Comprendi READING Curriculum for Struggling Readers (REVIEW)

Teaching a struggling reader can be tough; many programs make it even harder. The Comprendi Reading program by Dr. Marion Blank steps in to make things simpler and better, especially for kids in grades 4 and 6 who might find reading a bit tricky. Unlike frustrating programs, Comprendi™ turns learning into a fun adventure that won’t break the bank—it’s low-cost and free until 30 June 2024. Get ready for a reading journey that’s stress-free and joyful!

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Comprendi Reading for 4th Grade, FREE for 2024 then low cost.

What is the Comprendi Reading Program?

Comprendi™ is a specialized online reading program developed by Dr. Marion’s Learning Lab, uniquely designed to assist struggling readers.

Backed by over six decades of research, it focuses on key skills essential for reading comprehension.

What makes Comprendi™ stand out is its use of engaging stories, graphics, and instructional text, enhancing a child’s ability to understand main ideas and make inferences. (See the picture below for a visual on the program.)

The Comprendi Reading program bridges the gap between narrative stories told in early primary years and fact-based information introduced in fourth year. They do this with intriguing true stories that capture students' attention and build thier knowledge base.

The program also addresses:

  • vocabulary expansion,
  • spelling reinforcement, and
  • introduces the innovative NarrEx™ genre, combining narratives with complex informational material.

Comprendi™ caters to various learners, including 4th-6th graders, English language learners, special needs, and autistic students, offering embedded support for independent learning.

Currently aimed at 4-6th graders, the program is free for the 2023-2024 school year, providing an accessible and inclusive tool for diverse learning needs.

Available exclusively online, Comprendi™ offers a focused curriculum on reading comprehension and spelling, making it a valuable resource for struggling readers.

What is Unique About Comprendi?

Comprendi™, the groundbreaking reading program from Dr. Marion’s Learning Lab, uniquely bridges the gap between the fun and interesting narrative ways of reading introduced in second grade and the more challenging fact-based reading in fourth grade.

Designed by Dr. Marion Blank, drawing on over six decades of research, Comprendi™ stands out as the sole program dedicated to developing a comprehensive set of skills essential for mastering reading comprehension.

It addresses the critical transition from engaging narratives to more factual content, ensuring that children navigate this shift seamlessly.

Breifly, it uses four main pillars to help kids learn, making it unique:

  1. Visual Reading Boost: Elevate comprehension with captivating visuals.
  2. Main Idea Mastery: Navigate summarization effortlessly with expert modeling.
  3. Vocabulary Enrichment: Fill tech-driven language gaps with engaging stories.
  4. Spelling Reinforcement: Speedy spelling skills via the Add-In-Method (AIM).

This makes it quite a different approach to other reading programs available today.

How Do Comprendi Lessons Work?

You may be interested in how the lessons work. This is a short summary of what I’ve observed about them:

  1. Children engage with Comprendi lessons by logging onto the online platform.
  2. They listen to a captivating story supported by wonderful illustrations, ensuring a solid understanding of the narrative. (These fact-based stories are presented in a storyline format, adding an element of interest.)
  3. Children progress through the lesson narrated on screen before encountering the corresponding text.
  4. They actively participate by dragging words to confirm comprehension, reinforcing their understanding of the text. The interactive design ensures a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

So it’s a simple but powerful way of learning.

Pros and Cons

When deciding if you’ll use this program, you should weigh up the pros and cons of Comprendi.

Pros: Unlocking Reading Success

  • Engaging narratives, graphics, and instructional design enhance comprehension.
  • Focus on main idea mastery, vocabulary, and spelling for a strong foundation.
  • Innovative NarrEx™ genre blends storytelling with complex material.
  • Free access until [mention specific date] provides affordability.
  • Suitable for gifted learners in second and third grade also.

Cons: Considerations for Improvement

  • Screen-based learning may not suit those seeking a screen-free experience.
  • Targeting 4-6th graders, it may not be optimal for very young or advanced readers.
  • Individual preferences and age considerations should guide decision-making.

Why Choose This Homeschool Reading Curriculum for Struggling Readers?

Comprendi™ introduces NarrEx™ texts, a genre combining narratives and complex informational material, overcoming hurdles to high-level comprehension.

It prioritizes coherence in content presentation and accelerates language mastery through Neuro-Semantic Integration (NSI).

What is NSI?

NSI, or Neuro-Semantic Integration, is a key element in the Comprendi™ reading program from Dr. Marion’s Learning Lab.

It’s like the moment when kids learn to speak, and suddenly everything clicks and expands.

This same idea applies to reading.

NSI highlights the need for kids to master everyday words like “the,” “some,” “is,” “are,” and “this.” Comprendi™ makes this learning process faster and smoother, helping kids become confident readers.

Is the Program Suitable for Special Needs?

Comprendi™ is exceptionally well-suited for a broad spectrum of learners, including:

  • 4th to 6th grade,
  • 2nd-3rd graders who are gifted,
  • English language learners,
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder, and
  • other special needs.

The program’s thoughtful design and inclusion of embedded visual and auditory support ensure accessibility without the need for constant adult assistance.

This accessibility is particularly beneficial for learners with special needs, providing them with an independent and engaging platform to enhance their reading comprehension skills.

