BEST Character Building Homeschool Curriculums PICKS for Training

In a world filled with distractions and competing values, parents who seek to instill strong Christian character in their children often turn to homeschooling as a way to nurture their gospel-centered values. Homeschooling provides the unique opportunity to customize education while emphasizing the moral and ethical foundations that align with one’s religious beliefs. To accomplish this noble task, choosing the right curriculum is paramount.

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Today, we embark on a journey to discover the best Christian character-building homeschool curriculums that will help you shape not only your child’s intellect but also their heart and soul.

These carefully selected curricula have earned their place as the cornerstones of faith-based education in homes across the globe.

Let’s explore the top choices that have stood the test of time and garnered the trust of countless Christian families.

Our curriculum picks for building Christian character at home are:

  1. The Bible
  2. Generations
  3. BJU Press
  4. KONOS
  5. Sonlight
  6. Notgrass
  7. Memoria Press
  8. Classical Academic Press
  9. Beautiful Feet Books
  10. My Father’s World
  11. Elephango

As we delve into the specifics of each curriculum, you will discover how they address character development, biblical integration, and academic excellence, making them exceptional choices for parents dedicated to raising children of strong Christian character through homeschooling.

So, let’s begin!

How can you teach your kids to be thankful, patient, kind and to do what they say they will? By using a character-building currriculum. We talk about the best options for that here.

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The Bible

The best character building homeschool curriculum that you can use is the Bible itself. It allows you to give your children the gift of a well-rounded education from a Christian perspective.

Using the Bible as part of your homeschool curriculum makes sure that you are placing Jesus and the Bible at the center of your homeschool.

Kids learn about ethics, morality, and laws. They learn about how people lived a Godly life.

The Bible also teaches children about the importance of having faith and courage to follow God’s will.

Ultimately, children study what is a good person, what’s expected to live a good life, and how to develop a Christian character in themselves as they read the Bible and immerse themselves in God’s Word.


Generations is a Christian curriculum that aims to prepare kids’ intellects, emotions, physical bodies, and spirits for life and eternity.

The character building homeschool curriculum does this by giving children the Biblical worldview that is God’s framework for a good life.

Children develop the character they need by discussing how to interpret the ideas they run across and what’s important for a good life.

The Generations curriculum uses a 4-pillar strategy to teach kids. The pillars are family discipleship, a Biblical Worldview, using the best teachers and books, along with worship and applying the concepts to life.

This curriculum will help you integrate these pillars into your daily life while developing your children’s Christian character and understanding of God’s Word.

In addition, Generations provides homeschool curriculum that directly teaches your children about character.

Learn more about Generations here or checkout a review here.

BJU Press

BJU Press is a Christian homeschool that teaches each course from a Biblical Worldview. The curriculum reinforces Christian morals and values in students.

Kids learn to defend their faith, develop their character and are prepared to bring glory to God.

Creative projects and engaging lessons help kids understand how the Bible is central to every subject.

BJU Press makes it possible to personalize a child’s education while helping them comprehend the world and their place in it. And your children will be equipped to serve God.

Check out BJU Press here or see a review here.


Konos is a hands-on curriculum that focuses on one character trait at a time. Families work through attentiveness, orderliness, honor, trust, wisdom, and more throughout the school year.

At the same time, other subjects like the Bible, science, social studies, art, and music are integrated into a seamless curriculum that will allow you to educate all of your children at the same time.

Each volume of the homeschool curriculum for character building provides the information you need to teach kids between kindergarten and the eighth grade.

Konos also works with children’s wiggles by using hands-on activities that help kids remember the material. At the same time, Konos aims to transform your children’s behavior by teaching them how to have good character and practice Biblical principles.

Children will learn how to integrate these traits into their daily life.

Learn more about Konos here.


Sonlight is a complete literature-based Christian curriculum with the belief that character is caught rather than taught.

Kids learn about events and the people involved. Families discuss real moral questions, talk about people’s behavior, and chat about how to deal with complicated ethical situations.

