Don’t Go to College (and Here’s What to Do Instead)

I reckon, don’t go to college. Let’s chat about what you can do instead – such as earning a lot more if you start working at Walmart for $17/hour when you’re fifteen. Furthermore, if you start learning to be a self-styled entrepreneur online, you can make way more than an average income! Being an entrepreneur is fun. You can be your own boss. And you can make mistakes at mom and dad’s home before you need to pay ‘big-person’ bills.

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The math adds up (watch this video to see the math easily explained). Why not give it a shot?

If you start down the entrepreneurial road, you’ll have to learn to self-direct your own business studies.

You’ll have to learn to think differently.

But, these days, there are so many educational resources you can teach yourself how to start a business purely using Youtube and a few library books.

Thanks to Youtube and other video platforms, learning is fun and easy.

But you won’t have a teacher cracking the whip and pushing you to learn.

You’ll have to do that on your own.

But, if you find a niche that truly interests you, learning will feel more like playing a fun video game than completing boring homework tasks.

I want you to know that you can do it!

And I’ll show you how to get started in this article (or you can watch the video below).

Why You Don’t Want to Go to College

Here are some reasons college or university might be a bad choice for you.

  1. You’ll waste years you could have spent getting your finances in order (DEBT!!!)
  2. College tells you what to think instead of showing you how to think
  3. You can use your time more wisely  (get out of unnecessary busywork)
  4. Tradespeople usually get paid more
  5. Most universities have liberal and progressive ideologies, which you won’t like if you’re not from that political side
  6. Many alumni are left with useless courses they can’t turn into careers
  7. You often have to do multiple courses as you’re not qualified enough with only one degree
  8. College can significantly delay you starting your family
  9. Physical work can be more satisfying

If you’re curious to know more about these points or have them expanded on, see this video. They give you a complete rundown on all the facts.

What If I Don’t Go to College?

Yes, it seems like a risk.

If you don’t go to college, there seems to be a risk of becoming a failure.

Are you going to fail to develop your potential?

Will you muck up the start of your life and leave yourself untrained?

Well, there is a chance of that if you spend the time you would have spent at college sitting on your bottom, sucking your thumb all day.

But I hope you won’t do that.

I hope you’ll work hard, either at an entrepreneurial venture or at another non-college job.

If you spend your time doing this, I think you’ll be eons ahead of your college peers. And you won’t have lifelong debt you need to repay
(thanks to the hefty college fees).

Don't go to college: Here's what to do instead. #dontgotocollege #entrepreneur #trade #homeschoolcollege

Jobs You Don’t Have to Go To College For

I get it.

Going out on your own is a scary thought. You don’t feel like you’re made for an entrepreneurial venture.

That’s okay. There are lots of jobs you don’t have to go to college for. Some of these include:

  • Trades (hairdresser, electrician, plumber)
  • Supermarket attendants
  • Laboring
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Becoming the local lawnmower man

If you start these early (as I said in the video above), you can earn a motza and get a good headstart on your college peers.

How to Get Started with an Entrepreneurial Venture

So, you’ve decided you don’t want to go to college, but you do want to start an entrepreneurial venture.

You want to start your own business.

What do you do?

Here’s a short list of what to do in bullet points:

  1. Think about what you love and what area you’d like to work in
  2. Start googling these topics and see if you can see what other people are selling that’s related to your niche
  3. See if you can find a shortage and fill that shortage (thereby creating your own special niche)
  4. Read some marketing books on how to sell stuff
  5. Read some information on how to present yourself well
  6. Discover how you can develop CEO habits (get up early, exercise and so on)
  7. Get a business mentor – someone you admire for their character and business acumen
  8. Pray, pray, pray – God is good.

I’ve expanded on some of these points in this video and this article.

But there are many ways teenagers can make money. The sky’s the limit!

If you homeschool, you’ll have a huge advantage as you can start early and make all your mistakes at home.

This is useful as no bills need to be paid, and you won’t have a family yet.

This means you can get all the mistakes over and done with before you need to spend money on a mortgage and your business.

Starting early is one of the tricks to entrepreneurial success!

My Experience With College

I’ve done lots of tertiary education.

Certificate III, Diploma, Bachelor in Science, Post Graduate Certificate in Legal Studies, and one year of medical school.

But, if I were to talk to my 17-year-old self again, I would say, ‘Don’t go to college! Keep plugging away at your base-wage nursing job and build up your money. Save up a deposit for a house. Then keep plugging away at a mortgage.’

Why would I tell myself to do this?

Simply because I could have a house paid off easily in 15 years  (by the time I was 32), and then I could go to college after that without any worries.

Of course, we would all do life differently if we got the chance again, and no-one gets to live their lives over again.

But, if you are a teenager considering your future, I ask you to consider delaying or dumping your college plans seriously.

There’s time for that later, but get good financial backing, and take the stress out of your life and the life of those you love.

As a Christian, I would LOVE to give away more money.

But after two children and a mortgage, we don’t have the option to give away as much as we’d like.

Having our finances in order means we can be more generous and make a difference in the lives of people around us.

I’ve seen some amazingly generous people around me lately, and they are downright inspiring.

Be one of these people.

Don't go to college : Here's what to do instead. #dontgotocollege #entrepreneur #trade #homeschoolcollege


Okay. So, I’m not completely anti-college, despite this article. College can be fun. You can learn a lot. But I also think you can learn a lot of fluff. Furthermore, I think you will probably waste a lot of money that you may never recoup. Then college might end up feeling like a millstone around your neck. This is because college debt can choke the fun out of life, especially when the interest catches up with you. I just don’t think college is worth the fees in this day and age unless you’re sure it’s going to work for you. Please comment. I’d love to know your thoughts.

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