10 BEST Summer Homeschool Curriculum Options and Ideas 😍

Summer provides an excellent opportunity for homeschooling families to explore alternative learning approaches and design a customized curriculum tailored to their children’s needs and interests. Crafting a summer homeschool curriculum allows flexibility, creativity, and the freedom to delve into subjects and activities that may not be possible during the regular academic year. In this article, we will explore effective strategies and essential elements for designing a well-rounded and engaging summer homeschool curriculum.

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We’ll also check out the following summer homeschool curriculum programs. These are unit study programs as these can be done in a short period.

We’ll discuss these programs at the end of the article:

But let’s look at how you can start designing your own homeschool summer curriculum – whether that’s using a curriculum or not.

Best homeschool curriculum Summer Options -

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1. Identify Learning Goals

Before diving into the curriculum design process, take some time to identify the learning goals for your child ren this summer.

Are there specific subjects or skills they want to explore further?

Are there any areas that need reinforcement or improvement?

Identifying these goals will help you structure your curriculum and ensure that your child’s educational needs are met.

How to Identify Learning Goals for Summer Curriculum

Before diving into the curriculum design process, it’s essential to identify the specific learning goals for your child during the summer homeschooling period. Consider the following example:

Learning Goal: Improve Mathematical Proficiency

Objective 1: Strengthen multiplication and division skills. Objective 2: Enhance problem-solving abilities in real-life contexts. Objective 3: Develop a solid understanding of fractions and decimals.

To achieve these goals, you can design activities, lessons, and resources that target these specific objectives. This focused approach ensures that your child receives targeted instruction and practice in the areas where they need improvement or want to expand their knowledge.

2. Choose a Theme or Focus

One way to make your summer homeschool curriculum exciting is to select a theme or focus for the duration of the program.

For example, you might choose a theme like “Exploring Nature” or “Culinary Adventures.”

The theme provides a framework for organizing various activities and subjects around a central concept, fostering a sense of coherence and enthusiasm for learning.

3. Incorporate Real-World Experiences

Summer is the perfect time to take learning beyond textbooks and explore the world through hands-on experiences.

Plan field trips to local museums, historical sites, nature parks, or even organize community service projects.

Engaging with the real world helps children connect theoretical knowledge with practical applications, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of different subjects.

4. Integrate Technology

Leverage the power of technology to enhance your summer homeschool curriculum.

Use online educational resources, interactive learning platforms, and educational apps to supplement traditional teaching methods.

The best summer homeschool curriculum will likely be a unit studies curriculum (discussed further down the page).

Virtual field trips, educational games, and multimedia presentations can provide immersive learning experiences and make the curriculum more engaging for your child.

5. Encourage Independent Projects

Summer homeschooling allows children to pursue their passions and develop their talents through independent projects.

Parents can give kids guidance and support as homeschoolers choose a project or topic of interest and encourage them to research, explore, and present their findings.

Independent projects foster self-directed learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

6. Embrace Outdoor Education

Take advantage of the beautiful weather and incorporate outdoor education into your summer homeschool curriculum.

Conduct science experiments in the backyard, go on nature walks to observe flora and fauna, or set up a garden to learn about botany and ecology.

Outdoor education not only enhances academic learning but also promotes physical activity and overall well-being.

7. Foster Social Connections

While homeschooling can sometimes be an isolated experience, summer provides opportunities for your child to connect with peers.

Seek out homeschooling groups, co-ops, or summer camps where your child can interact with other homeschoolers.

Socializing and collaborating with peers can enhance communication skills, teamwork and create lasting friendships.

Find homeschool summer school curriculum with these options or find summer homeschool curriculum ideas here.BEST Summer Homeschool Curriculum Options

Summer is a short period, so this is a great time to fit in a fun unit study of your choice.

Here are some great choices you can use.

Schoolhouse Teachers

SchoolhouseTeachers.com is an affordable and convenient option for summer homeschooling because it offers a wide range of curriculum subjects for all ages under one membership fee.

Instead of purchasing individual subject materials separately, families can access a comprehensive collection of courses and resources for math, science, language arts, history, and more.

This all-in-one approach simplifies having to choose and pay for a curriculum you might not use.

As such, Schoolhouse Teachers make it easier for parents to create a well-rounded summer homeschool experience for their children.

With a single membership fee, families gain access to a wealth of educational materials and can customize their curriculum based on their child’s grade level and individual learning need.

