10 Surprising Reasons Why Homeschoolers Get Better Grades

Despite the colossal budgets allocated to our schools, it’s almost as if our precious children have turned “Academic Results” into a hide-and-seek game – and they’re world champions. It’s like watching a magic show where the trick is making education disappear. Poof! Gone!

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In the realm of homeschooling, however, things are quite different. The academic standards are so high that they’ve set up base camp on Mount Excellence, and there’s a staggering gap between the test scores of homeschoolers and their counterparts in traditional schools.

It’s like comparing a rocket ship to a tricycle – one’s heading to the moon, the other’s just trying not to tip over.

As a devoted homeschool advocate, I’ve gone through more studies than a caffeine-fueled student pulling an all-nighter.

But here’s the kicker – I haven’t found a single study where homeschoolers fall behind their public school peers.

Indeed, in my own experience as a school and then homeschooled student 30 years ago, I went from the bottom 10th percentile in school to being the top 10th percentile at university.

I attribute the difference to my intermediate homeschool years.

So, what’s the secret sauce? We’re about to uncover the surprising reasons in this article. Keep reading – the revelations are as unexpected as a surprise party thrown by invisible leprechauns!

Why do homeschoolers get better grades?

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1. They’re Not Over Socialized

 You might think homeschoolers live in social isolation, but that’s far from the truth. They’re more social than a chatty parrot at times, and they’ve got the social skills to match.

 Dr. Richard Medlin, the homeschool guru, says homeschoolers are social butterflies. Why? Part of the reason is they’re not stuck in a never-ending social marathon like their public school peers.

 Think about it – school kids spend the whole day socializing, making small talk, and dealing with more drama than a soap opera.

 By the time they’re expected to hit the books, they’re as fried as a crispy chicken wing.

 Now, picture the homeschooler’s day.

 They dive into academics in the morning, clear-headed and ready to learn, and save their socializing for later. It’s like having dessert after dinner – a sweet deal!

 Homeschoolers get better grades because they’re not studying on an empty tank. They’re like a race car with a full tank of gas, ready to zoom through their lessons without a hitch.

 So, if you want your kid’s education to run smoothly, homeschooling might just be the pit stop to success!

2. They’ve Got a Passion for Learning

 Why are homeschoolers like a pack of hungry wolves when it comes to studying? Well, there’s a buffet of reasons!

First, they’re on a self-paced learning journey, like a leisurely Sunday stroll, not a mad dash. No need to sprint through the finish line when you set the pace yourself.

Second, they’re not stuck with a one-size-fits-all curriculum. It’s like choosing your favorite ice cream flavor – they get to pick what suits their taste.

Third, their parents and siblings become the ultimate cheerleaders. Picture a family of scholars with pom-poms, and you’ve got the idea. High grades aren’t just expected; they’re celebrated with confetti and fanfare.

Homeschoolers have the luxury of exploring their hobbies and chasing dreams because they have plenty of free time after their brief morning study sessions.

They’re like kids in a candy store, except the candy is knowledge.

And here’s the cherry on top – they avoid the endless hours of mind-numbing busywork that traditional schools serve like a bland cafeteria meal.

Instead, they dive into learning that actually piques their interest. It’s like going to a theme park every day, where the rides are educational and fun!

3. They’ve Got an Army of Encouragers

In the world of homeschooling, encouragement is like oxygen – everywhere! Homeschoolers are like the superheroes of support.

Their parents and siblings become the official fan club, chanting, “You can do it!” and handing out metaphorical gold stars like confetti at a New Year’s Eve party. It’s like having your very own personal cheer squad 24/7.

Now, in some traditional schools, it’s hit or miss. Some are cool with being studious, while others treat it like a fashion faux pas.

Imagine going to a party where half the guests think dancing is uncool – that’s no fun!

But in the land of homeschooling, they’ve got another secret weapon – homeschool groups and co-ops.

These groups are like encouragement parties, where everyone’s on the same page. It’s like a celebration where the theme is “Supporting Each Other,” and everyone’s invited.

So, it’s not just one or two cheerleaders; it’s an entire crowd of them!

4. Student-to-Teacher Ratios Are Better

Let’s talk numbers, shall we? In traditional schools, it’s like squeezing into a packed elevator during rush hour – crowded, uncomfortable, and no personal space.

The student-to-teacher ratio often feels more like 1:30, where teachers need binoculars to spot students at the back of the room.

Now, let’s swing by the homeschooling arena. Here, it’s a whole different ball game. The student-to-teacher ratio is more like 1:1 or, at most, 1:small-group.

It’s as if each student has a personal academic concierge, available at their beck and call. Forget fighting for attention; they practically have a red carpet rolled out for them.

It’s not just a better ratio; it’s like comparing a cozy, intimate dinner party to a massive, impersonal banquet.

So, homeschoolers aren’t just learning; they’re getting the VIP treatment!

5. Homeschoolers Get Multiple Teachers in Their Siblings!

Homeschoolers have a unique advantage you won’t find in traditional schools – they’ve got a team of built-in teachers right at home.

It’s like having your very own family teaching squad!

Older siblings often take on the role of the “homemade educators.” They’ve been there, done that, and now they’re passing on the wisdom like the wise sages of education.

