Schoolhouse Teachers Curriculum Review

Schoolhouse Teachers is a popular Christian curriculum used by homeschooling families worldwide. This is because it offers a high-quality program with a vast array of subjects covering almost everything. The curriculum caters to several learning styles and even has courses that follow specific homeschooling methods, depending on your preference. Finally, it is one of the best low-cost curricula on the market today.

Because of its affordable price tag, Schoolhouse Teachers is one of the best family-style homeschool curriculum options available today. It means you can school all your children simultaneously, on the same subscription.

If you were to buy a hard-copy curriculum for all children, it would likely cost more for each curriculum, and you would have to pay that price multiple times for each child.

To get accurate answers to questions in this Schoolhouse Teachers review, I have constructed this article with the company’s help. Hopefully, it will help you decide whether this program is for you.

Features of the Schoolhouse Teachers curriculum.This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links are a way I earn income to homeschool my own family!

What is unique about the Schoolhouse Teachers program? is the perfect homeschooling solution that offers a high-quality Christian education for the whole family. The program is delivered through an online medium. It presents a self-paced course, so children can take their time if needed or forge ahead with leaps and bounds.

A single membership grants access to the entire family, making it one complete source for every grade, subject, and student.

Why did Schoolhouse Teachers begin?

In addition to their famous print magazineThe Old Schoolhouse® Company determined there was a secondary way to reach homeschoolers; that is, through an online medium.

This idea turned into reality when started. It is currently a collaborative effort among the magazine company’s producers and designers.

The membership curriculum platform, which began in 2012, has grown over the past decade into a fully-fledged PreK-12 curriculum. It now supports thousands of families worldwide who are a part of the membership community.

How many years has the program been running?

Schoolhouse Teachers has been around for a long time. Specifically, the company has served homeschoolers for 20 years (since 2001).

The curriculum side of the company has been around for nine years.

Does the Schoolhouse Teachers curriculum cater for any special needs?

Yes! They cater to special developmental needs such as Down Syndrome, Autism, Dyslexia, and Processing Disorders.

They have an entire Help with Special Needs section with resources available for parents.

Is the Schoolhouse Teachers curriculum aimed more towards any particular learning style?

Yes. They target quite a few learning styles. In particular:

  • Visual: They offer a video library and several video-based courses.
  • Kinesthetic: They offer a Hands-On Learning Center and Kinetic Connections to help parents incorporate hands-on learning with various subjects.
  • Aural: They provide a booklist for all ages, including quality read-alouds for parents to read to their auditory learners.
  • Social: Many classes can be used across various grade levels so siblings can take courses together.
  • Solitary: Lesson plans include checklists, perfect for the goal-oriented student working through the lessons independently.
  • Verbal: Podcasting, homeschool drama, mock trials, and public speaking courses are available.
  • Logical: Many math courses and a logic course are available.


Do they offer hard or online copies of the curriculum?

Everything is online BUT, they offer printable PDFs.

Parents concerned about their children spending too much time in face-to-face combat with a computer screen can easily print lessons for offline use.

What homeschool methods do Schoolhouse Teachers most closely follow?

Because there is such a massive array of courses on offer (written by hundreds of different curriculum designers), many of the courses follow specific homeschool curriculum methods.

Schoolhouse Teachers have special sections for Courses that fall under different homeschool methods.  They have a Charlotte Mason section, lapbooks, unschooling options, unit studies, and so much more!

But, if you’re after something traditional, the virtual School Boxes fall under this category.

How much time does a parent have to spend in hands-on teaching (or supervised teaching) with children?

The amount of time a parent spends in hands-on teaching is entirely up to the parent.

Some Schoolhouse Teachers courses are video-based, and others have self-grading options for quizzes and tests. Some require parental involvement, and others can be completed independently.

Do parents need to purchase any extras?

No textbooks need to be purchased.

If you want to do the course offline, you’ll need to print the material, which might require a good printer. And then you’ll need to get your basic homeschooling supplies like blank textbooks and so on!

