Why on Earth Homeschool? The Case for Christian Homeschooling

Why homeschool? Have you ever tossed up homeschooling or sending your children to school? If you have, you’ll probably have considered some of the benefits homeschooling offers. But, you may not have realized just how many advantages homeschooling has. Why on Earth Homeschool will cover them all.

Rebbecca Devitt

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Why on Earth Homeschool was written by a homeschooler trying to persuade her good friend to homeschool.

Having experienced the (as she saw it) misery of school – and the joy of homeschooling in comparison – she wanted to show her friend what a great choice homeschooling is.

Furthermore, she wanted to show her friend that homeschooling can often be a much better Christian environment compared to schools for a plethora of reasons.

As such, the book Why on Earth Homeschool is in two parts.

Part 1 is about what is wrong with school, while Part 2 is about what is right with homeschooling.

(Please note: This book is written from an Australian perspective but applicable to Christians, no matter the country you live in.)

Why on Earth Homeschool: A book that answers the 'Why Homeschool?' question. #whyhomeschool #reasonstohomeschool #advantagesofhomeschooling

Part 1 looks at what’s wrong with schools today.

This section talks about all the things that are wrong with schools that make homeschooling a better choice compared to many schools. In particular, it talks about the:

  • peer pressure,
  • lack of engagement with nature in the lives of schoolchildren,
  • lack of classroom time for projects,
  • bullying and sexual pressures,
  • detrimental worldview assumptions in most public schools,
  • the problem of preschools and sacrificing moms, and
  • whether Christian schools are a decent answer to the problem or not.

Part 2 looks at why homeschooling is a great educational choice

This section talks about all the things that make homeschooling a great choice compared to school. In particular, the book talks about the:

  • homeschool environment is a great place to pass on parental values and religion
  • affordability of homeschooling
  • socialization question
  • better academic performance many homeschoolers show compared to their school counterparts
  • broadened thinking and creativity, many homeschoolers develop as a result of their environment
  • closer family ties
  • benefits of homeschooling for disabled, gifted, and special needs children
  • ease of which tertiary education is entered and why homeschooling is an advantage if you want to study tertiary education.

This section also refutes common arguments against homeschooling.

Contents of the book: Why on Earth Homeschool

Introduction. i


  1. Are Schools That Great?. 3
  2. Peer Pressure. 19
  3. Classrooms. 33
  4. Schools Have Time Issues. 45
  5. Bullying and Sexual Pressures. 53
  6. Worldview Assumptions in School 67
  7. Preschools and Sacrificing Mums. 87
  8. What About Christian Schools?. 93


  1. About Homeschooling. 105
  2. Homeschooling and Christianity. 121
  3. Can I Afford to Homeschool?. 135
  4. What About Socialisation of Homeschoolers?. 143
  5. Better Academic Performance and Mental Health. 157
  6. Critical Thinking and Broadened Creativity. 167
  7. Close Family Ties. 175
  8. Arguments Against Homeschooling Refuted. 181
  9. Gifted, Disabled and Special Needs Students. 205
  10. What About Secondary and Tertiary Education?. 221

Get Why on Earth Homeschool in Paperback or Kindle

Why on Earth Homeschool is available in two formats – Kindle and Paperback.

This is the paperback version:

And this is the Kindle version:

Customer Testimonies of Why on Earth Homeschool

I love this book. When I read it, I kept thinking, “Yes … yes … yes,” especially during the second part of ‘What Is Right with Homeschooling.’ It’s the only book I have come across so far that combines a tremendous amount of research with real-life stories and loads of helpful information, even including a chapter on gifted, special needs and disabled students. I think it’s a ‘must-have’ for everyone considering homeschooling, and also for everyone who already homeschools but needs factual evidence to defend their choice. I wish this book had been written when we first started teaching our children at home! – Margaret Lepke
Whatever your preconceived notions before reading this book it will make you think again! And if it makes you take on Christian homeschooling well done! If not, at least it will have helped you make an informed decision regarding your children’s education. In a time where the lines are becoming blurred, this book offers an alternative to be considered for our children’s education. – Angela S.

Amazon Reviews of Why on Earth Homeschool: Why Homeschool book testimonials #whyhomeschool

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This book is a great read if you’re struggling with the question, ‘Why homeschool? ‘If you’re tossing up between school and homeschooling, this book is a must-read. It’s sure to inform you of a lot of areas you’re not familiar with and entertain you along the way!

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