Children learn the consequences of behavior, both good and bad, and are inspired by examples of courage.

If you’re looking for a homeschool curriculum teaching character building through good stories, deep discussions, and role models worth copying, then you should consider using Sonlight with your children.

Check out Sonlight here or look at a review here.


Notgrass is a history curriculum for all ages that provides a fun and engaging education for your children. It’s designed to teach children to honor God with their hearts, minds, and souls.

The flexible lessons include hands-on material, primary documents, and creative projects. Children learn how to become positive influences for the world around them.

Notgrass curriculum is designed for elementary children, middle school kids, and high school students allowing each age group to use age-appropriate materials.

The materials are centered around God’s Word to help parents train their children.

Check out Notgrass here or look at a review here.

Memoria Press

Memoria Press is a classical education curriculum that helps children develop the wisdom and virtue needed in people of good character.

The character building homeschool curriculum focuses on giving kids a familiarity with the Bible along with a familiarity with great literature and an understanding of the great thinkers of Western Civilization.

Kids develop Biblical literacy and an understanding of the Bible, a knowledge of church history, and a strong faith.

Learn more about Memoria Press here or look at a review here.

Classical Academic Press

Classical Academic Press creates curricula for classical education. The goal is not only to educate children and teach them how to think and problem-solve.

The goal is also to develop children’s character by being exposed to truth, wonder, and beauty. Students ultimately learn how to think and communicate with wisdom and logic.

Through the trivium of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, children develop character, learn how to think, and become excellent communicators.

Kids will learn how to tackle difficult concepts and how to appreciate beauty. Ultimately, the goal is to help children develop the good character and wisdom they need for life well lived.

Check out Classical Academic Press here.

Beautiful Feet Books

Beautiful Feet Books uses quality literature books to teach children about history, science, and geography. The books are designed to help children develop empathy and critical thinking skills.

In addition, Beautiful Feet Books offers homeschool character building curriculum for children between the grades of kindergarten and the sixth grade.

The material is chosen with an eye toward helping kids shape their moral imagination and develop their moral reasoning skills.

Discussion prompts are also included to help children understand the character lessons they are studying.

Learn more about Beautiful Feet Books here.

My Father’s World

My Father’s World is a Christian homeschool curriculum teaching character building through all subjects. It helps family members connect with each other while also drawing closer to the Lord.

Biblical studies are integrated into all subjects. These subjects include math, science, social studies, history, character building, and more.

My Father’s World is designed for families who desire to have a structured morning to enable them to meet their children’s educational needs while enjoying an unstructured afternoon.

This makes it possible for homeschool families to enjoy outside activities or intricate projects while providing children with an excellent character-building education.

Check out My Father’s World here or look at a review here.


Elephango is a secular online program that focuses on character building for the homeschool. The goal is to spark children’s curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world.

Kids improve their character by learning about responsibility and taking charge of their own education. They learn to problem-solve and tackle difficult challenges as they move from skill-building to critical thinking in their education.

Elephango makes it possible for you to meet your children where they are in their education and move forward with lessons that are designed for independent study.

Plus, the lessons are designed to build children’s character and emotional intelligence while being tailored to each child’s personality.

Learn more about Elephango here or checkout a review here.

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BEST Character Building Curriculums PICKS for Training.

The Bottom LINE

In this pursuit of the finest Christian character-building homeschool curriculums, we’ve unearthed a wealth of resources capable of transforming homes into sanctuaries of faith, wisdom, and virtue. These curricula are not mere educational tools but guiding beacons for families seeking to instill values and moral strength in their children. With The Bible as the firm foundation and curricula like Generations, BJU Press, KONOS, Sonlight, and Memoria Press as steadfast companions, the homeschooling journey becomes an odyssey of spiritual growth and academic excellence. As we conclude, let it be a reminder that the path of homeschooling is an adventure into the hearts and minds of our children, where the nurturing of Christian character shines as the ultimate destination, casting a radiant light upon their future endeavors.

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