My Father’s World curriculum is a popular choice among Christian homeschooling families today. The program, which is based on several homeschooling methodologies, garners followers from those who love Classical, Charlotte Mason, and relaxed homeschooling styles. It also attracts many Christian families who want to give their children a rigorous, yet fun, education at home. 

Join me as I do a preliminary investigation of this program using My Father’s World curriculum reviews from around the internet. I’ll also be trawling through other sources to answer all my FAQs about this program which has caught my attention as it tries to use CM and classical education techniques in its curriculum (something this blog is particularly interested in).

Is the My Father's World Homeschooling curriculum a good choice for my Christian family? See what this blogger things in this preliminary curriculum review. #christianhomeschooling #curriculumreview #myfathersworld

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About My Father’s World Homeschooling Curriculum

My Father’s World is a Christian curriculum created for and used in both homeschools and Christian schools. It is distinct as it uses Classical, Charlotte Mason, and unit studies to create its unique educational flavor.

Unlike many other homeschooling curricula I’ve reviewed, I’ve never heard any negative comments about MFW, making it of particular interest to me.

Their website lists 10 things that make their program unique, including:

  1. Integrating Bible concepts into all subjects so subjects are not studied without reference to God
  2. Encouraging parents to be a part of their children’s education. One way they do this is to get Dad involved in family devotions and daily lessons
  3. The ability to teach multiple children of different ages with the same curriculum
  4. Encourages information retention with more hands-on learning as children do experiments and other tactile projects
  5. The inclusion of living books and wholesome classical literature
  6. A program that doesn’t take all day, leaving time for everyday activities like shopping and field trips
  7. Low costs, with the program often costing less than $2 USD a day
  8. Preplanned lessons which mean you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and make your own curriculum if you don’t want to
  9. A focus on character development (a tenet of Charlotte Mason education)
  10. A commitment by MFW to supporting missions around the world. A portion of income earned goes to translating the Bible into other languages so all people can hear the gospel. (Originally MFW was written for missionary families so they have a big heart for missionaries.)

Let’s check out the educational methods used in this program a little more closely below.


What Homeschooling Method Does My Father’s World Use?

My Father’s World primarily uses Charlotte Mason, Classical Education and Unit Study approaches. The unique combination of these educational styles seems to suit the homeschool environment particularly well. We’ll go through these three approaches in more detail below.


Classical Education

My Father’s World uses the classical approach in its program, teaching the trivium. The trivium, which aims to educate children according to the developmental stage they’re at, originates from Greco-Roman times. It has recently become more popular in Christian education thanks to Dorothy Sayer’s essay, The Lost Tools of Learning.

In the essay, Sayers outlines how we can teach children better if we teach them using the grammar stage in their formative years, the logic stage in their middle school years and the rhetoric stage in their high school years. These three stages are collectively called the trivium.

You can investigate classical education more here.


Charlotte Mason Education

Charlotte Mason (CM) was a homeschooler and classical educator herself. She lived in the 1800s and developed a more gentle way of teaching compared to (what she saw as) the harsher classical style used in most schools of her day. CM’s style also suited homeschools better than the classical method of her era.

My Father’s World incorporates a few CM elements into its program including ‘living books, literature, timelines, Century Books (“notebooking”) and nature walks.

You can investigate Charlotte Mason education more here. Charlotte Mason’s book on Home Education is the most instructive book on the topic if you want a comprehensive picture of CM education.


Unit Studies

If you think of Unit Studies, you have to think of learning with your hands. Instead of having a course that is just about reading and writing, unit studies lets students use their hands to learn subjects. This is great for mixing up the homeschooling approach and changing pace. It also means it’s more fun for both parents and children!


Can I use My Father’s World for Preschool?

Yes. This is what MFW say about the preschool course, ‘Your child will learn about 12 animals through stories, fingerplays, creative play, and colorful animal cookie cutters. Along the way, they will experience spiritual growth, cognitive development, reading and math readiness, and develop a love of learning.’

The full package includes books, workbooks, and manipulatives. As of February 2020, the full MFW preschool package costs $330USD.

If this is a little expensive, you might consider just getting the literature portion or other parts of the program. You can find these items and prices broken down here.


What Grades Does MFW cover?

MFW covers preschool to high school, making it a curriculum you can use for the entirety of your home education journey.

You can find information on the various year stages below:


Is MFW an online or paper-based program?

MFW is a paper-based curriculum. When you purchase the program, they’ll mail you a package including books and manipulatives for hands-on learning.

Is the My Father's World Christian homeschooling curriculum any good? We do a preliminary review of this homeschooling program and give you our opinion here. #myfathersworldcurriculum #christianhomeschoolingcurriculum #curriculumreview


What is the Cost of My Father’s World Curriculum

Like many homeschooling curricula, MFW is least expensive in younger grades such as preschool and most expensive in older grades.

