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Teaching reading to homeschoolers can be a challenging task, especially when faced with the common struggle of keeping it engaging and hands-on. Often, kids find traditional methods involving a book and rote learning less than exciting. Recognizing this challenge, All About Learning Press steps in as a beacon of innovation and effectiveness in homeschooling. This curriculum understands the difficulties families may encounter in making reading enjoyable for their children and strives to transform the learning experience. In this article, we delve into two of their notable programs—All About Reading and All About Spelling.

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Let’s take a look.

This hands-on spelling and reading curriculum uses manipulatives for a multi-sensory way of learning. They have open and go lesson plans and a moneyback promise.

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All About Learning Press (Reading and Writing)

The reading and spelling programs both come under the All About Learning Press banner. 

All About Learning Press demonstrates a commitment to a hands-on and effective learning experience for homeschooling families.

This boxed curriculum is designed to be both enjoyable and efficient, requiring just 20 minutes a day.

This time-conscious approach accommodates the busy schedules of homeschooling families, offering a manageable yet impactful method of learning.

Multisensory Approach to Reading

The curriculum’s foundation lies in the Orton Gillingham method, a well-established and proven teaching approach that centers on:

  1. phonics and
  2. multisensory learning with manipulatives.

This method ensures that every child, irrespective of their learning style, can master essential phonograms.

The incorporation of multisensory elements increases the success of the program AND  adds an enjoyable dimension to the learning experience, engaging various senses for improved understanding.

Reading Curriculum: Four Levels of Holistic Development

The reading curriculum comprises Pre-Reading PLUS four levels, guiding children through the stages of decoding to fluent reading.

Beyond foundational skills in later stages, there is a deliberate emphasis on vocabulary building and comprehension.

The step-by-step progression is tailored to cater to children facing challenges in reading, providing a gradual and confident advancement through the levels.

Spelling Program: Comprehensive Skill Development

Parallel to the reading curriculum, the seven-level spelling program initiates with basic short vowel words and progresses to encompass words from diverse languages.

This comprehensive approach ensures that children not only acquire reading skills but also become proficient spellers.

The structured progression accommodates various learning needs, offering a robust foundation for language skills.

Notable Refund Policy

If you don’t like it, even if you’ve used it, you can return it.

This is a distinctive feature setting All About Learning Press apart is its noteworthy refund policy.

Families are encouraged to consider the program as their own, and if, within a year, it fails to align with their educational goals, they have the option to return it in any condition for a full refund.

This policy underscores the confidence All About Learning Press has in its curriculum, recognizing the unique dynamics within homeschooling families and emphasizing customer satisfaction.

Pros and Cons of All About Reading and All About Spelling

Like any homeschool curriculum, All About Reading and All About Spelling have their pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the pros first.

Pros of All About Learning Press

  1. Easy to Follow: The program is well-organized, making it simple for both teachers and students. The step-by-step lessons make learning straightforward.
  2. Fun Learning with Senses: All About Learning Press uses a cool method called Orton Gillingham and involves activities that use our senses. This makes learning not only easy but also fun.
  3. Covers a Lot: The reading and spelling programs cover a bunch of stuff like reading words, understanding them, and spelling well. It’s like learning everything about words in one place.
  4. Not Too Much Time: You only need about twenty minutes a day. This makes it a good homeschool curriculum for working parents.
  5. Try Risk-Free: They let you try it for a year, and if you don’t like it, you can get your money back. That’s pretty cool because you can see if it works for you.

So, there’s a lot to love about these reading programs.

Cons of All About Learning Press

But, this hands-on homeschool curriculum might not be for everyone.

  1. Extra Costs: Some things you need, like special tiles and boxes, cost more money. So, besides the main program, you might need to spend a bit more. But, manipulatives are a one-time cost and can be used for BOTH programs.
  2. Only Offline: Everything is paper-based. If you like having a more online homeschool curiculum, this might not be great.
  3. Requires Prep: Although this is an easy-to-use program, it does require a small time input.

Now, let’s look at the All About Reading Program specifically.

All About Reading

One of the standout features of the All About Learning Press Homeschool Curriculum is the All About Reading program, a complete literacy solution designed to instill essential reading skills in young learners.

This program offers a holistic approach by covering:

  • phonics,
  • decoding,
  • vocabulary,
  • fluency, and
  • comprehension.

These are all crucial components for building proficient readers.

Levels in All About Reading and Approach

The All About Reading program consists of four levels, with an additional pre-reading program to lay a solid foundation for beginners.

