BJU Press vs My Father’s World: Comparing Curriculum Programs

Searching for the perfect homeschool curriculum but can’t decide between BJU Press and My Father’s World? Take a deeper dive into the world of Christian-based homeschooling and discover the key differences between these two popular options. Learn which aligns better with your family values and suits your child’s learning style. Make an informed decision and give your child the best chance to succeed academically and spiritually with the right homeschool curriculum. Let’s dive into the comparison between BJU Press vs My Father’s World.

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BJU Press vs my father's world homeschool curriculum. Pros and Cons, costs, accreditation.

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What’s the Difference Between BJU Press vs My Father’s World?

BJU Press and My Father’s World (MFW) are both Christian-based homeschool curriculum providers that offer a wide range of educational materials for all major subjects. Both programs aim to give students a strong foundation in traditional subjects while instilling biblical values and morals.

Traditional Method vs the Eclectic Method

One main difference between the two programs is the approach to teaching. BJU Press is known for its traditional approach that uses textbooks, workbooks, and other educational materials to teach the curriculum. My Father’s World on the other hand, is considered a classical education program that aims to develop students’ minds by providing them with a rich, interactive curriculum of reading and writing, mathematics, science, and history, along with music and art.

Formats and Materials Provided

Another difference is the materials provided. BJU Press offers textbooks and workbooks, while MFW uses a literature-based curriculum, including children’s literature and classic novels. MFW also includes hands-on activities and projects that allow children to apply what they are learning in addition to the traditional worksheets.

In terms of the subjects offered, both BJU Press and MFW cover the major subjects such as math, science, history, language arts, and Bible. However, BJU Press also offers elective courses for high school students, while MFW focuses more on primary and elementary levels.

Cost of BJU Press vs My Father’s World

Comparing the cost of BJU Press and My Father’s World (MFW) can be difficult because the cost can vary depending on the grade level, the specific course or program, and the materials that you choose to purchase. However, in general, both BJU Press and MFW are considered to be on the higher end of the price spectrum for homeschool curriculum providers.

This is largely because the material is delivered as a boxed homeschool curriculum. Mailable programs will always be more expensive due to the cost of postage and printing.

BJU Press offers various educational materials, including textbooks, workbooks, and other resources for all major subjects. The cost for these materials can vary widely depending on the grade level and subject.

For example, a complete grade-level package for a high school student can cost several hundred dollars, while individual courses can cost less. BJU Press also offers a wide range of electives courses for high school students, which can add to the cost.

My Father’s World curriculum is built around a Literature-based curriculum with a classical approach. The cost of the program depends on the package that you choose, and whether you choose to purchase the physical books or just access the online version.

A full package of MFW curriculum can cost several hundred dollars, while individual courses can cost less. MFW also provides a list of supplementary materials that are optional but can be helpful to enhance the learning experience, which will add to the cost.

Grade 1 MFW vs Grade 1 BJU Press

But, let’s say I wanted to just get a Grade 1 subject kit (break it down for me, Bec). What would I be looking at?

  • BJU Press is $870 (check it out here)
  • MFW is $495 (check it out here)

Discover more about BJU Press and My Father’s World

I’ve written detailed curriculum reviews of both BJU Press and My Father’s World, which you can find by clicking on the links.

If you’re also tossing up BJU Press vs Abeka, you can look at an article covering that by clicking on the link too.

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Drawbacks of My Father’s World vs BJU Press

Drawbacks of My Father’s World

One of the main drawbacks of this program is that it is craft heavy, that means it includes a lot of hands-on activities, projects and crafting in the curriculum, which can be time-consuming for parents and students to complete.

This can be especially challenging for families with multiple children, as it can be difficult to manage the time and materials needed for the crafts and projects.

Another drawback is that MFW program may require parents to purchase additional materials and resources to supplement the program. Some parents don’t consider the curriculum itself is comprehensive and may not include all the materials needed for certain subjects, requiring parents to purchase additional resources.