As of February 2020, the cost of the Preschool MFW curriculum is $330. The cost of Year 12 MFW curriculum is $435.


Pros and Cons of My Father’s World

Pros from Homeschool Reviews

Parents from various forums identified several advantages of studying with the My Father’s World curriculum. These include:

  • it’s fairly affordable with the cost ranging from $330 for the full preschool program and $435 for the full high school program as of February 2020.
  • kinesthetic learners or students who love using their hands to learn are particularly enamoured with this course due to the inclusion of Unit Studies (hands-on learning).
  • MFW has themes which they carry out through the week
  • creators have carefully thought about homeschooling multiple children and the course is designed with larger families in mind
  • promoting a love of learning and curiosity using Charlotte Mason techniques
  • encourages nature walks and a love of the outside
  • great books which engage and inspire learners
  • lessons are easy to teach so parents enjoy educating more. Parents also learn things with the children which is a great joy for parents who are learning the material the second time around with a renewed interest!
  • everything is planned out and scheduled – something most will love
  • a couple of parents said it was particularly useful for their children with ADD

Many parents said they loved the My Father’s World curriculum. I was surprised at how much home educators liked this course and planned on using it for future grades.


Cons from Homeschool Reviews

Although many parents who reviewed My Father’s World said there were no cons, some identified the occasional con of studying with the My Father’s World curriculum. The common cons I noticed among reviews included:

  • quite a few parents said it was too easy (although others said it was written at an appropriate level)
  • because it uses a weekly schedule it can be challenging to adjust if you skip a day. (But, this is the con to the advantage of having a schedule in the first place, which might be comforting for many parents.)
  • many parents said they supplemented the curriculum. Some said they did this because they ‘wanted to’, although they didn’t need to. Others said they ‘had to’ supplement the material indicating they thought it wasn’t complete enough on its own.
  • a few parents weren’t that thrilled about the notebooking component
  • parents said need to make weekly library trips to get required books
  • it’s sometimes repetitive

I have never seen a curriculum that pleased everyone who reviewed it, so these cons aren’t meant to dissuade parents away from this course, but to show them what it is like more clearly perhaps. Personally, I didn’t find the cons outweighed the pros and therefore it is still a curriculum I would strongly consider using in my homeschool.


Other Points

  • Get things done quickly. There were more suggestions MFW was too easy than too hard. Some said they supplemented to give children more of a challenge. However, some like that it was so easy and one mother said they were able to do two-weeks worth of material in one week which gave them time to have a more extended break at the end of the year.

If you’d like to read My Father’s World reviews from parents yourself, head to this link at the


Other Considerations

American History

The MFW curriculum, like many of the curricula available today is written from an American perspective. This means that when you buy their history courses, you’ll be learning U.S. history. Given the majority of people who are interested in this course are American, this will suit most; however, it may frustrate some who want a curriculum written from the perspective of their country.


Is My Father’s World Accredited?

No. But this is not unusual because homeschool curricula cannot be accredited. If you study in an online school like Abeka Academy or Acellus Academy, you study an accredited course. But if you do, you’re not technically homeschooling – you’re actually studying with an online school.

Some parents believe accreditation is vital and wonder how their children will be able to enter college without it. Learn why you don’t need homeschooling accreditation to get homeschoolers into college here. Also learn a few different ways homeschoolers can enter college here.

Or discover the reasons you might not enter college and why you might encourage your homeschoolers to try an entrepreneurial venture instead of taking the traditional tertiary education pathways.


Can I look at a sample of the My Father’s World Curriculum?

Yes. The website offers a sample look at the curriculum at this link.


Other Christian Homeschooling Programs

To my knowledge, My Father’s World is unique in its particular blend of homeschooling methods. However, there are other programs available today that you might want to investigate.

Some more common ones popular among homeschooling families are listed below. You can find brief outlines of the courses by following the parent link:


Find Out More About My Father’s World

If you want to find out more about MFW, head to their ‘NEW to MFW’ page here. It will tell you a little more about their philosophy and commitment to teaching God’s Word throughout the curriculum. It also shows their heart for mission and how they plan on teaching your children to value this likewise.

If you’d like to contact My Father’s World to ask them additional questions, go to their Contact Us page.

You can follow MFW on Facebook also using this link.


My Father's World. A good choice for #christianhomeschool ? A preliminary curriculum review. #myfathersworldreview #homeschoolingcurriculum #curriculumreview



This curriculum has my tick of approval. It tries hard to be a fun course that doesn’t bore children by making them sit down and complete boring textbooks. Instead, it carefully selects interesting books which encourage information retention, while teaching children valuable moral and theological lessons. My Father’s World curriculum has a big focus on teaching character and theological truths as part of its commitment to Classical and Charlotte Mason education. It also engages children using hands-on play through its Unit Studies approach. This curriculum is a unique program on the market today and definitely worthy of consideration by Christian homeschooling parents.

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