Night Zookeeper Homeschool Review for Online Creative Writing

Glad you’re here for my Night Zookeeper review. I’ll give you my honest opinion of this online creative writing program which I’ve used myself. In a nutshell, this program helps kids compose stories and creatively write before they can even read. There are many fun animals, and many people use this instead of screen time for children. That way, they can learn to write and have fun simultaneously. But is it worth investing in for your homeschool?

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But let’s dive in and take a closer look.

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Night Zookeeper Homeschool Review Exciting online language arts, pros and cons and more.

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What is Night Zookeeper?

Night Zookeeper is a cool website where kids can have fun while learning to write.

It gets mostly 5-star reviews from online review websites (take a look on Google).

Night Zookeeper Reviews are mostly 5 stars jpgeg

Additionally, Trust Pilot gives it a solid 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Trustpilot review of Night Zookeeper homeschool language arts is 4.7 out of 5 starsNight Zookeeper uses fun games and cool animations to keep kids engaged.

Night Zookeeper helps with writing, reading, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary—all you need for language arts.

When you sign up, you get your own account where you can make a cool animal avatar (see below)

Children can make thier own avatar for use in Night Zookeeper.
Children can make their own avatars for use in Night Zookeeper.

Then, you can explore different areas where children can do:

  • writing lessons,
  • play word games, and
  • take literacy challenges.

Night Zookeeper wants to help kids enjoy writing and storytelling while getting better at it.

Night zookeeper harnesses children's love of animals to excite them to learn words and compose.

If they can’t read, they can always press the sound icon and it will read for them.

My Night Zookeeper Review

I wanted to see what this program was like and if I would use it with my son. So, I got an account and took a look.

I noticed this program is very cheeky in how it gets your child to read.

For example, it gets them to create an animal by flipping through various bodies and faces.

As it does this, the words flick up on the screen to go with the picture.

Then, it gets them to type in a name.

If they’re not up to this, children can press the sound icon to hear suggested names (so it’s good for prereaders, too!)

Cheeky ways they get children to WANT to write.
This pic shows the cheeky ways they get children to WANT to write.

Then, it asks simple questions. If children can’t read, they can again press the ‘read sound’ icon.

In this Night Zookeeper review I show you how it promotes creative language arts skills.
Children can then answer questions.

Everything is bright and visually (as well as audibly) engaging.

Games Played in Night Zookeeper

We played a few Night Zookeeper Games.

Vincent’s Gallery

The first one was called Vincents’s Gallery. With this one, you had to pick the right word to match the picture. It was lots of fun! See pic below.Vincent's Gallery Night Zookeeper.

You have to select CAT or SAT. (At least I think you do…kidding :))

All along, there’s lots of feedback that you’re doing great!

After you complete the activity successfully, you open up a new part of the map where you can collect another egg. (The map is never-ending, I have heard!)

Unjumbling Game

Then I had to ‘power up my flashlight to see through the fog and find more animals by…you guessed it, playing more games!

Your child feels like a hero for saving all these poor animals…while they’re getting a sneaky Language Arts lesson along the way.

Unjumbling Game

This one was a bit tricky for my son. But I could see it was making him think.

Drawing Helmets

The next game in Night Zookeeper got my son to draw a cycling helmet.

Drawing a Cycling Helmet
I could see this was teaching him to control his handwriting.

Battle the Spider

If your kids like a bit of excitement, you can fight the giant spiders who are trying to eat the animals!

Battling a Spider

My son gets really excited with stuff like this.

It ups the stakes!

And of course, you have to play word games to defeat the spiders (also called Voids).

Do I Need to Review My Child’s Work?

No. All your child’s work is reviewed by tutors from Night Zookeeper.

These tutors leave constructive comments that:

  1. encourage and
  2. offer tips for improvement.

That means you don’t have to spend hours grading and analyzing your child’s work like you might have to for some boxed curriculum.

Night Zookeeper Books

There are now five books in the Adventure Book Series (more are on the

  • Book 1 – The Giraffes of Whispering Wood
  • Book 2 – The Lioness of Fire Desert
  • Book 3 – The Penguins of Igloo City
  • Book 4 – The Elephant of Tusk Temple
  • Book 5 – The Bear of Flying Mountain

There’s a 20% discount if you buy all five together.

OR you can get it at checkout with your subscription for 30% off (see below).

