Homeschooling in Brisbane (& Homeschool Groups in Brisbane)

Homeschooling in Brisbane has been increasing in the last decade. It has also become widespread in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. The COVID crisis has also increased homeschooling registrations as parents realise they can safely educate children themselves. This post will discuss homeschool registration in Brisbane and finding a homeschool group in Brisbane, Ipswitch, and the surrounding suburbs  (with links to groups).

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Looking to homeschool in brisbane? Make sure you join some brisbane homeschool groups. Have a look at these ones!

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What are the Conditions of Registration?

To be registered to homeschool in Brisbane, you need to:

  1. make sure children are getting a high-quality education
  2. provide an annual written report on the child’s educational progress
  3. provide notification of change of address within 28 days if you  move house

How Do I Register to Homeschool in Brisbane?

You can see the registration form for homeschooling here (current as of 2022). Post it to:

Home Education Unit
PO Box 3710
South Brisbane BC QLD 4101 

Homeschool Registration in Brisbane Government website.
Start homeschooling in Brisbane by going to the government website and downloading their registration form.

What Age Do My Children Need to Be to Register?

Homeschool registration in Brisbane is compulsory for homeschool students who are 6 to 16 years. However, you can register as early as five years and six months to 18 years.

Can I Homeschool Part-Time in Brisbane?

Unfortunately, part-time homeschooling isn’t an option. You’re either registered as a homeschool or in a school.

You’ve Got 60 Days Provisional Registration

When you apply for registration in Brisbane, you get a 60-day provisional registration granted. The department reviews your application and approves when satisfied.

Provisional registration gives you some breathing room, so you’re not panicked in the interim period between school and homeschool.

Most homeschool applications will be approved, so don’t panic.

I haven’t heard of many homeschool applications being rejected. I’m sure it happens. But I wanted to assure you it is very uncommon.

How Do I Do the Homeschool Reports?

In the 10th month of your homeschool, you need to write a report outlining:

  • the details of your children’s learning experiences,
  • how goals are being and have been achieved and
  • work samples to assess children’s progress.

You can learn more about reporting in Brisbane here.

In other states, like NSW, home educators have inspectors coming to their houses to assess progress. In Brisbane, reports replace this process.

“I’m Stuck – I Need Help”

If you’re stuck and need help with this application, contact the Queensland homeschool unit here, and they should be able to help.

Are There Unregistered Homeschoolers?

There is quite a number of them. These families fall off the radar or refuse to register their children with the government.

Where Do I Find a Homeschool Parent to Chat To?

The best way to do this is to go through Facebook Groups (see the section on Facebook groups with direct links below). Ask your local church pastors if you don’t have Facebook, as churches often have significant homeschool communities.

When you’ve got into a group around your area, ask your questions on the forums.

Questions about the homeschooling requirements in Brisbane appear constantly, and other homeschool mothers are only too keen to help out.

This is how you find a homeschool group in Brisbane.
This is how you find a homeschool group in Brisbane. If you don’t have Facebook, the best place to inquire about homeschoolers in your area is to go to a church and ask the pastor to connect you with local home educators.

What Can Homeschoolers Do or NOT Do?

THEY CAN’T: Although homeschoolers can’t get an ATAR, they can do other university entrance exams that universities and trade colleges like TAFE accept. So, this isn’t a big deal.

THEY CAN: They can do so many things, including:

  • play sport,
  • sit NAPLAN tests,
  • get access to school dental benefits,
  • get a Textbook and Resource Allowance,
  • receive a Queensland Certificate of Education,
  • complete work experience and do a school apprenticeship.

Homeschoolers in Brisbane can also do many things school students can’t do like:

  • take extended field trips,
  • start their own business at home,
  • compete more efficiently in elite sport,
  • read books whenever they wish
  • and parents can teach children their own [political/religious] ideas instead of someone else’s.

There are many other reasons to homeschool, which you can see here.

Home Education Groups in Brisbane

Check out the page on Queensland Homeschooling (and Homeschool Groups) for even more group listings!

Brisbane Northside home educating families

  • ‘Created for those based on the northside of Brisbane, intending to homeschool/unschool or already doing so, with a focus on children aged up to 8.’

