Winning With Writing Curriculum Review: For Homeschool

In the ever-evolving homeschooling landscape, finding a good and effective writing curriculum is crucial for nurturing young minds to become confident and skilled writers. Among the many options available, “Winning With Writing” is a promising, affordable program designed to equip students from Grade 1 to Grade 8 with the necessary tools for mastering the art of writing. This review article delves into the core aspects of Winning With Writing, providing a detailed examination of its features, advantages, and possible drawbacks.

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Winning with Writing  curriculum overview. Learn the pros and cons, features, in this comprehensive rview.

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At a Glance:

  • Winning With Writing is a comprehensive homeschool writing program designed for grades 1 to 8, corresponding to each grade level.
  • The curriculum is structured based on a 36-week school year, with each week consisting of five separate daily lessons.
  • The program covers various writing aspects, including direct and indirect quotations, dialogue, creative writing, how-to writing, personal narratives, descriptive writing, and persuasive writing.
  • Each level provides ample writing space in workbooks with 36pt. blanks and dotted guidelines.


Some advantages of this writing program are:

  • Well-Structured: The curriculum follows a clear weekly schedule, making it easy for both parents and students to follow along.
  • Engaging Lessons: The exercises are varied and interesting, keeping students motivated and enthusiastic about writing.
  • Suitable for Reluctant Writers: The program has proven to be beneficial for children who previously showed resistance to writing.
  • Thorough Coverage: It covers a wide range of writing skills, preparing students for different types of writing assignments.
  • Cheap: This is about the most inexpensive writing program you can find other than a free curriculum.

But there are some down sides.


Some disadvantages of this curriculum are:

  • Challenging for Younger Students: Some parents find that younger students, who may not be strong readers yet, might find the curriculum a bit overwhelming.
  • Additional Cost for Answer Keys: The answer keys are not included in the main curriculum and need to be purchased separately, adding to the overall cost.
  • Graphics Plain: Because these are low-cost books, the graphics are in black and white. These might not be as engaging as exciting, colorful graphics from other curriculum providers like BJU Press.

Let’s compare WWW with other writing programs below.

Comparisons with 5 Other Writing Homeschool Programs

There are several other programs that compare with WWW. Let’s take a look at them more below.

BJU Press Writing Vs Winning With Writing

Winning With Writing and BJU Press Writing are two distinct homeschool writing programs with the shared objective of enhancing children’s communication skills.

While Winning With Writing offers a comprehensive and structured curriculum for grades 1 to 8, focusing on various writing forms and daily engagement, BJU Press Writing concentrates on language use, grammar, and effective communication, integrating biblical truth with literary analysis.

Winning With Writing’s engaging lessons may appeal to students, but it may prove challenging for younger learners.

In contrast, BJU Press Writing fosters critical thinking through exposure to diverse literary genres and cultures.

The choice between the two depends on preferences and learning styles, with Winning With Writing providing a grade-specific curriculum and BJU Press Writing emphasizing literature, biblical principles, and critical thinking in written expression.

BJU is also significantly more expensive. However, they often have video lessons and bright graphics to make learning more engaging.

IEW Vs Winning With Writing

IEW is widely recognized for its structured and methodical approach, emphasizing specific models and techniques that provide students with a clear framework for the writing process.

This program focuses on developing strong vocabulary usage, sentence variety, and stylistic techniques, allowing students to hone their writing abilities with precision and clarity.

IEW is an excellent choice for students who benefit from systematic instruction and step-by-step guidance.

On the other hand, Winning With Writing provides a comprehensive and engaging curriculum tailored for only grades 1 to 8, with a 36-week school year plan and five daily lessons each week.

It covers many writing skills, from direct and indirect quotations to creative writing and persuasive essays, aiming to motivate students and foster a positive attitude toward writing.

Winning With Writing’s versatility appeals to a broader age group, making it an attractive option for homeschooling families.

IEW offers a more rigorous approach to Writing compared to almost all other writing programs. It is much loved.

IEW is also a lot more expensive than WWW.

Other Similar Programs

Other programs similar to WWW are:

  1. Writing with Ease: While both programs offer comprehensive writing instruction, Winning With Writing provides more detailed coverage of various writing forms.
  2. Time4Writing: Time4Writing is an online program, whereas Winning With Writing offers tangible workbooks, making it a suitable choice for those who prefer physical materials.
  3. Brave Writer: Winning With Writing offers a more structured approach with daily lessons, whereas Brave Writer emphasizes a more flexible, literature-based approach.
  4. Writeshop: Writeshop offers more interactive writing activities, including games and hands-on projects, whereas Winning With Writing has a more traditional workbook-based approach.

These writing curriculum options help parents discover a program and budget price point that will suit their families.

Grades Available

  • Winning With Writing is available for students from Grade 1 to Grade 8, with each level corresponding to the appropriate grade level.


  • The price of the Winning With Writing curriculum books ranges from $17.99 to $18.99 each.
  • Answer keys for each level can be purchased separately at a cost of $3.99.

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So, Winning with Writing…

Winning With Writing is a comprehensive and well-structured homeschool writing program suitable for students from Grade 1 to Grade 8. Its engaging lessons and thorough coverage of various writing skills make it an excellent choice for homeschooling families. However, parents of younger students should be aware that it might be challenging for children who are still developing their reading skills. Despite the additional cost of purchasing answer keys separately, this program offers a valuable resource for honing students’ writing abilities throughout their homeschool journey.

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