10 Favorite Homeschool Curriculum Packages of 2024

When you don’t know what to look for when you’re trying to find the perfect homeschool curriculum, it’s a great idea to check out some of the favorite homeschool curriculum programs others love. In this post, I’ll be showing you my favorite homeschool curriculum programs and packages for 2022.
These include programs I’m currently using myself (BJU Press and Schoolhouse Teachers), as well as other programs that are favorites in the homeschool community.
What are some of my favorite homeschool curriculum programs and packages? Find out in this post....
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What Makes a Favorite Homeschool Curriculum?

When I look for a good program, I’m often looking for a few things.
Firstly, there is quality. I want something without typos and something that’s been tried and true (and corrected) over time.
I want something that’s simple to use with either easy teachers’ manuals or self-explanatory features.
Secondly, price.
I want to know I’m getting good value for my money.
Thirdly, electives and breadth of the curriculum.
Having choices so I can cater to my children’s interests is so important when homeschooling. I want to provide education to feed my children’s growing curiosity.
Fourthly, worldview.
Every program has a worldview. I want a program that aligns with my worldview and will teach my children the things I value and hold dear.

1. BJU Press

My favorite homeschool curriculum is BJU Press.
I love this program as it is of exceptional quality and teaches children using various learning methods (kinesthetically as well as in a logical/mathematical way).
This colorful and well-organized program teaches children from a Christian worldview and aims to help children understand why they’re learning certain things.
Also, one thing that you get with BJU Press that you don’t get with a lot of other curricula is support! As a parent, you can ring the company and ask about a part of the curriculum you don’t understand and get immediate support.
You just don’t get this with a lot of other programs, which is one reason it’s a favorite homeschool program.
BJU Press has been around for decades and is a tried and true curriculum with solid values. I love it!

2. Schoolhouse Teachers

Schoolhouse Teachers is another favorite homeschool curriculum program. I love this program as it offers children an incredible breadth of electives.
Your kids can learn almost anything with Schoolhouse Teachers including French, Logic, Nature Study, and (even) Korean!
And, maybe the best part about Schoolhouse Teachers, is that it’s incredibly affordable!
You can teach your whole family for one price (no matter if you have one child or ten!).
You can see a review of this program here (or watch the video below which is a hilarious video review of the program that I do [and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!]).

Rebbecca Devitt

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. If you want to do my course on how to homeschool, click here.

3. Easy Peasy All-in-One

If you’re after a favorite homeschool curriculum that is free, you can’t go past Easy Peasy All-in-One.
The program offers downloadable PDFs for offline lessons or children can do their work online.
They also offer a tracking system called My EP Assignemtns where parents can sign up and keep track of everything their child is learning. This makes things easier if students need to make a homeschool transcript one day.
Because this program is free, you won’t have the same support you’ll have with a paid curriculum. However, there are huge EP Facebook support groups, so if you run into an issue and need help, you can always jump onto an Easy Peasy Facebook forum to resolve your issue.

4. Memoria Press

If you’re after a classical homeschool curriculum that teaches logic, Latin, and, and debating, you can’t go past Memoria Press.
This program offers a mailable homeschool curriculum complete with a valuable booklist to make sure your kids will have an incredible grasp of the English language and the nuances within.
The program is affordable and one of the most popular homeschool curriculum programs around today.
By the way, if you don’t know what the classical homeschool method is, watch the video below (AND SUBSCRIBE!) which will give you a brief outline of the trivium (Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric stages) which are the three basic stages of classical education.

5. Sonlight

Sonlight is a favorite homeschool curriculum because it is literature-based. That means it aims to teach concepts primarily through great literature.
This program uses books that are a mix of living books (educational storybooks – explained more below) and the great books used in classical education.
Sonlight aims to create a habit of reading good books and plenty of books at that!
Sonlight can be an expensive curriculum, but that’s because you get many great books in the curriculum you can keep for perpetuity.