Samford Valley Home Educators

  • ‘Do you live in Samford Valley or nearby and want to connect with other Home Educators in the area? We are a group interested in organising very casual gatherings for any home educating families in the Samford Valley and nearby surrounds to create a bit of a community that is closer to home.’

Brisbane Unschooling and Natural Learning Homeschooling Community BUS BNL

  • ‘A Facebook page to let Brisbane families know about BUSNL (Brisbane Unschoolers & Natural Learners).’

Homeschooling Groups in Brisbane, Australia

Homeschooling Groups in Brisbane

Home Education Qld

  • ‘A group to encourage, support, and guide your home education journey in Queensland. Home education looks different to everyone; empowering families to make that step is part of the group’s purpose, so all are welcome. A place where diversity and intelligent discussion are encouraged and the sharing of knowledge and experiences on home education.​​

North Brisbane Christian Homeschoolers

  • A Christian homeschooling group in the North of Brisbane. A support group.
  • ‘Decided to make a group for Brisbane Southside Homeschool families to share activities, resources, experiences and more! Please share the group & add your homeschooling Brisbane friends! Hopefully, once the group gets bigger, we can create some events for meets & activities!’

Homeschool Curriculum and Resources South West Brisbane

  • ‘This is a buy swap sell group based in southwest Brisbane with only pick-up, no postage.’

Gold Coast Homeschool Friends.

  • ‘The primary focus of this group is to allow us to FIND A LIST of other Gold Coast homeschoolers and friends in our area. If you have an event, class, or similar group gathering you would like to share, could you please post it in another group? This is primarily a list. You can organise group meetings in the comments section on a particular post, so please only share on the wall, detail applicable to this remaining list of homeschoolers on the Gold Coast as intended. Thanks so much.’

Moreton Bay Region Homeschool Classifieds

  • ‘Advertise your homeschool supporting business or your homeschool buy, swap, sell items here.’

Wynnum Homeschool & Unschool Community

  • ‘This is a group for homeschooling and unschooling families in the Wynnum area, with a focus on getting together for unstructured activities and outings.’

​Homeschool Survival Skills and Camping Group

  • No description offered.


  • ‘Sole purpose of this group is for communication for the regular families who attend LOTE, tennis and park play (min 2 per term) on a Tuesday and tennis lessons at Waterford and Ormeau with Jay the Ace Tennis Coaching. All events will still be advertised on Queensland homeschooling events, but this group is for the SHAILER PARK HOMESCHOOL MEET COMMUNITY. This will help ‘create and maintain’ the sense of community between us.’

Christian Brisbane Homeschoolers

  • ‘This [Brisbane homeschool group] is intended for fellowship, encouragement, events and practical advice (particularly in comparing the various Christian homeschooling curricula).’

Moreton Bay Region Homeschooling Connections

  • ‘Moreton Bay Region Homeschooling Connections is a group to connect homeschooling families living in the region to share information regarding regular homeschool classes on offer and make up group numbers for events that enable members to obtain group/school discounts where these become available. Regular park plays are held weekly on Fridays from 10 am at various parks in the Moreton Bay Region and can be found under the events tab. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.’

Redland City Homeschoolers

  • ‘This group is designed to connect homeschoolers within Redland City and close surrounds (in Brisbane, Australia) to discuss ideas issues, organise meetups, and post community events all relevant to our family and homeschooling lives. Please feel free to post events, photos and files, and invite others to the page!’

Homeschooling Queensland EcoEd 

  • ‘This group is for ACTIVE homeschooling families only in the Queensland area…Do you have a NATURE LOVER in your family? This group is for Homeschool families to connect with others who have similar interests in nature play, wildlife, EcoEd education, the environment, bush/survival skills, permaculture, bush foods, aboriginal history/culture, bushwalking, recycling, sustainability, upcycling, waterways, marine studies, tech-free connection …etc. in the Queensland region. This group is for sharing information regarding EdoEd topics and education. This is a co-op style group; members can be active by contributing online due to distance or can attend events and activities, but MUST be participating/contributing in some capacity. There are organised group outings on a Tuesday for 5+ age groups and online and offline activities, all about the natural world. With a co-op style group, parents contribute by assisting in organising these events during the year. There are events sometimes on other days during the term.’ 