Parents who might have their hands full with younger siblings or other responsibilities can breathe a sigh of relief. The older siblings step up to the plate, saving the day.

But here’s the icing on the academic cake – older siblings have to relearn the material themselves to teach it to their younger counterparts. It’s like hitting the refresh button on their own knowledge.

In my homeschooling days, my brother, who was just a year older, became my math mentor because he was a math enthusiast.

He’d eagerly guide me through math lessons, and I got extra help from my younger brother, who was a math whiz in his own right.

Additionally, my father was a math lover who had not only studied the material in advance but could practically recite it in his sleep.

So I had a plethora of support options. It’s like having your very own private tutoring crew on speed dial!

6. They Don’t Have As Many Distractions

Imagine traditional schools as a never-ending circus of distractions. You’re constantly changing classes, battling peer distractions, and dealing with a whole slew of classroom disturbances.

It’s like trying to have a peaceful picnic in the middle of a bustling amusement park.

Now, picture the homeschooling scenario – it’s like a tranquil library in comparison. Homeschoolers don’t have to hop between classes or dodge spit-balls.

Their study space is an oasis of focus and tranquility. It’s like learning in a cozy, distraction-free bubble.

No bells ringing to herd them from one class to another, no classmates passing notes, and no classroom chaos to contend with.

It’s just them, their books, and a serene atmosphere that’s as conducive to learning as a calm lake on a windless day.

In this peaceful setting, homeschoolers can dive into their studies with laser-like precision, like a ninja slicing through distractions.

With fewer interruptions, it’s no wonder they often come out on top with impressive grades.

7. Homeschoolers Get Adequate Rest

In a groundbreaking study led by sleep expert Lisa Meltzer, researchers unveiled an unexpected hidden advantage of homeschooling for teenagers: it significantly enhances their sleep quality.

Traditional schools often subject teens to early morning wake-up calls, causing chronic sleep deprivation.

Meltzer’s study, involving 407 students, revealed that homeschooled teenagers enjoy an additional 90 minutes of sleep each night compared to their public and private school peers, who often lag behind by nearly ten hours over the week.

Meltzer’s research highlights the detrimental effects of cumulative sleep deprivation on academic performance, mood, and daily activities for school-going teens.

Puberty’s impact on the sleep hormone melatonin disrupts their ability to fall asleep early. Meltzer’s recommended solution is to allow teenagers to sleep later, providing them with a “golden ticket to Dreamland,” where learning and well-being are enhanced.

Statistics from the study show that 55% of homeschoolers achieve the optimal amount of sleep weekly, while only 24.5% of public and private school teenagers manage the same.

Additionally, 44.5% of the latter group experience insufficient sleep during the school week, while just 16.3% of homeschoolers face similar sleep challenges.

This suggests that homeschooling may hold the key to well-rested and high-achieving students.

8. They Can Pick an Interesting Curriculum

In traditional schooling, it’s a bit like trying to fit a giraffe into a Volkswagen Beetle – the curriculum often demands that the child adjust to its rigid structure.

But in the magical land of homeschooling, the curriculum bends and flexes to suit your child’s unique needs.

It’s like choosing your own adventure, and here are the options:

With homeschooling, the world is your oyster, and you can pick the perfect pearl of knowledge for your family.

It’s like a menu with endless options – just don’t forget to tip your homeschooling chef (you)!

9. Self-Paced Learning is Possible

Think of traditional education as a rigid assembly line, where everyone moves along at the same speed, whether they’re ready or not.

But in homeschooling, it’s more like a personalized race with no finish line. Your child gets to control the remote for their education, just like flipping through TV channels.

Homeschooling lets your child learn at their own speed. If they’re super into a topic, they can take their time exploring it.

But if they’d rather zip through something less exciting, they have the freedom to do so.

It’s like being the boss of their own learning journey, and they can set the schedule. No bells, no rushing – just learning in their own sweet time.

10. Children Are Taught to See the Big Picture

In the fascinating world of homeschooling, children often gain a unique perspective.

It’s not merely about learning facts and figures for the sake of it; it’s a journey towards discovering the grand scheme of things.

Homeschoolers tend to view education as a vital stepping stone to a worthwhile destination. It’s like they’re crafting their own educational masterpiece, driven by a clear sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

Homeschooling empowers kids to explore, think critically, and uncover the wonders of the world independently. It’s as though they are entrusted with the key to the treasury of knowledge, allowing them to unlock doors of understanding.

This perspective motivates them in a distinct way compared to their traditional school peers. They’re not simply going through the motions; they are actively shaping their future as well-informed, thoughtful, and engaged citizens.

They are the ones who grasp the importance, embarking on a quest to make every day meaningful. It’s education with a clear objective, illuminating a path to a future they genuinely cherish.

So, joyful homeschooling isn’t just an academic adventure; it’s a treasure trove of benefits waiting to be discovered by your child.

If you’re contemplating the exciting world of home education, why not kickstart your homeschool journey with my Homeschool Course for Parents?

It’s like your trusty map in the uncharted territory of education, helping you set sail with confidence and a sense of humor. Get ready to embark on a learning quest that’s as wild as a rollercoaster ride at a funfair!

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