When is the Best Time to Homeschool? It’s Now!

If you’re thinking about homeschooling, let me encourage you that there has never been a better time to home educate. This is for several reasons such as the availability of great curricula, the acceptance of this type of education, and the intrinsic advantages homeschooling has always had.

Rebbecca Devitt

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The acceptance of this type of education

30 years ago, homeschooling was not as accepted as it is today. If you told someone you were homeschooling 30 years ago, the response was most often neutral or negative.

However, if you tell someone you’re homeschooling now, the response is rarely negative and more often quite positive. In my experience, the response goes something like this,

Oh, homeschooling. That sounds like a really great option. I don’t know if I’d have the patience to do it, but it sounds like a great way to go if you can do it/have the money to do it/have the patience to do it.

Given one of the hardest things about homeschooling is going against the grain of the norm, the recent acceptance of homeschooling has made things a lot easier on newbie homeschoolers.


More advice is available for struggling homeschool parents

In the old days, if you had a question about homeschooling, it was difficult to get an answer. Unless you were plugged into a homeschooling family or two who knew what they were talking about, homeschooling was difficult. This was because there were not many home-educated families around.

Now there are plenty of people who are homeschooling. There are plenty of people who have trodden the path before you. There are plenty of people who are willing to help you.

Not only can you find these people in homeschool groups, but you can also find them in homeschool co-ops and curriculum shops.

So, you’re not on your own anymore!


The availability of great curricula

Homeschool parents have the best choice of curricula they’re ever had. Online, offline, classical, Charlotte Mason, traditional and eclectic options abound.

It seems like most people are developing their own special curriculum these days.

This means you’re sure to find a program to suit your way of thinking. You’re also more likely to find an option that engages and interests your child instead of boring them to tears.

One of my favorite curriculum programs is BJU Press. They’re of great quality, and if you have to work from home while homeschooling, they give you the option of purchasing a curriculum with trained teachers to do all the teaching for you. They have an accredited curriculum too, meaning you can outsource homeschooling, all from the comfort of your living room. (You can check them out here.)


You can’t do worse than public school

I’m not saying every school is bad, but there are some shockers out there! And among the worst of them are public schools. This is because education doesn’t always focus on great academics. Rather the focus is often on teaching this or that political agenda.

Furthermore, children miss out on a lot when they’re in a place like public school. For example, they miss out on practical skills such as learning how to chop wood for a fire, make wonderful meals, or change a car tire.

Homeschool can do a much better job of teaching academics, character, and life skills.


It’s affordable

Although you can’t get around the loss of a second income (unless your children are older and can self-direct a lot of their studies), homeschooling is a lot more affordable than it used to be.

Nowadays you can choose a free curriculum¬†(an option that wasn’t around in my parent’s time). Also, because there are so many homeschoolers, you can look for a second-hand curriculum that will bring the cost of home education down significantly.

A fantastic affordable curriculum I love is Schoolhouse Teachers. You can check them out here.


The advantages homeschooling has always had

On top of all these reasons about why now is the best time to homeschool, don’t forget the other reasons to homeschool such as:

  1. having a better relationship with your kids
  2. your kids having a better relationship with each other
  3. having a better opportunity to pass on your beliefs
  4. having a calmer home life, less bullying and stress
  5. teaching your children great character traits

But, that’s not all. I’ve written you 100 Reasons to Homeschool. Have a read through the article and you’ll see that you won’t be worse off if you decide to go down this path.

When is the best time to homeschool? It's Now! And this is why...


Why NOW is the Best Time to Homeschool Ever!

There has never been a better time to homeschool. For me, the reasons to homeschool far outweigh the reasons to send your children to school. Homeschooling certainly takes effort, time, and patience, but nothing worth having ever came easily. Homeschooling is something you invest in, and then you see amazing dividends for life. It’s totally worth it. I can say that from the perspective of a former homeschooler and a homeschool mom now myself!

Give it a go and you’ll love it!

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