Ipswich Homeschoolers & Unschoolers

  • ‘Ipswich (Australia) Homeschoolers & Unschoolers is a group for families that live in (or travel to) Ipswich QLD and home educate. We have a diverse group with many styles of home educators. Most are willing to share advice or offer support, both online or in-person, so feel free to ask anything 🙂 We also have a variety of events available for members to attend: Weekly: Tuesday = Science Club Friday = Free Park Play Community garden (Refer to for day and time) Monthly: Last Monday of the month = Book club Various dates = Parents dinner Annual: Science Fair Project Fair Winter Fair Sideshow alley Many holiday celebrations Members are also welcome and encouraged to create events. Please refer to the events tab to find more information about the above events and when they are on. We are always looking for volunteers to help with online admin or contribute to events. Please send Sarah O’Sullivan a PM if you would like to be involved.

Gold Coast Homeschoolers

  • ‘This group is designed for Gold Coast homeschoolers to create events, provide information and support, request information, ideas, etc. We are not here to judge or criticise others. There are many types of homeschooling styles, and everyone is entitled to their opinions and to offer advice that works for them. Essentially everyone here homeschools to provide their children with the best learning environment possible.’

Teen/Tween Homeschoolers Queensland

  • ‘We are a closed group so that parents who have a homeschooled teen or tween in SE QLD can arrange social activities for their child and have the ability to invite others in this group. This means that members are welcome to arrange an activity for their child and invite others here by posting an event.’

South Brisbane Teens & Tweens Homeschoolers

  • ‘This homeschooling group in the Brisbane includes the surrounding areas of Logan, Ipswich, Redlands & Northern Gold Coast with tweens and teens for support, ideas & events. We all know when our tweens and teens reach double digits, they are at an age where they need friendships with those of matching interests and experiences. We want to have a place to share this and to get our kids out together and to have fun.’

South East Queensland Christian Homeschoolers

  • ‘LOOKING TO MEET LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE IN YOUR AREA? Please consider joining “SEQ Christian Homeschoolers”, where you can look up our locality guide for those closest to you and organise one-on-one play-meets. It’s also a great place to share knowledge of Christian books you may have discovered at your local library, Christian concerts or seminars in South East Queensland, attend/post your own Christian-friendly event, class or carefully selected musical/concert or buy/sell/swap homeschooling resources.’

Homeschooling Ipswich Community Learning Days

  • ‘This group is for families who are part of the Ipswich Homeschoolers Community Learning Days. Our group offers weekly workshops and lessons for homeschooling families in a fun and cooperative environment. We have five age groups ranging from babies up to teens. We don’t accept entry to this page until you are part of the community. If you would like more information or to enquire about a place for your child, please contact Angie Petersen via FB message.’

Homeschooling Ipswich Playgroup

  • ‘A group for young homeschooling family’s with a focus on free play. We meet weekly on a Wednesday from 9:30-11:30 in each others’ homes. Everyone’s welcome, just PM an admin to see where we’re meeting that week 🙂 We would love to meet you and make some new friends!’

Gold Coast Homeschool Unschool Living Tribe

  • Anyone home educating in the Gold Coast or surrounding areas is welcome to join. However, the purpose is to strengthen and support our little tribe, and this group should reflect that. Our Living Tribe group in 2017 aims to be: – inclusive of all people, religious and cultural backgrounds – to work to build relationships within this community – to be positive and inclusive of others – to foster mutual respect for the diversity, inclusivity and need for community capacity building in our small but unique community – to ask for, and receive support in this space, in an open and non-judgmental way – to work towards non-monetary offerings (similar to a co-op) in sharing our skills and therefore providing valuable experiences for our children, and working together towards this shared goal.

Homeschool HAV-A- BOWL League

  • No description offered.

North Brisbane and Moreton Bay Homeschool Family Businesses

  • ‘Homeschooling is difficult financially, with the main homeschooling parent usually having to cease work to be with their child, which can put added pressure on families. Some families rely on income from their own businesses to survive. Therefore, this group has been created as a way to connect homeschooling families who run a business with other homeschoolers who may wish to support them.’

