The BEST Homeschool Programs for Visual Learners

Struggling to find the best homeschool programs for your visual learner? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with the best resources and tips.

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My first daughter is a lot like me.

She learns really well through textbooks and worksheets. (I know, I know! A homeschool mom’s dream right?!?)

So when it comes to picking out the best homeschool programs for her, it’s pretty easy. She can do well with most of the curriculum options out there.

But my second daughter… she learns differently. She’s my creative, squirmy, visual learner. This means regular curricula that have me sitting there reading aloud or teaching while she’s getting distracted by every.single.thing does not work for us.

I’ve had to hunt around to find curricula that teach in a way that works best for her (and also helps me maintain my sanity! 😉).

With the tons and tons of curricula options, it can be a hassle sometimes to wade through it all trying to find something that will be a good fit. This is why I’ve put together this list of the best curriculum for visual learners.

I hope this list helps you find a curriculum that fits you and your student and helps your homeschool day go more smoothly.

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What is a visual learner?

Before we dive into the best homeschool programs for visual learners, let’s talk about what it means to be a visual learner. According to the Bay Atlantic University:

“Visual learners learn best when interacting with the information presented as visual images such as photos, graphs, diagrams, etc. These learners quickly remember faces and places as they manage to recollect details by picturing them in their minds.”

For your homeschooler, it might look like your child needs to see the pictures in the book to better understand the story. Or they might prefer to draw out the information when asked a question rather than recite it or write it down.

For example, with my daughter, if I were to read to her aloud the different body parts of an insect she would have a hard time retaining the information. Even if she read it herself, she might struggle for a bit.

But if I were to show her a picture labeling the different body parts, she retains the information much better.

It doesn’t just work with learning information but recalling it too.

If I asked her to recite the different insect body parts, she would have a much harder time remembering them all than if I asked her to draw them for me.

How do visual learners learn best?

Understanding how to best teach your visual learner can greatly impact your homeschool day.

It can be very challenging for both you and your child to fight your way through a curriculum that doesn’t teach in a way that works for them.

The best thing you can do is to make sure you pick a homeschool curriculum that takes into account the different needs of visual learners.

They learn best when there is some sort of pictures, diagrams, or visual component to the information being taught.

Here are some things to look for when picking the best homeschool programs for visual learners:


Videos are a popular way to help visual learners understand new concepts. With the rising popularity of online homeschool programs, the options for video-based curricula are rapidly growing.

Below I’ll share the top picks for homeschool programs that feature videos in their teaching methods.


Drawing is a great way to help capture the attention of your visual learner. You can easily incorporate this into your homeschool day.

Here are some quick ideas for how you can use drawing to help your visual learner:

  • Ask them to illustrate key vocabulary words.
  • Let them draw pictures as a way to retell stories or informational texts.
  • Have them draw what they’re learning about.


Diagrams are another excellent way to help your visual learner understand new concepts, especially with older students. They can help sort and organize information visually so that it’s easier to understand and recall later.

Best homeschool programs for visual learners.


Labeling is a great way to help your child focus on the key parts of what they’re learning. You can label pictures, diagrams, and or any other type of visuals. This will help their brain create pictures and mental cues that they can then use to recall the information later.


Flashcards are a great way to visually help your child review information. You can make them yourself or purchase them online or at a store.

Simply find images that represent what you’re currently studying and print them out. Then, on the back of each image, write a few key points about that topic. (I love these flashcards here.)


A good way to help older visual learners grasp new concepts is to have them create mindmaps. A mindmap is basically a diagram that shows the different concepts in a particular subject and how they relate to each other.

Creating a mindmap can help your child see the big picture and make connections between different ideas. This is especially helpful when studying complicated subjects such as history or science.

Tired of hunting through curriculum options?

If finding a curriculum that fits your values, homeschool method, and your child’s learning style feels overwhelming, I can help!

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Flow charts

Another good method for organizing information or helping your child understand a complex process is to create a flow chart. This can be helpful for subjects like math or science.

A flow chart will show the different steps in a process and how they relate to each other. This can be a great way to visually help your child understand how to solve a problem or complete a project.

How do visual learners learn best & Best homeschool programs for them.

Picture books

For younger children, picture books are a great resource for visual learners. Pictures often help bring the story to life in a way that reading aloud doesn’t.

I have found with my daughter that I can keep her interest for far longer when learning subjects like history or science if I take the time to stop and show her pictures along the way.