Whether a child is navigating language barriers, facing specific learning challenges, or requiring additional support, Comprendi™ is designed to be inclusive and accommodating, contributing to a positive and effective learning experience for all.

Suitable Families for Comprendi™:

Comprendi™ is a versatile program, making it an excellent choice for various families:

  • Homeschooling Families: It’s tailored for homeschooling parents, providing an engaging and comprehensive reading curriculum.
  • Budget-Conscious Families: Families seeking an affordable option will appreciate that Comprendi™ is free until June 30 2024 then low cost.
  • Mastery-Based Learning Families: Well-suited for families focusing on mastery-based learning, particularly for children in grades 4-6.
  • Working Parents: Because children can do this on their own and help is built into the program, this is a good homeschool curriculum for working parents.
  • Tech-Adaptable Families: Families comfortable with screen-based learning can leverage the program’s embedded visual and auditory support.
  • Storytelling Enthusiast Families: Families who appreciate the unique NarrEx™ feature, seamlessly blending storytelling with complex information.

Families for Whom Comprendi™ May NOT Be Ideal:

Comprendi™ might not be the perfect fit for certain families:

  • Screen-Free Learning Families: Families who prefer a screen-free learning environment may find Comprendi™ less suitable.
  • Very Young Readers’ Families: Families with children below 2nd grade, as the program is tailored for 2nd-7th graders.
  • Advanced Readers’ Families: Families with children above 8th grade who are reading significantly above their grade level, as the program is targeted for specific grade ranges.

While Comprendi™ is a versatile and inclusive curriculum, families with preferences outside of these parameters might find alternative options better suited to their specific needs.

What Format is this Homeschool Reading Program

Operating exclusively in a digital format, it provides a convenient and accessible platform for students to engage with the curriculum at their own pace.

This online program eliminates the need for physical materials and textbooks, simplifying the learning experience for both parents and students.

Parents can appreciate the efficiency and flexibility that Comprendi™ brings to homeschooling, making it a practical choice for a comprehensive and consistent reading curriculum.

The visual below shows you the matching exercises children can do. The question mark in the bottom left corner is helpful so students can get help on the platform whenever they need it.

Dr. Marion's reading program for struggling learners heps students with dyslexia, autism or special needs with a video-based online curriculum. It is free and then becomes a low cost program starting 2024.

How Long Are Comprendi Lessons?

With a commitment of just 20 minutes, three times a week, Comprendi™ offers a structured learning approach that spans the full school year.

How Much is Comprendi Reading Program?

For the school year 2023-2024, Comprendi™ is rolling out its special launch edition which is absolutely free because they’re in testing mode—no strings attached, no hidden fees.

Dive into the world of comprehension without worrying about renewals or additional costs. The best part? Everything you need is right there in the launch edition.

It’s a golden opportunity to explore the full scope of Comprendi™, making the learning experience comprehensive and accessible.

So, grab this chance for a cost-free exploration of an enriching reading curriculum that promises engagement and skill development.

Which Homeschool Method(s) Does Comprendi Follow?

Comprendi™ takes a special approach to teaching, thanks to Dr. Marion Blank’s own method developed from six decades of research.

This unique teaching style is carefully designed to cater to struggling readers, incorporating the best strategies identified through Dr. Marion’s extensive research.

Unlike other programs, Comprendi™ doesn’t strictly follow a specific homeschool method.

Does This Homeschool Reading Curriculum Cater to a Specific Learning Style?

Absolutely! Comprendi™ is tailor-made for Visual and Auditory learners, making the learning experience not only effective but enjoyable too.

Engage with specially crafted graphics that bring stories to life visually, allowing concepts to resonate effortlessly.

For those who thrive on auditory learning, Comprendi™ goes the extra mile by providing unlimited auditory support, ensuring that every learner gets the support they need in their preferred style.

Does It Offer All Subjects?

No, Comprendi™ specializes in two key subjects:

  • reading comprehension and
  • spelling.

The program is intentionally designed to provide an in-depth and targeted approach to mastering these foundational skills, ensuring a focused and effective learning experience for students.

Is Dr. Marion’s Lab Specifically Designed for Special Needs?

Comprendi™ caters to a diverse range of learners, making it inclusive for:

  • struggling readers,
  • English language learners (ESL),
  • gifted readers around 2nd-3rd grade, and
  • those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The program’s versatility ensures that it accommodates various learning styles and needs, providing embedded support features to enhance the learning experience for all students.

Is your program accredited?

No. Only curriculum attached to an accredited school can be accredited.

Is This Religiously Affiliated?

No. Comprendi is a secular program.

Getting the Comprendi Reading Program

So, how do you get this free reading curriculum for struggling learners?

Just go to Dr. Marion’s website and check out Comprendi here.

The Bottom Line…

Comprendi™ emerges as a practical solution for addressing the challenges of teaching struggling readers, specifically tailored for grades 4 and 6. Its cost-effectiveness and free availability until June 30, 2024 make it a noteworthy choice. Rooted in six decades of research, Comprendi™ offers a reliable approach to reading instruction. The program’s efficacy, affordability, and research foundation position it as a viable option for parents seeking a structured and effective reading curriculum for their children.

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