Brisbane Southside Homeschool Group

  • ‘Decided to make a group for Brisbane Southside Homeschool families to share activities, resources, experiences and more! Please share the group & add your homeschooling friends! Hopefully, once the group gets bigger, we can create some events for meets & activities!’

Ipswich Homeschoolers & Unschoolers

  • ‘Ipswich (Australia) Homeschoolers & Unschoolers is a group for families that live in (or travel to) Ipswich QLD and home educate. We have a diverse group with many styles of home educators. Most are willing to share advice or offer support, both online or in-person, so feel free to ask anything 🙂 We also have a variety of events available for members to attend: Weekly: Tuesday = Science Club Friday = Free Park Play Community garden (Refer to for day and time) Monthly: Last Monday of the month = Book club Various dates = Parents dinner Annual: Science Fair Project Fair Winter Fair Sideshow alley Many holiday celebrations Members are also welcome and encouraged to create events. Please refer to the events tab to find more information about the above events and when they are on. We are always looking for volunteers to help with online admin or contribute to events. Please send Sarah O’Sullivan a PM if you would like to be involved.

Bribie Island Homeschoolers

  • ‘This group is a place for homeschoolers on Bribie Island and the surrounding areas to connect, organise events and offer each other support. We encourage others to share ideas and resources in our local area.’

Moreton ACE Homeschoolers Network

  • ‘Are you an ACE home school family living in or around Caboolture? Got a question? Need some help? WANT to help? It’s all here for ACE Homeschoolers at MAHN. SPREAD THE WORD!’

Redlands Homeschooling Community for Tweenies & Teens

  • ‘This group is open to homeschooling families who have tweenies and early teens (10+) and want to connect, share and make friends around Capalaba.’ 

Crunchy Homeschoolers Jimboomba & Surrounds

  • ‘We are a group of crunchy moms who home-school / un-school and believes in all things natural. We eat organic, we believe in outdoor play, we are vaccine sceptics, and we believe you can’t improve on what God made. The goal is to get a group of home-schoolers together from our area that similar share views so we can do excursions together and support one another in this journey. Please feel free to add anyone who might be interested.’

SEQ Homeschool High School Network

  • ‘SEQ Homeschool High School Network is a support group for SE Qld parents that have chosen to educate their teens at home. We are primarily a social meet-up group and offer a place to chat, ask questions, provide support, organise meet-ups, and generally a place to connect. Any group member can arrange and advertise High school suitable events in and around South East Queensland. We’d love to see more happening for our teens! Please ensure that ALL events advertised within this group are Highschool specific and not simply a broad spectrum, general home education event. Parents need to feel confident when attending these events that they know there will be other teens there.’

Christian Homeschool Classes, Outings, Events: Gold Coast, Brisbane, Logan

  • ‘A place for other homeschoolers to come together for social interaction, support & friendships. A place where we can organise special group classes, outings & excursions, as we navigate through our task as our children’s teachers. One of life’s greatest blessings.’

Hillsong Brisbane Sisterhood Homeschoolers

  • ‘Sisterhood Every Thursday 9:30 to 11:30 at 16 Rover St Mt Gravatt. Full kids program and homeschoolers catered for. A place where we can talk about what’s coming up and share ideas, get to know other mums from sisterhood etc. Feel free to invite interested friends along.’

Homeschool in Brisbane Events

  • ‘A group to share homeschooling events in the Brisbane area. You are welcome to create events and invite members or promote your event advertised elsewhere. This group keeps members informed of available options to connect and meet other homeschooling families. This group is intended for those in Brisbane who are currently homeschooling or very close and intend to attend events. Please create events using the tab at the top of the page, or share a link to your event elsewhere. Please note that these events should be in Brisbane, o near Brisbane.’