Cheeky 30 percent discount with annual Night Zookeeper Subscription

The Night Zookeeper books have iconic characters (like the giraffe) that appear on

You don’t need to read the books to play the program, but they are a great resource alongside it as they help transition kids from the online to the offline world of reading.

You can buy the books here.

Night Zookeeper App?

Many people think Night Zookeeper is an app.

But it’s actually a browser-based program.

This means you can stay logged in on various devices even after you go home.

There is an app for Apple Devices, but it doesn’t seem to be attached to their main program.

Can I Track My Child’s Progress?

Yes, it’s easy to track your child’s progress.

Firstly, you need to log out of your child’s account and then log in as a parent or teacher.

Then go to the MENU > PROGRESS tab.

Here, you can see many things, such as:

  • how many words they’ve used,
  • how many articles they’ve published,
  • comparisons of progress with the previous periods
  • and more.

From your parent account, you can:

  • personalize your child’s experience
  • download printable activities and
  • send your own (parental) assignments for children.

So there’s lots of customization involved.

Cost of Night Zookeeper Curriculum

For those in the United States, the app costs:

What if you have more children?

They can be added at a bespoke price.

People who sign up get a free 7-day trial and then get 50% off on the yearly subscription.

They also offer monthly and quarterly subscriptions.

But with a 50% discount on the yearly price, the annual plan is worth getting.

But is it worth it?

Pros from Night Zookeeper Reviews

There are several advantages parents find in this curriculum. These are:

  • learning doesn’t feel like work because it’s fun
  • learning involves creativity, which gives an enormous sense of achievement
  • parents are also taught how to give kids tips for improvement
  • tutors give online feedback that’s encouraging as well as constructive criticism

But does everyone see roses?

Cons from Night Zookeeper Reviews

I love that most of this program’s cons involve people who are frustrated they can’t get their money back after auto-renewal.

To me, that says the program is good, BUT if you want to cancel, make sure you do it properly before it takes your money.

That is before your 7-day free trial is up.

But there are other things you should consider:

  • this program is secular, so it may not suit all families who want a more Christian homeschool curriculum
  • it might be a bit scary if you have kids who don’t like scary spiders, wolves and so on
  • online, so there’s lots of screen time.

Overall, though, this can be a great option for some families.

Should It Be a Full Curriculum for Language Arts?

Although Night Zookeeper reviews are glowing, many say this is only a supplement to their normal language arts curriculum.

Ultimately, it depends on how much you want out of your LA curriculum.

This could be a great way to renew your child’s interest in reading and writing if they struggle.

Night Zookeeper Curriculum: This is a fun, online, creative way to get children into reading and writing. It could be the thing to kick your homeschool off.

Who Night Zookeeper WOULD Suit

Is this program for your family? Take a look and see if you fit into the categories below:

1. Families Who Like Fun Learning

If your child enjoys learning with games and animations, Night Zookeeper is for them. It makes writing and reading fun for kids.

2. Homeschooling Families

Families who homeschool and want extra writing practice will find Night Zookeeper helpful. It’s a good addition to regular lessons.

3. Kids Who Like Writing Early

Night Zookeeper is great if your child likes writing stories, even if they can’t read yet. It helps them write and learn even before reading well.

4. Parents Who Like Feedback for Kids (Tutors)

Night Zookeeper gives feedback on kids’ writing. Parents who want tips for their child’s improvement will like this feature.

If you feel the points above sound like your family, go for it and buy it here.

Who Night Zookeeper WOULDN’T Suit

But, it may not be for everyone. It won’t suit the following families:

1. Families Wanting Only Religious Lessons

Night Zookeeper doesn’t teach Christianity or other religions. If you want a Christian program, check out this post.

2. Kids Who Get Scared Easily

Some parts of Night Zookeeper have scary creatures like spiders. It might not be a good fit if your child gets scared easily.

3. Families Limiting Screen Time

Night Zookeeper is online, so it adds to screen time. Families trying to limit screen time might find it tricky to use.

4. Families Wanting Complete Lessons

Night Zookeeper is fun for writing, but it’s not a full language arts curriculum. Families looking for a complete writing program might need something more comprehensive.

In short, Night Zookeeper is a fun way for kids to learn writing and storytelling. But before using it, it’s important to know if it fits your family’s style and needs.

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