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If you have any burning homeschooling questions, I’ll do my best to answer them for you. You can email me on [email protected].

My specialities include pointing people towards a curriculum that fits best with their Christian beliefs and homeschooling method choice.


Who am I?

My name is Rebecca Devitt. I wrote Why on Earth Homeschool as I had a fantastic time when I was home educated. I am excited for everyone to experience a great home education. It’s not just fun and exciting for students, but for parents too!

My parents, Bill and Antoinette Hesford were frustrated and saddened when they saw their three children going downhill in their local Christian school. In in the case of two of us, we struggling academically. Two of us didn’t fit in socially. And all of us were failing to develop good Christian characters as a result of our peers.

It was not that it was a bad school (I’ve known many lovely Christian graduates of this school!), but the influences weren’t always fantastic. Because the school had a ratio of people who believed in Jesus and people who did not, children were influenced by their peers depending on which peer group they spent time in. I spent time in a poor peer group as did one of my other brothers.

After spending a few years looking at us developing, my parents decided to give homeschooling a go. This was a result of a parent in our church (who “had such well-behaved children!”), suggested it.

But, my parents didn’t know what they were getting themselves in to. Thankfully, our church had about ten homeschooling families, so these other families were able to guide my parents to where to find a homeschooling curriculum.

Today things are not so difficult and the pathway to home education is easier. Parents can automate everything by choosing a curriculum which is essentially an online school, or get really involved in things by choosing an eclectic, hands-on curriculum.


Future Plans

I am excited to homeschool my own two children, Luke and Penny, shortly. Till then, I am researching educational philosophies and the best Christian homechooling curriculum options available today.