Brisbane Homeschooling Community for Gifted Children

  • ‘Brisbane Homeschool Community for Gifted Children has been set up as a meeting place and supportive space for parents homeschooling their gifted children in Brisbane and surroundings. As this is a new group, please feel free to share the group link amongst friends who might be interested in joining our community and please introduce yourself once your request to join has been accepted. Please freely share your local activities, meet-ups, knowledge, advice and ups and downs regarding homeschooling your gifted child/children… NB- As we want to keep this group specific to homeschooling families with GIFTED children, if your request to join hasn’t been accepted within 48 hours, please send a message introducing yourself and your gifted children to confirm access to this group.’

Hugo’s Hip Homeschool

  • No description offered…only mystery!

Homeschool Garden Club (Ipswich)

  • ‘The garden is located at 1 Denman St Leichhardt Ipswich (next to the community center). This group is ‘guardian’ to sections 4 & 5, 8 & 9 of the Mandala garden. Please see the map in the photo section. While facilitated by adults, these sections are for the benefit of homeschooled children. Although we guardian these sections, it is to be acknowledged that the garden is for the whole community, and anyone can plant, maintain and pick produce that we may grow and likewise other sections. Community garden meet up time is every Friday 3:30 pm. Liaison officers for the garden are Carolin Petzke and Alana Wahl. Other meet up times are generally posted in the events section or shout outs made. Rebecca Kearney, Melanie Griffiths or Ivy Rayne can be contacted for specific questions about the above guardian sections.’

Homeschooling Moreton Bay RegionCo-ops 

  • ‘A group for homeschoolers in the Moreton Bay region to get together to organise and run small co-op teams for short blocks of time. A homeschool co-op is a small group of homeschool families who get together for a set time each week that suits them, and each parent runs an activity or lesson for the small group of children. Examples might include science experiments, music appreciation, art and craft, hands-on math activities, second language learning, social skills activities, computer coding…… basically whatever skills a parent can offer that appeal to the group. To start with, we will run our teams in four-week blocks and adjust as we go.’

Living Tribe Youth Group – Unschooling & Homeschooling Gold Coast 

  • ‘Welcome to our Gold Coast Living Tribe youth groups! We are a homeschooling family of social workers with the vision of creating a ‘tribe’ (or a village, where we can each enrich our children’s lives) through youth groups, events & camps aimed at empowering and supporting our community. Our youth groups are empowerment-based, so they are aimed at developing friendships and resilience. We have facilitated the children to make their own group rules and vote on them until this term. We have a few other external rules in our move to the PCYC location (i.e., we need hats and enclosed shoes for insurance purposes!). CURRICULUM: We are unique in that Allira (who runs Start Homeschooling Australia) is a university tutor & we are also natural learners! So in our group,s the children and teens would be surprised to know that any of the activities fit into the curriculum (because we are having fun!). However, our teen group play games, do art, debating and different physical activities. These fall into five areas of the Australian curriculum; art, health and physical education, geography, social sciences and civics, and families receive an annual report that can be used in HEU reporting. 12 and under group: This group is run by Miss Maria, a former TAFE teacher and a community worker. Maria teaches Italian through games and art, and the younger group also do basketball, tennis, different crafts and other one-off workshops such as gymnastics etc. We also run annual workshops alongside Braveheart on healthy relationships and sexual assault awareness and are working with different community organisations to offer workshops for our groups throughout the year. More information is at: Mondays Start 18th July Broadbeach PCYC 110 am- 12 pm Fridays Start 15th July Broadbeach PCYC, 11.30 -1.30 pm $15 per session.’

Moreton Bay and Surrounds Homeschooling Teens

  • ‘Moreton Bay and Surrounds Homeschooling Teens was created for the parents of teenagers in the Moreton Bay and Northern Brisbane regions. The group aims to enable teens to connect with others of similar age through events, classes, and activities whilst also providing parents with a place to find the support they need to homeschool their teens. All members are encouraged to post homeschool related activities, events or comments/questions in this group. However, as this is a teen group, we ask you only to post those that are teen (12 years +) related.’

Homeschool Ormeau, Logan, North Gold Coast CO-OP

  • ‘Welcome to our homeschool page for the local region of Ormeau, Logan, South Brisbane and the Goldcoast! Anyone who homeschool did welcome to join! Please feel free to post local meetups events and advertise businesses related to homeschool as well as small home-based classes requiring places to be filled for a more exciting learning and social experience for your children.’

