7 BEST Homeschool Life Skills Curriculum Picks [2024]

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, parents and guardians increasingly recognize the importance of imparting practical life skills to their children. While traditional academic curricula focus on core subjects, many families find that these programs often fail to equip students with essential life skills. Despite many students being able to ace algebraic equations, they may be perplexed when faced with real-world situations like managing a budget or understanding the intricacies of personal finance. Many feel their kids need a homeschool life skills curriculum or course. 

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For this article, I’ve researched many great functional homeschool life skills curriculum programs and courses you can checkout for the perfect fit for your family.

Let’s take a look!

True North Homeschool Academy Life Skills Course

True North Homeschool Academy offers students a full-year course for 1 Credit point.

Featuring small class sizes and LIVE online lessons, students can learn and socialize with other homeschoolers simultaneously.

This company teaches from a Judeo-Christian worldview and is gospel-centered.

You can see the course directly here or read a review of True North here.

BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum Life Skills

BJU Press teaches many life skills in its full Christian curriculum, offering open-and-go convenience with online video lessons.

Although BJU Press teaches many life skills in their primary curriculum, they also offer a Family Life Skills course suitable for middle and high school students. This course comes with teacher’s manuals to help teach the curriculum.

This program prepares students for real life, whether they will become a mom, dad, or caregiver in the present and future.

The course teaches them things like:

  • raising godly children,
  • relationships with friends, spouses, parents, inlaws, and caregivers.

BJU Press aims to address the fundamental and emerging challenges of the modern home through a biblical worldview lens. It also gives children a glimpse into family life around the world.

See a BJU Press Review here.

Masterclass Life Skills Courses

Masterclass is all about teaching life skills, and I have a homeschooled friend who used it to help guide her children’s leadership and business skills in high school.

Lessons are taught by famous people in their fields who are well-versed in their topic and passionate about speaking.

The platform is secular, and lessons suit adults as much as high school students. Parents need to be aware of the perspective before using content.

Check them out here.

Schoolhouse Teachers

Schoolhouse offers an affordable life skills homeschool curriculum covering as much as you wish. It’s life skills courses include:

  • Financial Stewardship
  • Career Advice
  • Economics
  • Cooking
  • Heritage Crafts
  • Physical Education

ST teaches from a Christian worldview.

They have open-and-go boxes for the primary curriculum, then a massive array of electives to cover just about any interest your child might have (my son is currently studying their Dinosaurs and the Bible course.)

Check out a review of Schoolhouse here or the curriculum directly here.


Elephango offers a secular online homeschool curriculum that teaches curriculum with a particular focus on life skills.

Children are taught to connect their knowledge with how it will be helpful in life.

Math might be tied to learning to cook, figuring out cup measurements, etc.

The program is affordable and a great supplement to a full curriculum, infusing enjoyment into learning.

See an Elephango review here.

Heart of Dakota

Heart of Dakota stands out as an excellent choice for homeschooling families seeking a curriculum that imparts academic knowledge and instills essential life skills.

Rooted in a Charlotte Mason style and incorporating unit studies with a Christian foundation, Heart of Dakota cultivates skills beyond textbooks.

The curriculum’s open-and-go daily plans, hands-on activities, and living books approach provide:

  • A holistic learning experience.
  • Fostering skills such as time management.
  • Independent study habits.
  • Critical thinking.

Its family-owned ethos adds a personal touch to education, encouraging a love for learning alongside character development.

With a color-coded system for self-directed study, Heart of Dakota equips students with the organizational skills vital for lifelong success.

Whether in preschool or high school, Heart of Dakota seamlessly weaves life skills into education, making it a noteworthy option for those prioritizing a well-rounded homeschool experience.

Check out a review of Heart of Dakota here


MasterBooks stands out as an exemplary choice for families seeking a Christian and Charlotte Mason-inspired approach when selecting the best life skills homeschool curriculum programs.

This curriculum balances academic rigor and an engaging, accessible learning experience.

MasterBooks adopts the Charlotte Mason philosophy by employing narratives and stories to teach various subjects, ensuring that learning remains exciting and enjoyable.

The emphasis on character development through these narratives adds a unique dimension to the curriculum, instilling moral and ethical values in students.

Described as not overly rigorous and on the easier side, MasterBooks accommodates students who thrive in a more relaxed learning environment.

Moreover, its popularity and affordability make it a practical choice for homeschooling families, reflecting its effectiveness in meeting the diverse needs of learners.

For families seeking a comprehensive life skills curriculum that integrates Christian values, storytelling, and accessibility, MasterBooks emerges as a compelling option in homeschool education.

Check out their program here directly or a Masterbooks review here.

Sonlight Life Skills Homeschool Curriculum Courses

Sonlight Christian homeschool curriculum distinguishes itself through its literature-based approach to education.

By incorporating a rich array of living books and an engaging homeschool booklist, Sonlight fosters a love for reading and seamlessly integrates practical life skills into its curriculum.

Notably, Sonlight goes beyond traditional academics by offering comprehensive courses on:

  • housekeeping skills,
  • life skills for kids,
  • cooking, and
  • healthy eating.

This holistic approach extends to critical life skills such as dating and relationship skills, empowering students with valuable insights for navigating social dynamics.

Furthermore, the inclusion of courses on:

  • critical thinking,
  • computer skills, and
  • early life skills.

These equip learners with the tools necessary for success in the 21st century.

As a Christian curriculum, Sonlight infuses its teachings with a foundation of faith, providing a well-rounded education that addresses academic and practical aspects of a student’s development.

Check out a review of Sonlight here or buy it here

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The Bottom Line…

In homeschooling, a curriculum focused on life skills is a wise choice. It goes beyond regular subjects, teaching practical wisdom for real life. This curriculum helps kids learn about family, money, and getting along with others. It’s not just about books; it’s about preparing them for a successful and happy life. So, picking a homeschool curriculum or course based on life skills can be a wise investment in your child’s future.

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