In Depth Review of Math Mammoth Homeschool Curriculum

Mathematics education has long been a subject of concern, with students often struggling to grasp essential concepts and form a solid foundation. In this review, we turn our attention to Math Mammoth, a curriculum that has garnered attention for its unique approach to teaching math. By dissecting its features and methodologies, we aim to provide an in-depth analysis of how Math Mammoth stands out in math education. Join us as we explore the intricacies of this curriculum and shed light on its potential to reshape the landscape of mathematical understanding.

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Math Mammoth homeschool curriculum review. Learn about this homeschool mathematics curriculum.

What is Math Mammoth?

Math Mammoth homeschool curriculum is a complete math program designed to change the way students learn math.

Created by educator Maria Miller, it focuses on understanding why math works, not just memorizing rules.

It helps students build a strong foundation by teaching concepts well.

Mental math skills are a big part of the curriculum, so students can do math in their heads quickly.

Problem-solving is also emphasized through practical problems in every lesson.

Math Mammoth is flexible, available in digital and print formats, and is easy to use.

It’s affordable, making quality math education accessible to many students.

Pros and Cons of Math Mammoth

As with all programs, Math Mammoth has its upsides and its downsides. Let’s take a look at its advantages.


  1. Conceptual Focus: Math Mammoth prioritizes understanding over memorization, helping students grasp math concepts deeply.
  2. Mental Math Skills: The curriculum explicitly teaches mental math strategies, boosting students’ ability to calculate mentally.
  3. Problem-Solving Practice: Regular exposure to word problems hones students’ problem-solving skills in real-life contexts.
  4. Flexibility: Available in digital and print versions, Math Mammoth suits various learning preferences and environments.
  5. Self-Directed Learning: With clear explanations, many students can use Math Mammoth independently.
  6. Affordability: The curriculum offers exceptional value, making quality math education economical.

But, there are also a few possible disadvantages.


  1. Lack of Advanced Topics: Math Mammoth may not cover advanced topics required for higher-level math courses.
  2. Minimal Teacher Support: While self-directed learning is possible, some students might need more teacher guidance.
  3. Limited Multimedia: While it includes video lessons, Math Mammoth doesn’t provide extensive multimedia resources.

Features of This Curriculum

There are a few things that make this curriculum unique.

  • Conceptual Emphasis: Math Mammoth places a strong focus on understanding the “why” behind mathematical concepts, fostering deep comprehension rather than rote memorization.
  • Mental Math Mastery: The curriculum explicitly teaches and practices mental math strategies, enabling students to perform calculations mentally and efficiently.
  • Problem-Solving Integration: Practical word problems are incorporated into nearly every lesson, nurturing students’ problem-solving skills and confidence.
  • Student-Centric Approach: All instruction is directly addressed to the student, promoting independence and self-directed learning, supported by video lessons by the author.
  • Flexibility in Formats: Math Mammoth is available in both digital and print formats, accommodating various learning preferences and environments.
  • Affordability: With a price point under $50 USD for a year’s curriculum, Math Mammoth offers exceptional value for a comprehensive math education.
  • Mastery-Oriented Curriculum: The curriculum is designed for mastery, allowing students to grasp concepts thoroughly before progressing to the next level.
  • Comprehensive Elementary Coverage: Math Mammoth Light Blue Series spans grades 1-7, providing a complete elementary math curriculum that emphasizes mental math and number sense.
  • Visual and Clear Explanation: The curriculum uses clear explanations and visual aids to enhance understanding and cater to different learning styles.
  • Problem Variation: Math problems vary within lessons, encouraging students to think critically and apply concepts creatively rather than relying on formulaic approaches.

I think my favorite feature is how they want kids to be lightning quick at math. It’s such a practical skill to have.

What Grades is Math Mammoth For?

Math Mammoth is structured to cover grades 1 to 7, making it an encompassing curriculum for the entire elementary school spectrum.

Its systematic progression ensures that students build upon their knowledge from year to year, strengthening their understanding of mathematical principles.

From the foundational concepts taught in early grades to the more advanced topics covered in the upper elementary levels, Math Mammoth offers a seamless transition throughout a student’s elementary education.

Other Math Programs Like Math Mammoth

Here are some math programs that are often compared with MM.

Saxon Math

Saxon Math follows a structured approach that emphasizes incremental practice and review. Each lesson builds on previous concepts, ensuring a solid understanding before moving on. This method aids in reinforcing concepts and building a strong foundation. Saxon Math is known for its thoroughness and consistent practice, helping students gain confidence and mastery in math.

Life of Fred

Life of Fred stands apart as a narrative-based math curriculum that engages students with entertaining stories. The curriculum follows the life of a young character named Fred, weaving math concepts into his adventures. This approach makes math relatable and memorable, fostering a deeper understanding of mathematical principles through real-world scenarios.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a widely used online platform offering a vast array of free math resources. It employs a mastery-based learning approach, where students progress at their own pace, only moving forward when they’ve mastered a concept. The platform provides video lessons, practice exercises, and instant feedback, making it an excellent tool for personalized learning.

BJU Press Math

BJU Press Math offers a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on a balanced approach to math education. It integrates conceptual understanding with skill-building, using real-life applications to reinforce learning. The curriculum aims to equip students with a solid math foundation while promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

RightStart Mathematics

RightStart Mathematics is a hands-on curriculum that utilizes a unique approach to teach math concepts. It emphasizes visualization and conceptual understanding through games, activities, and manipulatives. The curriculum aims to provide a solid foundation in math by engaging students in activities that promote mathematical thinking and understanding.

Teaching Textbooks

Teaching Textbooks is a computer-based curriculum that offers interactive lessons and automated grading. It’s designed to provide a guided learning experience, with step-by-step explanations and immediate feedback. This makes it well-suited for both independent learners and parents seeking support in teaching math.


Math-U-See emphasizes a multisensory approach to learning by incorporating manipulatives into the curriculum. Students work through step-by-step lessons, using physical manipulatives to concretely understand math concepts before progressing to abstract representations. This approach is particularly helpful for visual and kinesthetic learners.

For a full list of math programs, checkout these math homeschool curriculum options.

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The Bottom Line

Our journey through the landscape of this Math Mammoth review has revealed a curriculum with a distinct mission: to bridge the gap between confusion and comprehension in math education. With its emphasis on conceptual understanding, mental math strategies, and problem-solving skills, Math Mammoth presents a fresh perspective on teaching mathematics. By targeting not just rote memorization but the “why” behind mathematical principles, this curriculum paves the way for students to navigate the challenges of higher-level math and real-world applications. As we conclude our examination, Math Mammoth emerges as a notable contender in the effort to transform math education into a realm of genuine understanding and exploration.

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