial for those struggling with symbolic representations.

This secular program not only builds number sense and mental math skills but also introduces geometry and measurement, all while encouraging problem-solving and parental involvement.

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Life of Fred

A program that uses real-life situations and humor to teach math concepts in an engaging way.

Singapore Math

A program based on the Singapore Math curriculum, which emphasizes problem-solving and visual learning.

Schoolhouse Teachers

Schoolhouse Teachers has huge collection of curriculum choices with electives alongside their traditional math program.

They offer all grades and all subjects for the same subscription fee making them one of the most affordable homeschool curriculum programs available today.

Saxon Math

Saxon Math offers a comprehensive curriculum that uses incremental development and continual review to ensure mastery of math concepts.

It is a popular homeschool curriculum that’s been around for many years.

Memoria Press

Memoria Press offers a classical homeschool math curriculum.

This program curriculum emphasizes the mastery of basic arithmetic skills and introduces students to higher-level math concepts such as algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Memoria Press math curricula include textbooks, teacher’s manuals, and additional resources to support student learning.

RightStart Mathematics

A program that uses hands-on activities, visual aids, and real-life applications to teach math concepts.


A program that uses a step-by-step approach and manipulatives to help students visualize and understand math concepts.

Math in Focus

A program based on the Singapore Math curriculum, which emphasizes problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Horizons Math

A colorful and engaging curriculum that uses a spiral approach to reinforce math concepts.

Wonder Math – TUTORING

Wonder Math is a tutoring program for struggling students. They aim to run slightly ahead of term to get your children up to speed on the terms material. They offer very small class sizes so tutors can pinpoint your student’s weaknesses for targeted help. They also use fun stories and colorful graphics to engage students.

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Abeka Math

A comprehensive curriculum that uses a traditional approach and emphasizes rote memorization.

Teaching Textbooks

An app for a math homeschool curriculum that can be used offline. It provides animated lessons, automatic grading, and personalized learning plans.

CTC Math

An online program that provides animated lessons and real-time feedback to help students develop their math skills.

Math Kangaroo

A program that focuses on developing mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills.


An online program that uses adaptive learning technology to provide personalized instruction and practice.

Modern Curriculum Press Math

A program that uses a systematic approach and concrete examples to teach math concepts.

Primary Mathematics

A program based on the Singapore Math curriculum, which emphasizes problem solving and visual learning.


An online program that provides interactive lessons and real-time feedback to help students develop their math skills.

Everyday Mathematics

A program that uses real-life situations and hands-on activities to teach math concepts.

K12 Math

A comprehensive online program that provides personalized instruction and support for students of all levels.


An online program that provides multimedia lessons and interactive activities to help students learn math.


An online program that provides instant answers to math questions and helps students develop their problem-solving skills.


An online program that provides instant answers to math questions and helps students develop their problem-solving skills.

Beast Academy

This is an animation-based advanced math homeschool curriculum program for gifted learners.

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Conclusion on the Best Math Curriculum Programs

In conclusion, choosing the right math homeschool curriculum is a crucial step in ensuring that your child receives a solid education in this important subject. Whether you’re looking for a traditional textbook-based program or a more interactive, hands-on approach, there is a math homeschool curriculum out there to meet your needs. With the information and insights provided in this article, you can make an informed decision and ensure that your child is well on their way to success in math.

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