Ipswich Homeschool Directory

  • ‘A place to find information about homeschooling in Ipswich (QLD, Australia). Open for anyone who is homeschooling or considering homeschooling.’

Chelsea’s Homeschool Adventures

  • No description offered.

ACC Homeschool records and Info BROWN

  • No description offered.

Gold Coast Teen & Tween HomeSchoolers

  • ‘Welcome to Teen & Tween Gold Coast Homeschoolers. Here, you will connect with like-minded homeschool families who have children aged 10-teenagers. We believe this is a challenging age, and sadly most homeschoolers end up going back to a school environment due to lack of friendships etc. Let’s change this!!! There are more and more homeschoolers in this area, and we as parents are RESPONSIBLE for organising opportunities for these kiddies to meet and form some amazing and close friendships 🙂 Feel free to recommend events and regular catch-ups around the Gold Coast area if nothing else is booked for that day. This will help build a regular group long term without watering down opportunities to meet. Also feel free to add anyone you know WHO IS HOMESCHOOLING, LOCATED ON THE GC AND FALLS INTO THIS AGE GROUP. I set 3 questions as a filter and will not approve anyone unless they fall into the category above. This is a safe and positive space! Negative comments and not complying with rules etc. will result in instant removal from the group! Thank you for your understanding. Let’s give our young adults the Best start to Life!”

Logan Central Homeschoolers

  • ‘Support and info for HOME EDUCATING FAMILIES in Central parts of Logan. Events, meet ups, mentoring and support. Surrounding areas are welcome, but this group needs to be focused on inside Logan. Many of us are in numerous awesome groups, but there is a need for a closer local group.’

Cara’s Homeschool Art Class Mitchelton

  • No description offered.

Homeschoolers – Share your Creations

  • ‘Share your Creations group is designed, so Homeschoolers have a safe place to share their Creations in whatever form they take. Share your paintings, drawings, crafts, videos, photo’s, your latest Minecraft build, pretty much anything you created !! Hopefully, this page is where kids can receive encouragement to continue creating. Also, a place where they can find inspiration and ideas from others Kids.’

Gold Coast Homeschooling Teens

  • ‘Fun and Friends and Family and Food times for teens, who homeschool here on the beautiful Gold Coast, QLD!!!’

Ipswich Region Homeschoolers

  • ‘Ipswich Region Homeschoolers. A group for Homeschoolers of all ages and all types of homeschooling. We are ALL Inclusive. If you’re a new member, please add yourself and answer the questions when joining.’

Homeschool LOTE students (Languages other than English)

  • For those doing LOTE IN THE PARK (pioneer park at shailer park) to access ‘Audio and printables (still working on this??) and other notices relating to LOTE LESSONS.’

Homeschool Robotics Club – Ipswich

  • ‘A homeschool robotics club taught by Dash X and organised by homeschool mum/ mums/ dads.’

Homeschool in Brisbane (Teens)

  • ‘Homeschool families face new challenges and experiences when their children reach the teen years. How do we move forward and find experiences and activities that still enthuse and enrich them? How do we help them as they take further steps into adult life? This is a group for families homeschooling teens and almost teens in Brisbane. I hope that this group will be a place where we can share ideas, suggestions and resources as well as a little friendship as we travel this journey together.’

Creative Minds Homeschool Meets

  • ‘This group is for Creative Minds homeschool events. If you are a homeschooler and interested in attending the Creative Minds meet, please email [email protected]

Gold and Tweed Coast Homeschoolers

  • ‘A place for local homeschoolers to come together and connect, to organise and share events, and to make friends! I hope for a small group of kindred folk to have regular catch-ups with. To play together. To learn together. To visit local attractions and events together. For our kids to build some friendships with other homeschooled kids to share life and learning experiences with. Please keep all chatter kind and friendly. Any nastiness will be deleted. Please only request to join if you are in the area and want to meet up with others.’

Browns Plains To Jimboomba And Surrounds Homeschoolers

  • ‘A safe place where we can share ideas but even more importantly get our kids together to make friendships and have fun.’