6. Heart of Dakota

Heart of Dakota is a favorite homeschool curriculum that has been around for many years. The program takes after the Charlotte Mason homeschool method and teaches children using living books.
Living books are educational storybooks – books that are written by knowledgeable and enthusiastic authors.
Heart of Dakota has been written by a wife and mom who developed a curriculum for her own children and then, as her children have grown, offered her program to the public at large.
Her family currently helps her market and sell the program as they run a family business selling a Charlotte Mason curriculum they believe in.
But, if you don’t know what the Charlotte Mason method is, make sure you check out the video below on ‘Charlotte Mason for Beginners.’

7. My Father’s World

My Father’s World is a favorite homeschool curriculum because it uses the Classical, Charlotte Mason, and Unit Studies homeschool methods in conjunction with a biblical worldview.
Before you know why this is a favorite homeschool curriculum, you need to understand that the Classical and Charlotte Mason methods are probably the most popular homeschool methods used by parents today.
That is because the:
  • Classical method is rigorous and offers parents a great way to teach children critical analysis alongside incredible language skills that far surpass what is taught in public schools today
  • Charlotte Mason method was specifically designed for use in homeschools by the (classical) educator, Charlotte Mason.
This means parents get to teach children using their favorite homeschool methods from a gospel-centered worldview.
In addition, the Unit Studies method is a great approach to use for children as it offers a hands-on approach to learning. It’s also a popular homeschooling method. (Learn more about the Unit Studies method in this video…and SUBSCRIBE!)
So, all up, MFW is a winner (albeit heavy on the craft side of things).

8. Monarch

If you want an online homeschool curriculum, you can’t go past Monarch by Alpha Omega Publishing. Alpha Omega Publishing has been around for decades and has been making favorite homeschool curricula in differing formats.
Firstly, they started with a boxed curriculum that was sold in warehouses, and since then they’ve branched out to:
  • Unit Studies curriculum (Weaver),
  • Teacher-led curriculum (Horizons),
  • Student-led curriculum (Lifepac),
  • Offline computer-based – since discontinued (Switched-on-Schoolhouse),
  • and Online curriculum (Monarch).
Monarch is a subscription-based program that carries out operations completely online. This means you need a stable internet connection to use this program.
It offers online record-keeping, testing, and video content.
For parents who want to reduce paper waste and keep homeschooling materials confined to a small space, Monarch is a favorite homeschool curriculum.
You can check out more about Monarch and other AOP curricula here.

9. Ambleside Online

Ambleside Online is a favorite homeschool curriculum program for two reasons. Firstly it uses the Charlotte Mason method (which is a winner for homeschool parents) AND the program is also 100% free!
Ambleside has been developed by generous homeschool parents over many decades.
It offers a full program, schedule, and booklists so parents can start homeschooling straight away.
Ambleside also focuses on training a homeschool parent how to think (partly through referring to Charlotte Mason’s Home Education series which is available online for free here or can be purchased as books here).
That is because a good homeschool education looks very different from a good school education. In a home situation, you can do so much more and individualize a child’s education so much more than in a school.
Like Easy Peasy, Ambleside Online has big support groups, so if you run into any issues, you can track down a support group to help you.
By the way, if you’re interested in free programs, you should check out this post on 10 of the Best Free Homeschool Curriculum Programs around today. You can also check out the video below on free homeschool programs.

10. Compass Classroom

Compass Classroom is the new kid on the block and offers all its curriculum for a single subscription fee. It offers a mostly Classical crossed with Charlotte Mason curriculum (as we mentioned, a favorite choice of homeschool parents).
Compass Classroom is also very affordable as far as homeschool curriculum goes and offers all its material online.
You can also purchase classes individually as suits you. This makes this program a great supplement to other favorite homeschool curriculum programs.

10 Favorite Homeschool Curriculum Packages and Programs.

Want Some More Choices?

If you’re looking for something else, you can see the Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum List here. I’m sure you’ll find something that suits you!

What is Your Favorite Homeschool Curriculum Program?

In this post, I’ve mentioned some of my favorite curriculum programs. But, I’d love to hear what your favorites are. There are lots we haven’t mentioned in this post like Khan Academy, The Good and the Beautiful, Abeka, and Simply Charlotte Mason which are some other great picks. Comment below and tell me what your favorite homeschool curriculum is.
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