Check out Schoolhouse Teachers here.

Notgrass – From Adam to Us

Notgrass offers the “From Adam to Us” curriculum, which provides a comprehensive study of world history and American history, incorporating literature, writing, and Bible studies.

This makes for a great Christian homeschool summer curriculum.

Check Notgrass out here.

Online Unit Studies

Online Unit Studies is an online platform that offers interactive unit studies on a variety of topics. Their web-based curriculum includes multimedia elements such as videos, interactive activities, and online resources.

Check out Online Unit Studies here.

Compass Classroom

Compass Classroom is an excellent choice for middle and high school students who are summer homeschooling.

It has engaging video-based courses, comprehensive subject coverage, a Christian perspective, flexibility, and a supportive community.

With professionally produced videos, students can enjoy dynamic and captivating lessons in subjects like history, literature, Latin, and Bible studies as well as video-making courses and other engaging content.

The self-paced nature of the courses offers flexibility for students to learn at their own pace, and the supportive online community provides a platform for connection and collaboration.

This curriculum is well-suited for an enriching summer learning experience.

Check out Compass Classroom here.

Beautiful Feet Books

Beautiful Feet Books specializes in literature-based unit studies that focus on history, geography, and character development. Their curriculum utilizes engaging literature to explore different time periods and cultures.

Check out Beautiful Feet Books here.

Gather ‘Round Homeschool

Gather ‘Round Homeschool provides unit studies that cover a wide range of subjects such as the Bible, history, science, and language arts. Their curriculum emphasizes a family-centered approach and incorporates hands-on activities and discussion-based learning.

Check them out here.

Waldock Way

Waldock Way offers secular unit studies integrating multiple subjects, including science, social studies, and language arts. Their curriculum utilizes thematic units with hands-on projects and activities to engage students in their learning.

Check out Waldock Way here.

KONOS Unit Studies

KONOS Unit Studies offers a character-focused curriculum with unit studies covering various topics. Their curriculum emphasizes hands-on activities, group projects, and character development through the lens of a biblical worldview.


Weaver provides a unit study-based curriculum that combines multiple subjects, including Bible, history, science, and language arts. Their curriculum offers flexibility and customization options to adapt the material to individual student needs.

Amanda Bennet Unit Studies

Amanda Bennet Unit Studies offers unit studies on a wide range of topics, incorporating multiple subjects such as history, science, and geography. Their curriculum includes hands-on activities, writing projects, and reading suggestions.

Hands of a Child

Hands of a Child offers unit studies in various subjects, including science, social studies, and language arts. Their curriculum provides ready-to-use unit study guides with hands-on activities and lapbooking resources.

Moving Beyond the Page

Moving Beyond the Page provides unit studies that integrate literature, science, social studies, and language arts. Their curriculum is designed for gifted and creative learners, emphasizing critical thinking and hands-on projects.

Five in a Row

Five in a Row is a literature-based unit study curriculum that focuses on engaging children’s literature. Their curriculum incorporates language arts, social studies, science, and art, providing a holistic and literature-rich learning experience.

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What About Free Homeschool Curriculum Sumer Options

Finding affordable homeschool curriculum options for summer can be a budget-friendly way to continue learning during the break.

While there may be limitations in terms of availability and comprehensive coverage, there are several resources that offer free homeschool curriculum materials. Here are a few examples:

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool includes Christian-based materials and Bible study as part of their curriculum offerings.

They provide daily lesson plans and resources for various subjects, incorporating a biblical worldview.

An Old-Fashioned Education

An Old-Fashioned Education is a free homeschool curriculum that includes Christian resources.

It offers a collection of classic literature, Christian character study materials, and resources for history, math, and more.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers many free online lessons and practice exercises for various subjects, including math, science, history, and more.

Their self-paced curriculum provides instructional videos, interactive quizzes, and progress tracking.

Conclusion: Homeschool Curriculum Summer Options

Designing a summer homeschool curriculum is an exciting and rewarding endeavor that allows you to tailor your child’s learning experiences to their unique needs and interests. By identifying learning goals, incorporating real-world experiences, utilizing technology, and fostering independence and social connections, you can create a well-rounded and engaging curriculum that keeps your child motivated and enthusiastic about learning throughout the summer months. Embrace the flexibility that homeschooling offers and make this summer a memorable and enriching educational journey for your child.

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