Your Mother is Always With You Poem

Your Mother is Always With You Poem #1

In the light of day or shadows dark,

Your mother’s love leaves an eternal mark.

A guiding force, a constant source of care,

She’s by your side, always present, always there.

In tender moments, she’s there to hold,

A warm embrace, a shelter from the cold.

Her gentle touch, a soothing balm,

In her embrace, you find a calm.

When life’s storms rage and skies turn gray,

She stands beside you, come what may.

Her strength and wisdom, a beacon bright,

Guiding you through the darkest night.

Her laughter rings like a joyful chime,

Her heart’s a melody, sweet and sublime.

With every step, she walks your way,

Her love unwavering, day by day.

In dreams she dances, a timeless art,

Whispering hope within your heart.

She nurtures dreams, helps them grow,

With every high and every low.

Through trials faced and battles fought,

Your mother’s love, an anchor sought.

In victories won and lessons learned,

Her love’s embrace remains unearned.

For no matter where life’s path may lead,

In joy or sorrow, in want or need,

Your mother’s love will never part,

Forever with you, in every heart.

Poem on Your Mother's Always With YouYour Mother is Always With You Poem #2

In every step you take, she walks along,

A guiding light, steadfast and strong.

Through highs and lows, she’ll never part,

Forever present in your heart.


Rebbecca Devitt

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Her love, a river, ceaseless flow,

In joy and sorrow, it’ll always grow.

Through laughter shared and tears she dried,

In every moment, she’s by your side.


When life’s road is rough and steep,

She lends you courage, so you may leap.

Her gentle words, a soothing balm,

In her embrace, you find your calm.


In tender whispers late at night,

She whispers love, and all feels right.

Her presence felt in each embrace,

A sheltering haven, a warm embrace.


Her wisdom, like a beacon’s light,

Guides you through the darkest night.

With every choice, you make, she’s near,

Her spirit in your heart held dear.


And though one day, she may depart,

Her love will stay, a work of art.

For in the memories you’ll find,

A mother’s love, forever enshrined.


So cherish all she gave and shared,

Her love, a gift that’s always there.

Your mother’s bond, an eternal view,

In every breath, she’s there with you.

In the tapestry of life, the love of a mother weaves an unbreakable thread, an ever-present reminder of love that transcends time and space. Although it’s not technically true to say ‘Your Mother is Always With You,’ I love that we can say ‘Your Father is always with you’. A relationship with God is something that is truly eternal. I encourage you to get to know him personally like I have.

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