BEST Homeschool Curriculum for Independent Learning

Suppose you’re considering homeschooling your children while working or running a business. In that case, choosing the right program that suits your needs can be overwhelming. However, an independent learning homeschool curriculum could be just what you need. This article will provide plenty of options for independent homeschool curriculums so you will only spend a little time teaching your children yourself.

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Take a look at the homeschool curriculum for independent learners we’ll discuss in more detail below:

Let’s dive in and take a closer look!

Curriculum for working parents include video lessons, LIVE online classes, indepenedent study and self-paced options.

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10 Independent Homeschool Curriculum Programs and Packages

Look closely at some of the best homeschool curricula for independent learning below. Each is different and may or may not suit your family more than others. 

Apologia ‚Äď Independent All-in-One Curriculum

Apologia is a popular self-paced Christian curriculum covering all grades and subjects.

As a parent, you can choose to be involved by reading the books yourself. Still, children can also read Apologia books by themselves as soon as they can read independently.

This program aims to teach children to think critically and logically while giving them an excellent education. Apologia is known for its great science offerings like zoology, earth science, and botany.

As children progress to middle and high school, the curriculum is designed to be completed independently, allowing for personalized learning experiences.

This is quite a hands-on homeschool curriculum, and the needed experiments for a lab credit are built into the program and only require standard household supplies.

Homeschool families will not need to invest in an expensive science laboratory to give their kids a complete education.

Students can choose between LIVE courses or a self-paced homeschool curriculum format depending upon their needs and learning styles.

In addition to science, Apologia now offers a range of subjects, including math.

Check out more about Apologia here.

Compass Classroom

The Compass Classroom is a Christian, online, self-directed, self-paced homeschool program.

The program uses a classical and Charlotte Mason flavor, running students through a solid Latin curriculum and using traditional trivium learning methods.

The engaging material covers various subjects, from writing, language arts, and grammar to history, music, the Bible, philosophy, and creation science. 

Courses that teach logic and rhetoric are also available.

But this program also includes a vibrant social life active through My Compass Classroom, a chat forum for parents and children taking this classical course.

Although the program is primarily classical, it also has a dash of¬†Charlotte Mason’s influence, which emerges in their how-to homeschool courses.

Compass Classroom has world-famous presenters like R.C. Sproul. The courses are very entertaining, and parents can do them with their children (I sit down with my kids and learn Latin with them as I find the program entertaining!)

Compass Classroom is a very affordable program and can be used for the whole family with one subscription.

Because it is engaging and easy to use, it is one of the best self-teaching homeschool curriculum programs.

Check them out here.

Time 4 Learning

Time 4 Learning is an online, secular homeschool curriculum where children can study the material independently. 

This program offers all grades and subjects, offering accredited and homeschool options. 

It also features automatic grading and scheduling, making learning easy and fun. 

Parents can also pause their membership if they go on holiday. 

Check out Time 4 Learning here. 

ACE Paces

The ACE Paces is a self-directed homeschooling curriculum students can complete by themselves.

This popular curriculum lets parents provide a quality Christian education to children at home.

With the ACE Paces program, students can control their learning with an organized system that gives structure and support.

HOW IT WORKS: Each PACE (Packets of Accelerated Christian Education) contains a workbook, answer booklet, tests, and other activities that makeup one subject area of the curriculum. Parents can use these materials to create a custom learning experience tailored to the needs of each student.

Using this method, students work through the material by themselves. They receive recognition for mastery when they complete each level successfully.

The aim is to ensure all learners are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in later studies.

ACE Paces is a very affordable homeschool curriculum, too!

Check them out here.

True North Homeschool Academy

True North Homeschool Academy¬†is a good option if you’re seeking an independent homeschool curriculum with face-to-face instruction from teachers.

With this one, you can homeschool and work full-time while a teacher teaches your student online with tiny class sizes of only a few children!

The program is academically rigorous and loosely based on the classical method, adhering to Judeo-Christian values.

This program empowers students to dive into subjects or progress comfortably, aligning with different learning styles.

On top of their LIVE online small classes, you can choose their self-paced courses.

Check them out directly here or a review of True North Homeschool Academy here.

When thinking about how to choose a homeschool curriculum consider if you're working full or part-time, if your child is motivated, a parent-led curriculum, something with teachers manuals or video lessons.


The LifePac homeschool curriculum for independent learning is a Christian program that’s been around since 1978.

Produced by¬†Alpha Omega Publications, this program offers an offline, paper-based program with workbooks, tests, and teacher’s guides.

LifePac includes the five main subjects of:

In addition, LifePac also provides quite a few electives for families, like accounting, health, art, and civics.

LifePac lets students progress at their own pace while adhering to state guidelines for academic standards.

Each unit includes 10 or 11 workbooks, taking 2 to 4 weeks. 

Time taken depends on:

  • student’s ability and
  • how much time they devote to their studies.

Parents can use the built-in testing system and weekly exams for additional assessment opportunities throughout study.

Check out Lifepac here.


The Masterbooks curriculum is an exciting independent learning homeschool curriculum.

It primarily teaches through engaging storybooks or narratives that children can read themselves (or have read to them).  

