Are Homeschoolers Smarter than Public School Children?

Are homeschoolers smarter than public school children? A lot of people think so. But, is it true?

I answer this common faq in this video, showing you why some people often think they are, and why this is not necessarily the case.

We’ll discuss gifted homeschoolers, lower-class ratios, and better curricula in an attempt to answer the question, ‘Are homeschoolers smarter than public school students.’

To give you a hint, I don’t think they are any smarter, but the above factors account for why many people think they have a higher IQ than the average child.

Perhaps their genius shines through more easily as they’re allowed to follow their interests and develop them, sometimes leading to fantastic discoveries.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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Rebecca Devitt
Most adults don't particularly want to relive their schooling experience on a daily basis. They would gladly move on to a new life devoid of homework and teachers. Very, very few adults will passionately blog about their schooling some 15 years after graduating. This makes Rebecca Devitt somewhat unique. As it happens, she was homeschooled. And she loved it. Still does. And she wishes every kid could get a taste of homeschooling at its very best. Her website How Do I Homeschool, is a springboard for parents to see what a life of homeschooling could be for both them & their children. When she's not blogging Rebecca is still homeschooling her-adult-self by learning Latin, growing weird vegetables and most importantly looking after her two children Luke & Penny. She has a husband Tristan and is a participant at Wollongong Baptist Church. She's also written a book about why parents should homeschool called 'Why on Earth Homeschool'.
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