In addition, while the curriculum is tailored to a classical education approach, which can be beneficial for some students, it may not be the right fit for every student. Some students may struggle with the literature-based approach and may find it difficult to engage with the materials.

Drawbacks of BJU Press

One of the main drawbacks of this program is that it can be expensive. BJU Press materials can vary widely depending on the grade level and subject, with some full grade-level packages for high school students costing several hundred dollars. Additionally, some families find that they need to purchase additional materials and resources to supplement the curriculum.

Another drawback of BJU Press is that it follows a spiral traditional approach. This will be an advantage for some people and a disadvantage for others, depending on the family and parent teaching the program.

Can I Look at Other Christian Options Besides BJU Press and My Father’s World?

Discover a world of Christian-based homeschooling options beyond BJU Press and Abeka. Whether you’re looking for online courses, classical education, a literature-based curriculum, or hands-on activities, there’s a program that fits your family’s needs. Take a look at some of the best options on the market:

  • Schoolhouse Teachers: Unlock the door to a world of educational possibilities with this ultimate online homeschool curriculum for students of all ages. With a wide range of subjects, expertly taught by experienced educators, it’s designed to be easy for both you and your child to navigate. Give your child the best chance to excel academically by investing in Schoolhouse Teachers today!
  • Memoria Press: Elevate your child’s education to new heights with this premier provider of classical education curriculum. It emphasizes the study of great books, the teaching of Latin and the principles of mathematics, science and literature, which provides a well-rounded education for your child. Memoria Press offers comprehensive curriculum packages for all grades, as well as individual courses for specific subjects to tailor and cater to your child’s needs. Give your child the gift of a classical education, and invest in Memoria Press today!
  • Compass Classroom: Transform your child’s learning experience with this ultimate homeschool curriculum provider. With full-year curriculums for all ages, this program is designed to make learning more engaging and interactive by using living books, nature study, and hands-on activities. The Charlotte Mason method used in this program is proven to be effective and encourages students to have an active and curious mindset. Invest in Compass Classroom today and give your child the opportunity to thrive academically and personally.
  • Sonlight Curriculum: This program offers literature-based curriculum packages for all ages, as well as individual courses for specific subjects. It emphasizes the use of high-quality literature to provide an engaging and well-rounded education for students.
  • Veritas Press: This provider offers a classical education (the first part of the 7 liberal arts) curriculum with a distinctly Christian perspective. It includes courses in logic, classical languages, as well as Bible and history of Western Civilization. Check out a review of them here.
  • Master Books: A provider that focuses on creationist materials and a biblically-based approach in their curriculum. They offer curriculum for all grade levels and subjects including science, math, history and literature.
  • Tapestry of Grace: This curriculum program uses a four-year cycle that covers world history from ancient times to modern. It’s designed to be used with students of all ages, as well as an array of subjects such as history, literature, and Bible. Check out a review of them here.
  • Easy Peasy All in One: This is probably one of the best free homeschool curriculum programs. It’s a mastery-based course and has online PDFs. Check them out a review of them here.

All these curriculum providers offer a Christian-based approach to homeschooling and designed to align with traditional Christian values. They are a great option for homeschooling families who want to provide a comprehensive education while maintaining a strong focus on faith and moral development. Take your time, explore the options, and choose the one that’s the best fit for your child and family.

BJU Press vs my father's world homeschool curriculum. Pros and Cons, costs, accreditation. (Instagram Post (Square))Conclusion: BJU Press vs My Father’s World

In conclusion, both BJU Press and My Father’s World offer solid curriculums that are well-suited for homeschooling. However, each has its strengths and weaknesses that should be considered before you make a decision. BJU Press offers an academically rigorous curriculum that is Christ-centered, while My Father’s World provides a convenient package of materials ready to use right away. Ultimately it is important to decide which curriculum best meets the needs of your family.

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