South Australia Homeschooling Groups (SA)

If you’re considering starting to home educate your children, it’s a great idea to get involved with social groups in your area. These homeschooling groups in South Australia (SA) will give children a great opportunity to socialize. In addition, it will allow new home educators to gain experience in home education by asking veteran homeschooling parents in these groups. 
Below are South Australia homeschooling groups with links accompanied by the Facebook descriptions when provided.
Homeschooling groups in South Australia (SA)

SA Homeschooling Groups in Adelaide

We have a long page dedicated to all the homeschooling groups in Adelaide at this link. This page is for South Australian homeschooling groups and their surrounding areas.

Adelaide & South Australia Homeschoolers

  • ‘For everyone who is or is planning to homeschool in South Australia. We try to keep this group about home educating in South Australia so please keep threads and comments on topic.
  • The original creator of this Facebook group, and any of its members acting as admins for the group, do not endorse, accept responsibility for, or necessarily agree with messages, comments and replies or any content posted to this group by its members.
  • We love to support local and small businesses that provide fabulous resources however self-promotion of your own business is not allowed. Please direct members within their request for information but no advertising.’

Homeschoolers, External Students and Parents in South Australia!

  • ‘A bit of everything for everyone in South Australia! Mainly spreading the word about events/education/pages etc. From what’s happening around the state to meeting new friends/groups! ALL welcome to JOIN!’

Chicken soup for a homeschoolers soul South Australia

  • ‘Supporting homeschool, distance education and unschoolers in South Australia. Advice on legislation, social outings and meetups, support networks, how to get registered through the department, and resources, hints tips and chat.’

South Australian Homeschoolers Medieval Club

  • No Facebook description is given for this South Australian homeschooling group.

South Australian Homeschooling Foster Carer Group

  • No Facebook description is given for this South Australian homeschooling group.

Adelaide hills Family Homeschooling South Australia

  • No Facebook description is given for this SA homeschooling group.

Home Ed Co-op Opportunities South Australia

  • ‘This group is for those interested in forming a home education co-operative in South Australia. The purpose of the group is to access information on ‘how-to’, ask any questions from those already successfully operating a co-op, and to make connections with others who are keen to form a new co-op.
  • This group is NOT a general home school group, it’s not for general home school questions or discussion, there are plenty of other groups already fulfilling that need. By no means do I want to tell anyone how to run their own co-op, I want this group to be a sharing of ideas, to facilitate getting more co-ops off the ground. I think a lot of home educating parents are keen to be a part of something like this, but don’t know where to start, or are hesitant to be ‘the organiser’, however, the very nature of a co-op is that ALL members contribute to the organising and running of the co-op.
  • One of the biggest hurdles seems to be finding the right people, so I hope to help get those connections started. Use this group as a place to find others in your local area, and/or with your same philosophies, etc, make those connections, and get something going. There are no rules about what you do and don’t take from this group. If you connect with some people through the group, then take your discussion elsewhere, then that is fine by me.
  • I’m not here to run anything, I just want this space to be a place where we can share ideas, and hopefully get some wonderful co-ops off the ground. Additionally, if you are already running a co-op, or you get one going, please share your ideas and/or structure here, let us know what works, and what doesn’t work. The more we share, the easier it is for the next co-op to get started.’


Homeschooling Groups in South Australia (SA)



Social groups are a great idea if you’re planning on home educating your children. These South Australian (SA) homeschooling groups will give you a great avenue to have fun socially and make friends easily. If you’d like some more information on how to find a homeschooling group closer to your specific area, check out Homeschooling groups in Australia or watch the video above.

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