Is the curriculum flexible?

One price includes all available materials such as the open-and-go School Boxes with each grade level laid out for you and access to all 400+ courses that parents can piece together if they want to create their own curriculum using the resources available.

Does the Schoolhouse Teachers curriculum come with multiple schedules?

The schedule is flexible and adjustable. Schoolhouse Teachers offer optional lesson plans which can be used as a five-day schedule, adjusted by the parent, or used simply as a guide.

In this Schoolhouse Teachers curriculum review, you'll learn what homeschool methods they use, learning styles they target, if it's self-paced, how much it costs and what you get for your money!. #schoolhouseteachers #curriculumreview

Is it hard to catch up if you miss a day?

No. The self-paced courses are flexible, allowing parents to plan according to their family’s needs.

How much planning (prep work like cutting, preparing, or copying) is required before parents begin?

Most courses are open and go if you use a device, such as an iPad or laptop.

Of course, if you choose to print the material, it will require the extra step of printing.

Is any part of the product reusable?

Once you download the materials, you can legally use them for each member of your family as many times as needed.

What support do they offer?

They have a live chat feature available on the website for instant support. You can also call 1-888-718-4663 and ask to speak to one of the Mentor Moms for additional support.

A member’s lounge (presented in a webinar format) is offered several times a year, and many parents find support in the Facebook group.

Where does the company ship to?:

Everything is online, so shipping isn’t applicable.

Is the Schoolhouse Teachers curriculum self-paced?

All courses are self-paced and can be completed either on a device of your choice or in printed format if you choose to download course material in PDF form.

Do they offer all general subjects?

All core classes are offered as well as electives, unit studies, access to a video library, and World Book access.

Do they offer all grades?

Yes, they offer PreK–12 courses.

Do Schoolhouse Teachers have tutors students can access? If so, what are the details?

No. However, there are mentoring moms to help parents in a fix. There’s also the Facebook group which will help you out with questions.

How long would it take the average student to complete their work in one day?

Because the courses are varied, this isn’t easy to answer.

Usually, it takes a kinder-aged child around an hour to do their formal work in the morning and around 5+ hours for high school-aged children.

The parent chooses the courses and can customize them to meet the family’s needs. As they do so, the time it takes to complete the work will change.

Is the program accredited?

No. Only a school (such as an online school) can be accredited. This means that when you use a ‘homeschool curriculum’ that is accredited, your children are studying at an online school.

But, if you want accreditation so your children will get into college, there are many pathways to make this easy, and it doesn’t matter if your course isn’t accredited.

But, if you’d like an accredited homeschool curriculum, BJU Press has an excellent program.

Does the curriculum work well for teaching multiple ages?

Absolutely! Because you can get access to all grades, you can teach ALL your children with one membership!

This means your high schooler can study his course while your third-grader does hers.

What is the website URL?

You can find them at

Use the code HOWDOIHOMESCHOOL with this link to get 50% off!

How much does the Schoolhouse Teachers curriculum cost?

They charge one fee for the entire family. They have monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription options. Visit the site to find out about our latest deal.

Do Schoolhouse Teachers have any Christian affiliation?

Yes. Feel free to view their statement of faith at

Extra points in this Schoolhouse Teachers Review

Membership includes a subscription to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, delivered quarterly! This magazine is a fat publication filled with homeschool encouragement and tips for a better homeschool.

You also get access to a free annual digital planner to make homeschooling a little more orderly as you use this program.

If you get a subscription, you’ll also get access to members-only webinars and more!

Schoolhouse Teachers curriculum review. #schoolhouseteachers #curriculumreview


If you want an affordable Christian homeschooling curriculum that’s online (with the option to print lessons for offline use), consider using the Schoolhouse Teachers curriculum. The program offers parents all the basics as well as a huge array of electives, so children don’t get bored with too few choices. You can check out the program further here.

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