Holland Park and Area Homeschoolers

  • ‘This group is for homeschoolers within a 10 min drive of Holland Park. Getting to know the locals is a great way to cut down on driving!’

Roots Homeschooling Get-Togethers

  • ‘We are Christian homeschooling families getting together to play, learn and encourage each other. Our purpose is to – encourage our kids to grow in their friendships and faith – encourage each other on our faith and homeschooling journeys – play and learn outdoors in the sunshine of Creation – have fun together? We aim to meet up weekly, 9:30-11:30, at a different location each week on Thursday mornings. We will have a couple of activities planned and ask that parents get involved in running these activities occasionally. We’re new to this, and it’s all very casual and flexible for now – keep an eye on this group to keep updated.’

Our Homeschooling/Unschooling Journey

  • No description offered.

Gold Coast Christian Homeschoolers

  • ‘This group is intended for fellowship, encouragement, events and practical advice (particularly in comparing the various Christian homeschooling curricula).’

Inspired Learning Homeschoolers – Gold Coast

  • ‘I hope to show kids that they have everything they need inside of them, how being different is awesome and to help them discover their inspirations.’

Ipswich TEEN/ Tween Homeschoolers

  • ‘This group is for teens & parents of Ipswich teens that are homeschooling. For meetups activities.’

Dragonflies and Pepperberries (Waldorf/Steiner Homeschool and Playgroup)

  • ‘A space for Waldorf / Steiner home school families on the Gold Coast Qld to meet and enjoy age-appropriate group activities. The Dragonflies and Pepperberries goals are to provide a space and activities to nurture appreciation and respect for the natural environment, support the growth of healthy and capable bodies, and kindle the flame of curiosity and understanding in our children. At each stage of development, we look to engage the abilities of the growing child. * Up to 6/7 years of age through guided creative play, * from 7-14 years it is done through the imaginative and artistic presentation of material * 14 – 18-year-olds through challenging the student’s awakening capacity for independent thought. In this way, the Steiner curriculum responds to the developmental needs of the pupils at each level. We strive to grow a community of like-minded families who will work together with a common goal. Non-Waldorf / Steiner families are welcome.’

SMBI Homeschoolers

  • A homeschooling group in Brisbane to discuss play dates, sporting activities and excursions.

A Worldwide Community of Homeschool Moms: M2H

The Made 2 Homeschool (M2H) community is a wonderful resource for homeschool moms seeking a supportive and engaging community.

Joining a community of like-minded individuals can alleviate the loneliness that can sometimes accompany homeschooling, especially when local groups don’t meet one’s needs or preferences.

The M2H community offers various avenues for connection and support.

Chats, LIVE chat events, webinars, and videos provide opportunities for homeschool moms to interact, learn from each other, and share their experiences.

Additionally, contributors provide printables and articles that can assist in homeschooling endeavors, offering valuable resources and ideas.

If you’re looking to join a community of homeschool moms and benefit from the support and resources they offer, I encourage you to check out the Made 2 Homeschool community.

You can explore their website or social media channels to learn more about their offerings and determine if it aligns with your interests and needs.

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Conclusion: Homeschooling in Brisbane

Social groups are a great idea if you’re planning on home educating your children. These Brisbane homeschooling groups will give you a great avenue to have fun socially and make friends easily. If you’d like some more information on how to find a homeschooling group closer to your specific area, check out Homeschooling groups in Australia or watch the video above.
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Rebecca Devitt

Most adults don't particularly want to relive their schooling experience on a daily basis. They would gladly move on to a new life devoid of homework and teachers. Very, very few adults will passionately blog about their schooling some 15 years after graduating. This makes Rebecca Devitt somewhat unique. As it happens, she was homeschooled. And she loved it. Still does. And she wishes every kid could get a taste of homeschooling at its very best. Her website How Do I Homeschool, is a springboard for parents to see what a life of homeschooling could be for both them & their children. When she's not blogging Rebecca is still homeschooling her-adult-self by learning Latin, growing weird vegetables and most importantly looking after her two children Luke & Penny. She has a husband Tristan and is a participant at Wollongong Baptist Church. She's also written a book about why parents should homeschool called 'Why on Earth Homeschool'.

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