Masterbooks, which is arguably the most popular Charlotte Mason homeschooling curriculum, includes many subjects, including:

  • art,
  • math,
  • science,
  • history, and
  • language arts.

Each subject is easy to understand and provides fun lessons that promote critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies.

Students can learn at their own pace¬†or access detailed teacher’s notes to help guide their studies.

The Biblical curriculum is easy to follow, flexible, and keeps kids engaged with their education.

Children will learn about the world and how to apply and use their knowledge.

Masterbooks is quite an academically easy homeschool curriculum to complete and will be a big hit for families who love gentle learning through literature.

Check out Masterbooks here.

Beast Academy (Advanced Math Program)

Beast Academy¬†is an¬†advanced, secular, independent learning math curriculum¬†for children ages 7-13. It’s an excellent option for math if you’re¬†homeschooling and working full-time.

This award-winning program provides cool math games that are fun and engaging.

They use animations, comics, puzzles, stories, and online games.

This program helps build strong problem-solving skills and logical thinking for gifted learners.

The curriculum is divided into three levels :

  1. elementary (grades 2-4),
  2. middle school (grades 5-6) and
  3. upper school (grades 7-8).

Each level helps kids develop foundational concepts in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and more.

The content has been carefully crafted to ensure that kids can learn independently at their own pace while having fun along the way.

You can get this program as an online program or offline books.

Teaching Textbooks

Teaching Textbooks is a fun, independent learning math curriculum that teaches children for parents.

The program is an app and works in online and offline environments.

It uses fun animations and features automatic grading, so parents can homeschool and work while children do their work independently.

The independent homeschool curriculum gives students a solution tutorial for every question the kids miss.

This means kids can learn from their mistakes and better understand the topic.

Plus, a free tutor helpline is available for any customer who discovers they need extra help.

This curriculum was made with homeschoolers in mind and has been increasing in popularity recently.

Kids can complete several lessons in a day or take a couple of days to complete one lesson.

Parents can also limit how fast a child progresses in the curriculum by restricting the number of lessons completed daily.

You can check out more here.


Notgrass produces affordable, colorful, bright books and workbooks children can do independently. 

The wonderful thing about this program is children can learn three or four years of history in one program. 

Their curriculum mainly covers history, geography, and some language arts.

It’s a favorite homeschool history choice, and if parents are interested in reading the books, this makes a great communal, family-style homeschool curriculum!

See Notgrass’s independent homeschool curriculum here.

Singapore Math

Another alternative to advanced, independent math is Singapore Math.

Singapore Math uses a math teaching technique that’s achieved widespread success in Singapore. Educators around the world are loving this method.¬†

This method of teaching math places a great emphasis on:

  • problem-solving,¬†
  • critical thinking, and¬†
  • real-world applications of mathematics.

Singapore Math curriculum has been adapted for use in many countries. 

It helps students understand concepts rather than just memorizing formulas.

The Singapore Math method uses concrete examples with visual tools such as diagrams or objects to help children understand math problems before advancing abstract equations.

This independent learning program encourages students to explore various solutions instead of focusing on one correct answer.

Check out Singapore Math here.

Acellus & Acellus Academy

Power Homeschool and Acellus Academy are secular American independent learning homeschool curricula.

They offer grades K to 12, and they seem to be a particularly effective program for children with special needs like autism.

The video lessons are self-paced and interactive.

Children can receive personalized instruction based on their individual needs.

Power Homeschool (unaccredited and more affordable) and Acellus Academy (accredited and more expensive) use Acellus technology.

Acellus technology pinpoints students’ weak academic areas¬†and gives them lessons to strengthen educational ‘holes.’

Veritas Press

Veritas Press produces a classical Christian homeschool curriculum that uses LIVE Online lessons so parents don’t need to teach children themselves.¬†

They offer accredited courses, and children can interact with one another in a virtual environment. 

This is quite a rigorous course and a great choice if you’re looking for a program to give your children a thorough and complete education.

You can get a FREE Consultation with Veritas Press here. 

Negative Aspects of Independent Learning Homeschool Curriculum

Independent homeschool curriculum is terrific if your children are motivated and keen to learn. It’s beautiful if your child loves to self-educate.¬†

But, if you’re not sitting with your child or using a curriculum with an online teacher who monitors student materials, they can run into trouble.

So keep an eye on your homeschoolers.

Or use a curriculum that will keep an eye on their work. 

Remember to keep education interesting with some interest-based learning on the side if you can!

What’s the BEST Homeschool Curriculum for Independent Learning?

But today, it’s possible to homeschool and work full-time thanks to the independent homeschool curriculum.

With so many options available, choosing the right homeschool curriculum can be overwhelming.

However, with the proper research and guidance, parents can choose the best option for their family and their child’s needs.

Independent learning homeschool curriculum lets students learn independently in an environment they can enjoy undistractedly.

This page shows some of the best homeschool curricula for independent learners. To see more curricula options, see the curricula finding tool.

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As a Quick PS:

You can also get some great books…some people homeschool almost entirely through books. See these options:

God bless you on your homeschool journey!

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