Waldorf Essentials Curriculum Review for Homeschool

In this review, we’re going to check out exactly what you get if you go with this program. We’ll look at what the program is like and the support they offer their clients. We’ll also delve into how long it takes students to do the work, and what form the Waldor Essentials curriculum is in.

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It’s important for you to know that I’m not an affiliate. I’m just writing this Waldorf Essentials review for the benefit of my readers 🙂

But, let’s dive in and get started!

Discover the Waldorf Essentails curriculum for homeschools. In this Waldorf Essentials review, we look into what the program is like, it's suitablity for all children and what you get for your money


Tell me about your curriculum in a nutshell?

Waldorf Essentials is a curriculum company that offers material suitable for all children. They offer:

  • a complete curriculum,
  • planning resources, and
  • homeschool training through coaching calls for parents.

They make the program available to parents all over the world.

Another cool thing about this program is that the people coaching homeschool parents are home educators themselves. That means they know what it’s like to be in your shoes.


What is unique about your program?

Given there are very few (if any) Waldorf homeschooling curriculum programs out there, this program is unique because it combines Waldorf/Steiner education with home education.

The program is also a Thinking, Feeling, Willing program, known as TFW. It offers 17 modules of Waldorf inspired training, an all-encompassing Planning for Peace course, and weekly mentoring with live video coaching calls.


Why would a parent be more inclined to purchase Waldorf Essentials as opposed to another one?

I asked this question to Melisa Neilson, and this is what she said:

Our curriculum is written BY homeschoolers FOR homeschoolers. Many Waldorf homeschoolers get overwhelmed and quit. We are here to help families succeed by offering community and personalized coaching that comes included with the curriculum.

As such, it seems the program makes Waldorf homeschooling a lot easier and a more viable option for inexperienced home educators.


How many years has the program been running for?

Waldorf Essentials has been writing curriculum and helping homeschool families for over 14 years.

They now offer a podcast you can listen to here.


What are the advantages of the Waldorf Essentials curriculum over other programs?

The advantage of the program is the support they offer.

Melisa and her team homeschool their children, manage the business, and run their families.

Melisa has two children with special needs. So she has been standing in the shoes of her clients.


Do you offer hard or soft copy curriculum?

They offer both a hard copy curriculum and an online curriculum, depending on the parents choice.

They also offer a Planning for Peace journal.


What homeschooling method does the Waldorf Essentials curriculum follow?

Unsurprisingly it follows the Waldorf method. You can get detailed information about this method in this article.


Does the Waldorf Essentials curriculum provide all general subjects?

Yes, they offer all subjects.


Does the Waldorf Essentials curriculum offer all grades?

For kindergarten at home, they offer two full years of story content with laid out circle time with melodies, recipes and more.

For grades 1-6 they offer a complete course that includes laid out main lessons, form drawing, handwork instructions and audio and visual support.

They also offer Guides for Middle and High School with lots of support.


Do you have tutors students can access? If so, what are the details?

Waldorf Essentials don’t offer tutors for students.

However, they offer coaching calls for parents so that parents know they’re on the right track with their Waldorf inspired curriculum.


How long would it take the average Year 1 student to complete their curriculum work in one day?

About 1 1/2 hours to complete.


How long would it take the average Year 12 student to complete their curriculum work in one day?

The time it takes for a high schooler to finish their work will fluctuate.


Is your program specifically for special needs? If so, in what way?

I wrote to Melisa and asked her this question and this was her answer:

Our program can definitely meet a child with special needs. The Waldorf philosophy believes in age-appropriate material at the correct time. We help families with their rhythm, sleep, and movement. Parts that are important to help with a well balanced family life. We ourselves have two children on the spectrum.

Melisa Neilsen, the author of this curriculum, has two children who are on the autism spectrum and one with sensory processing disorder.


Is your program accredited? If so, who is it accredited by?

No, our program is not accredited. For more information on homeschool accreditation (and if it is necessary), read this article.


What is the website URL?

You can find them at https://www.waldorfessentials.com


What is the link to the Waldorf Essentials curriculum shopping page?

This is the link to the shopping page https://www.waldorfessentials.com/store

But, you can check out their samples here to see if you like them.


Does the organization have any Christian affiliation?

No. When I asked Melisa this question, she responded:

Waldorf is a method of education that explores cultures through history as a means to connect children to this world and those that live in it. Waldorf explores many major religions at different times through a child’s development. These religions are not explored to convert a child, they are taught to help children understand others and in turn understand themselves.



Before finding the Waldorf Essentials curriculum, I wasn’t aware there was a specific program for Waldorf homeschoolers. I thought it would be quite hard to employ the Waldorf method without sufficient support. After I found this program, I’ve realized how easy it makes homeschooling work if you want to employ the Waldorf style in your children’s education. You can check out the curriculum further on the links above.

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