The incorporation of multisensory Orton-Gillingham instruction ensures that children with varying learning styles can grasp the intricacies of language in a way that suits them best.

This approach not only fosters understanding but also makes the learning process enjoyable and engaging.

What sets All About Reading apart is its meticulously crafted, scripted lessons presented in an easy-to-follow format.

This structure ensures that parents or educators never miss a step in guiding their learners through the curriculum.

The scripted nature of the lessons provides a level of reassurance for those who might be new to homeschooling or teaching phonics, making the program accessible and user-friendly.

The All About Reading program is not only effective but also designed to be fun and engaging for young minds.

This homeschool reaidn program includes:

  • games,
  • activities, and
  • interactive elements.

These keep the learning experience dynamic, capturing the interest of children and making each lesson something to look forward to.

Cost and Extra Materials

For those starting at the pre-reading level, the cost of the All About Reading pre-reading course is $120.00.

Additionally, tiles and boxes, sold separately for around $55, can be used across all levels of the reading program.

This cost-effective approach allows families to make a one-time investment in these supplementary materials, providing value throughout the entire journey from pre-reading to level 4.

Now, let’s look at the All About Spelling Program separately.

All About Spelling

Within the All About Learning Press Homeschool Curriculum, the All About Spelling program offers a complete approach to spelling success.

AAS is designed to teach:

  • encoding skills,
  • spelling rules, and
  • multisensory strategies

Again, these are all crucial components for building proficient spellers.

This program has seven levels.

Parents can buy the basic materials; then, the extra manipulative boxes are also needed for the course.

Most of the boxes are re-used in later levels, so your initial outlay is more than your subsequent outlays will be.

Again, this is a scripted open-and-go homeschool reading curriculum.

Easy to Learn and Engaging

One of the key strengths of All About Spelling lies in its easy-to-learn methods.

The program employs a multisensory approach, breaking down words using colored squares to engage multiple senses and learning styles.

This not only facilitates understanding but also makes spelling an enjoyable and motivating experience for students.

The built-in review system further solidifies learning, helping students retain and apply spelling rules effectively.

All About Spelling is a mastery-based, building block program that caters to a diverse range of learners.

Whether a child has learning disabilities or not, the explicit teaching methods employed by the program ensure that all students can succeed in becoming proficient spellers.

Cost of All About Spelling

All About Spelling offers a cost-effective solution with levels ranging from 1 to 7. Level 1 is priced at $55, while Level 7 costs $48.

Letter tiles and boxes are sold separately at an additional cost of about $40-55.

But you can re-use the letter tiles and boxes for subsequent levels.

To provide further assurance, the program comes with a 1-year, 100% money-back guarantee, coupled with lifetime support, emphasizing the commitment to customer satisfaction and spelling success.

Is It Accredited?

No, All About Learning Press isn’t accredited. Only homeschool curricula that are attached to a main school, like BJU Press and Abeka, can be accredited.

If your kids are studying something accredited, they’ll technically be doing online school or distance education.

But see why I don’t think accreditation is that important here.

Which Level Should I Pick?

You can take placement tests before purchasing the course, so you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong level.

This way, you can find the right fit without any stress.

What Is the Cost of All About Reading and Spelling?

In case you missed it, let’s review what these programs cost.

All About Reading Cost

All About Reading offers a five-level reading program, starting from Pre-Reading for $120, Level 1 priced at $160 and culminating in Level 4 priced at $160 also.

You’ll also need their manipulatives which will set you back around $40-55.


Buy this program here.

All About Spelling Cost

For All About Spelling, which spans seven levels from Level 1 to Level 7, Level 1 costs $55, and Level 7 is priced at $48.

Again, it’s important to note that the letter tiles and boxes, sold separately for about $40-55, are a supplementary cost. But if you’ve purchased these for the reading program, they’re the same, you don’t need to buy them again.

Buy this program here.

All About Reading and All About Spelling are hands-on spelling and reading curriculum uses manipulatives for a multi-sensory way of learning. They have open and go lesson plans and a moneyback promise. The Bottom Line on All About Learning Press…

All About Learning Press emerges as an excellent choice for homeschooling families dedicated to fostering strong readers and spellers. With its time-efficient approach, multi-sensory methodology, and comprehensive curriculum, the program caters to the diverse needs of learners. The Orton Gillingham method forms the backbone, ensuring a solid foundation in phonics, while the refund policy underscores the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. In just twenty minutes a day, All About Learning Press provides an engaging and effective solution for families navigating the journey of teaching their children to read and spell proficiently.

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