You can also find books with accompanying videos or DVDs that really appeal to visual learners.


Projects are another excellent way to help your visual learner understand new concepts. With projects, they can create a visual representation of what they’re learning.

This can be anything from building a model of the solar system to creating a diorama of an ancient civilization. We’ve even had projects as simple as creating figures out of playdough that represents the people we were studying.

The sky is the limit when it comes to incorporating projects into your homeschool day. I’ve found maintaining a good balance of parental expectations and artistic license has produced the best results for us.

I let my daughter know the information that needs to be included in her project, but let her decide how she wants to create or present it. I know she’s focusing on what’s important, but she is much more excited and eager to do her schoolwork.


A good alternative to doing projects is to incorporate crafts into your homeschool day. Crafts are a great way to let your child visually express what they’re learning without all the work and hassle of a full project.

This is especially helpful if you’re homeschooling multiple children or just don’t have the time or energy to get into a more involved project.


Another great way to teach visual learners is to use games. My daughter’s reading skills exploded in leaps and bounds when she started playing Roblox with her sister.

Not only was she having lots of fun and therefore very motivated to read within the game, but the visual aspect helped her to decode the words much faster than she could with just reading alone.

There are tons of games out there that can help with all sorts of subjects, from math to science. And the best part is, they’re usually so much fun your child won’t even realize they’re learning!


My last suggestion for teaching visual learners is to use lapbooks. Lapbooks are basically a hands-on, interactive way of learning that uses file folders to create mini-booklets on various topics.

Each booklet covers a different aspect of the overall topic you’re studying. For example, if you’re doing a unit study on animals, you might have a lapbook with a booklet on each different animal group.

Lapbooks are another way to help your child visually incorporate the information they’re learning so they can better understand and retain it.

(You can find lapbooking resources here.)

Top Picks for the Best Homeschool Programs for Visual Learners

Now that we’ve covered the best way to teach visual learners, let’s talk about the top picks for the best homeschool programs for visual learners.

Best for Your Budget: Compass Classroom
Best for Younger Students: Kirkwood Education Online
Best for Older Students: Compass Classroom
Best for Community:

The Best Homeschool Programs With Videos


BJU Press webpage for their online homeschool video curriculum. One of the best homeschool programs for visual learners.

BJU Press Homeschool Video Curriculum

My first recommendation for the best homeschool program with videos is BJU Press. They offer an online homeschool curriculum for grades K-12 that is great for visual learners.

BJU Press offers grade kits that have everything you need for the whole year or the option to purchase courses individually.

The videos are high quality and really help to engage your child in the material. You also have the option of using the accompanying print materials or using just the online version of the curriculum.

Read some reviews of BJU press here!

Highlights of BJU Press:

  • Qualified teachers for each lesson.
  • Hands-on activities and optional textbooks accompany the videos.
  • Automatic grading for tests and quizzes.
  • Customize which grade for each course.

BJU Press is a great option for families who want a complete homeschool curriculum that is Christ-centered and easy to follow. The videos are top-notch and provide a great visual learning experience for students.

Get more details about the Homeschool Video Curriculum from BJU Press. webpage. One of the best homeschool programs for visual learners. is a one-stop-shop for homeschool families. They offer over 500 courses(!) for all grade levels, as well as resources for families. is a great option for families who want a homeschool solution that includes video lessons. The courses are well-made and are great for visual learners.

Read my review of here!

Highlights of

  • Community forums and support.
  • High School credit and transcript support.
  • College and career planning.

If you’re looking for not just a good curriculum but a community and other great resources to help you in your homeschool journey, definitely check out

Get more details about here!

Abeka Academy webpage. One of the best homeschool programs for visual learners.

Abeka Academy

Abeka Academy is a homeschool program for grades K4-12. They offer streaming video courses that are easy to follow and great for visual learners.

This program offers full-grade options on the core subjects of Language Arts, Math, History & Geography, Science & Health, and the Bible. They also offer single-subject videos and electives for certain grades.

Read some Abeka Academy reviews here!

Highlights of Abeka:

  • 10-month payment plan option.
  • Accredited course options for higher grades.
  • Dual enrollment for college credit.
  • Spiral learning approach.

Another nice bonus with Abeka is they offer a free week for you to try out their video lessons. This is a nice way to try before you buy and make sure the curriculum is a good fit.

