10 BEST Homeschool Curriculum For Multiple Grades

Are you homeschooling multiple grades? Then you need a homeschool curriculum for multiple ages! It will make homeschooling much easier.

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The idea is similar to teaching in a one-room schoolhouse. A multi-age curriculum often combines students, allowing them to study together. This dramatically reduces your workload as a homeschool mom.

There is a wide variety of curricula available, so I curated the best homeschool curriculum for multiple grades, making it easy for you to find the perfect program for your family.

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Notgrass multi age homeschool curriculumNotgrass is a Christian homeschool history, geography, and language arts curriculum for multiple ages.

The curriculum is seriously colorful and engaging.

As a parent, I use Notgrass and love learning alongside my kids using their programs.

Their programs span a few years, and you can often teach kids five years apart using the same curriculum.

The curriculum includes narrative lessons, hands-on activities, primary source documents, historical fiction, and biographies.

Bible study and language arts lessons are folded into the curriculum.

The courses for each age group can be used in any order.

The curriculum includes all the instructions, so teaching your children doesn’t require any planning or preparation.

Older children can also follow the directions independently.

Check out Notgrass here.

Schoolhouse Teachers

schoolhouse teachersSchoolhouse Teachers is considered a multi-age curriculum because one affordable subscription covers all the kids in a family.

You’ll find everything you need in one spot, homeschool support including support for special needs, and a supportive community.

The lessons are self-paced so you can easily speed up or slow down as your children master the lessons.

Also, they have a CM and Unit Studies center to do stuff across multiple ages as well as a HUGE range of electives for almost anything!

You can get curriculum, including videos, for all your family for only $250.

Check out Schoolhouse Teachers here.

A Gentle Feast

Gentle FeastIf you’re looking for a Charlotte Mason curriculum that prioritizes the importance of family and provides a solid academic foundation, then A Gentle Feast is the perfect choice for you.

This program is deeply rooted in the living ideas found in books, beauty, and Biblical truth, and it’s designed to bring families together as much as possible.

The creator, Julie Ross, has provided comprehensive instructional videos for parents to watch before starting the curriculum, so you can feel confident and prepared as you begin.

Additionally, the curriculum is customizable to fit the unique needs of your family.

One of the standout features of A Gentle Feast is the level of support provided by Julie Ross.

The curriculum comes with multiple support options such as members Q&A calls and a Members Facebook Group.

This means you can have peace of mind knowing that you can reach out and get the support you need if you have any questions.

Overall, I highly recommend taking a closer look at A Gentle Feast, a Charlotte Mason curriculum.

It’s an excellent option that prioritizes family, provides a solid academic foundation, and offers unparalleled support.

Check out a closer review of A Gentle Feast here.

Gather Round

Gather RoundGather Round is the new kid on the block.

It offers a multi-age homeschool curriculum that combines all children between kindergarten and the twelfth grade using a unit study curriculum (see further down the page for an explanation of this).

The central theme allows you to teach each child reading, writing, comprehension, grammar, spelling, art, geography, science, social studies, history, Bible, and more.

Although mathematics is not included.

Gather Round is an open-and-go program that will simplify your life. If you don’t know about open-and-go programs, watch the video below on some of the best options (or click the link for a selection of the best to look at).

You read from the teacher’s guide to all of your children and then they complete individual student notebooks.


ApologiaApologia is a Christian homeschool science curriculum for multiple ages that now offers other subjects such as language arts, math, worldview, and Bible studies.

Each of the science courses covers multiple grades, allowing you to teach several children at the same time. The science labs are designed for families teaching children at home, so even the high school labs are easy to complete in your kitchen.

Apologia is an excellent homeschool science resource for multiple grades.

Visit Apologia and take a look at everything they offer.

And if you’re looking for great creationist Christian material, be sure to check out Answers in Genesis, which is similar to Apologia in delivering great creationist Christian material.

Easy Peasy All-In-One

Easy Peasy All-in-One HomeschoolEasy Peasy All-In-One is a free multi-age curriculum, so parents can use it with all their kids.

The program solves the problem of how to homeschool if finances are tight and helps families who don’t know how to get started or don’t have enough time.

The curriculum only uses free materials found online, making it a budget-friendly way to homeschool a large family.

A sister site, All-In-One High School, holds all the high school courses.

Be sure to take a look at Easy Peasy All-In-One!

Compass Classroom

Compass ClassroomCompass Classroom is an amazing homeschool curriculum for multiple grades in middle and high school!

It hosts a large library of entertaining homeschool video curricula.

You can find video courses for kids from upper elementary through high school. There are even some courses for adults.

So, if you’re looking for a fabulous multi-age curriculum in filmmaking, literature, Bible, philosophy, science, history, and much more, you can’t go past this one.

Oh, and did I mention it combines Classical and Charlotte Mason elements for a really good-quality education?

Check out Compass Classroom here.


Master BooksThe Masterbook curriculum features a living education for children between preschool and high school.

The Christian program includes math, science, history, language arts, and more.

You can teach your kids cursive, complete a Map Trek course, or study a course on faith. Subjects like civics and logic are also offered.

I’m currently taking their Fundamentals of Logic course (as a 35-year-old homeschool graduate mom who’s homeschooling her own kids…I know!). I really love it, but I wish there were questions in the back of the book to test my knowledge.

Check out Masterbooks to see the wide variety of courses they offer.


SonlightSonlight is a literature-based Christian homeschool curriculum that combines history, literature, and the Bible.

The program offers a detailed instructor guide with all the planning done and an excellent choice of historical fiction that was chosen to develop a love of reading.

The literature-based learning includes writing assignments, science, math, and more.

Sonlight is a curriculum that will transform your homeschool, so check it out today.

Any Unit Studies Curriculums

Another great option when homeschooling multiple ages is to use a unit studies curriculum.

This post walks you through ten of the best unit studies curricula available.

You’ll be able to keep all your kids studying the same topics.

This makes it easy to supplement your children’s education with field trips, videos, and literature.

The Bottom Line

Homeschooling has come a long way over the last few decades, and there are many different options for multi-age curriculum. Some focus on video lessons, others use a literature approach, and others offer budget-friendly options. So take a few minutes, browse the options, and pick the homeschool curriculum for multiple grades that best fits your family’s needs! God bless you.

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