Get more details about Abeka Academy and take advantage of their free trial here!

Courses offered from Compass Classroom. One of the best homeschool programs for visual learners.

Compass Classroom

Compass Classroom is a company that offers Christian worldview homeschool videos that are great for visual learners. Instead of offering a full program for each grade, they have a vast video library available.

They offer courses for upper elementary (4th/5th grade) to high school and beyond. Courses cover topics like Art & Music, Bible, Creation Science, Creative Writing, Economics, History, Logic, and more.

Although they don’t offer a full-grade program, they do have planning guides to help recommend which courses would be best completed at which grade.

Highlights of Compass Classroom:

  • Free app for your phone to learn on the go.
  • Engaging video lessons.
  • Affordable monthly price.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Up to 5 family members can have access.

Compass Classroom offers a free 2-week trial of their premium membership. You can get access to their entire video library and really browse around before you commit to a full membership.

Get more details about Compass Classroom and take advantage of the free 2-week trial here!

Webpage for Kirkwood Education Online. One of the best homeschool programs for visual learners.

Kirkwood Education Online

Kirkwood Education Online is another homeschool program that I highly recommend for visual learners. They offer a Christian-based program for preschool through grade 5.

Their program consists of a mix of video lessons, workbooks, and practice exercises. The fact that they use multiple types of learning methods can really help visual learners stay more engaged and focused.

They cover all the core subjects including Math, Language Arts, Bible lessons, American History, Science, Phonics, and Reading.

Highlights of Kirkwood Education Online:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Mastery-based learning.
  • Focus on character development.
  • Lots of flexibility in determining class assignments and schedules.
  • The affordable monthly price includes access to all courses across all grades.
  • Works on any device including tablet and phone.

Get more details about Kirkwood Education Online here!


Monarch online homeschool program. One of the best homeschool programs for visual learners.


Monarch is an online Christian homeschool program from Alpha Omega Publishing that would be highly suited for visual learners. They offer courses for grades 3-12.

Monarch offers courses in Bible, History & Geography, Language Arts, Math, Science, and more. As well as video lessons, they also offer challenging games and interactive lessons to help keep your visual learner engaged.

Learn more about Alpha Omega Publishing here!

Highlights of Monarch:

  • Includes access for up to 3 students.
  • Automatic grading.
  • Free 30-day trial.
  • Affordable monthly plan.

Get more details about Monarch here!

Best Homeschool Programs for Visual Learners By Subject

If you aren’t interested in an all-in-one curriculum, here are some suggestions for the best homeschool programs for visual learners by subject.


If you’re looking for a homeschool science curriculum that teaches a Christian worldview while also keeping your visual learner engaged, here are our top recommendations.

Apologia online homeschool science courses.


Apologia offers Science courses for grades 7-12 in a few different formats that work well for visual learners. They offer a self-paced digital homeschool curriculum, live online classes, and video-on-demand classes.

The self-paced digital homeschool curriculum consists of their traditional Apologia science courses, but in a digital format. It includes an online version of the textbook, audio narration, video instruction, and at-home experiments.

The live classes allow your student to sit in with a qualified teacher and get the help and support that they need. They will also get access to the recorded version of the class in case they miss class or need to review what was taught.

If live classes won’t work with your student’s schedule but you feel they might need a little more instruction than the self-paced courses provide, Apologia also offers video-on-demand classes.

You can access the recordings of the live classes, either by the full course or just the session, to help your student really grasp tougher concepts.

Learn more about Apologia here!

Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis is also very similar to Apologia. So if you like the sound of Apologia, also check out Answers in Genesis!

Journey homeschool academy webpage.

Journey Homeschool Academy

Journey Homeschool Academy offers Science courses for elementary through high school students. They have courses on Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Bible.

With video courses and hands-on learning activities, this curriculum is a good fit for more visual learners. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can make sure it’s a good fit for your family.

Learn more about Journey Homeschool Academy here!

History/Social Studies

Looking for a history, geography, or social studies curriculum that doesn’t bore your kids to tears? Try one of these programs.

Beautiful Feet Books webpage.

Beautiful Feet Books

Beautiful Feet Books offers History and Geography courses for kindergarten through 12th grade. Although this is a literature-based curriculum that is heavily inspired by the Charlotte Mason method, I’ve personally used this curriculum and feel it works well for visual learners too.

The books included, especially for the younger grades have lots of pictures to help bring the story to life. There are lots of hands-on activities included throughout the curriculum like cooking, journaling, and drawing.

Beautiful Feet Books does a good job of taking subjects that might typically be a little dry or boring and bringing them to life in a way that can help your student really grasp the knowledge.

Learn more about Beautiful Feet Books here!

Homeschool in the Woods webpage.

Homeschool in the Woods

Another good history program for visual learners is Homeschool in the Woods. This program offers resources to help your students really dive into the lessons.

They offer maps, timelines, lap books, games, and activities all designed to really let your child explore history in a new way. With topics and units for all different ages, you’re sure to find a good fit for your visual learner.

Learn more about Homeschool in the Woods here!


Math can be a particularly difficult subject for visual learners. Here are the top picks for helping your student grasp this tricky topic.

Math With Confidence webpage showing the curriculum they offer.

Math With Confidence

Math With Confidence is a great math program for visual learners. They offer homeschool math curricula for grades K-6.

This is another program I have personally used with my daughter and it was a much better choice for her than traditional workbooks or worksheets.

Math With Confidence includes lots of hands-on activities and games that really help visually explain and reinforce learning concepts. It also uses simple or easy-to-make resources around the house.

This makes it a lot more affordable than other math programs that cater to visual learners with lots of manipulatives.

Learn more about Math With Confidence here!

Webpage from Math-U-See website.


Another very popular math program for visual learners is Math-U-See. This program has a heavy focus on using manipulatives to really help your student visually grasp the concept.

They also have videos to help your student see each concept in action.

Math-U-See offers math curricula for grades K-12 so you can continue using this program even as your student grows.

Learn more about Math-U-See here!

Language Arts

When it comes to language arts, this is another subject that can sometimes be tough for visual learners. They often struggle to focus on reading and writing because it’s not very visually stimulating.

Here are some good homeschool programs that can help.

BJU Press homeschool portal for the online curriculum.

BJU Press

I mentioned BJU Press with the best homeschool programs for video lessons, but they also make the list for best Language Arts programs. They offer online courses for grades 2-12 with short, engaging video lessons.

BJU Press offers English courses that are specifically designed to help visual learners. The courses include lots of engaging images throughout the video and a student workbook to practice writing exercises.

Learn more about BJU Press here!

Boy looking at a computer doing schoolwork on the Monarh online homeschool platform.


Monarch offers engaging and interactive language arts lessons for grades 3-12. They include grammar, composition, speaking, and listening.

They offer an affordable monthly membership where you can access all of their courses for the core subjects, but you also have the option to purchase individual courses on each subject.

Although a great resource, they only offer online video classes for 3rd grade and up. For younger children try Kirkwood Education Online.

Learn more about Monarch here!

Unit Studies/ Curriculum Kits

If you love the hands-on and integrative approach of unit studies, here are some good ones that work well for visual learners.

Timberdoodle webpage of curriculum kits.


Timberdoodle offers curriculum kits that are designed for grades K-12. The kits are packaged by grade and cover Language Arts, Math, Thinking Skills, History, Science, Art, and more.

The kits have everything you need to get started including books, manipulatives, games, etc.

Learn more about Timberdoodle here!

Knowledge Box Central

Knowledge Box Central creates fun and engaging lapbooks to help cement learning concepts. They offer a wide range of topics for grades PreK-12.

Lapbooks are great for visual learners because they are very colorful, hands-on, and interactive. They also make great keepsakes that you can look back on to see all the progress your student has made.

Knowledge Box Central probably wouldn’t replace a full curriculum for each subject, but they offer a great supplement to really help your visual learner grasp new information.

Learn more about Knowledge Box Central here!

Final Thoughts on the Best Homeschool Programs for Visual Learners

I hope this list of the best homeschool programs for visual learners has helped you in your search for the perfect curriculum. I know it can sometimes be challenging to find a good curriculum for your kids who don’t fit in the “traditional” learning model.

But being able to teach our kids in a way that works for them is one of the great benefits of homeschooling.

If you’re new to homeschooling and want a little bit more help finding a curriculum that will work best for your family, check out the How to Homeschool Course!

It has short engaging videos to help you pick the right curriculum that matches your child’s learning style. It also has tons of advice and resources from a veteran homeschool mom.

Get more details about the How to Homeschool Course here!

What’s on your list of the best homeschool programs for visual learners? Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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