Homeschooling Groups in New South Wales (NSW)

On this page you’ll find links to homeschooling groups in NSW. These groups are fantastic to join so homeschooling families don’t miss out on socialization. This is important for the children, but also for the parents who also gain mentorship advice and support from other home educating families. 

Click on headings which are links to the groups.


Homeschooling Groups NSW

SHEN – Sydney and NSW Home Education Network

  • ‘This page is a complement to the SHEN website – . The purpose of SHEN is to facilitate communication and interaction amongst home educators and to make it easier to organise events for our children. SHEN members are able to view details and book into SHEN events through the website. This page is for posting about events across NSW for home educating families and discussion about home schooling in NSW.’

Home Education Information Workshops – NSW

  • ‘If you are wanting to find out more about home education, come and join a Home Education Information Workshop or casual get together. Delivered by a group of veteran homeschool mums, you can ask questions and become informed about how to begin. Gather a group around you and we’ll look for a central location and time to schedule an Information Session.’

Hunter Homeschooling NSW – Diverse Learners

  • This NSW homeschooling group doesn’t have a Facebook description.

Homeschooling groups in NSW

Homeschooling Australia NSW Kids Club.

  • ‘This is an information page for homeschoolers and also events , meet up with others ,make friends and have kid time……lots of stuff for fun, learning, online courses and apps.’

NSW Home Educators

  • ‘The NSW Home Educators was established in recognition of the fact that Home Educators in NSW need to work together to improve the systems and processes regulate home education. We are an informal group of parents who wish to exchange ideas and to coordinate action in support of Home Education in NSW. ‘
  • ‘VISION: Home Education is recognised as a viable and valued alternative to school based education in NSW. ‘
  • ‘MISSION: To advocate for a Legislative and Policy framework which supports the Home Education movement in NSW.’
  • ‘STRATEGIES: 1. Raise awareness of current local and global issues and trends 2. Encourage discussion amongst the Home Educator community 3. Advocate for systemic changes to improve outcomes for Home Educated children’

Hunter Homeschooling NSW – Diverse Learners

  • ​This NSW homeschooling group doesn’t have a decent Facebook description.

Homeschooling Central Coast NSW

  • This NSW homeschooling group doesn’t have a Facebook description.



NSW Homeschooled Teens

  • ‘A place where homeschooled teens in NSW can chat :)’

Homeschoolers of NSW

  • ‘This group is to unite and support homeschoolers/distance education.’

Homeschool NSW

  • This NSW homeschooling group doesn’t have a Facebook description.


NSW Homeschooling groups


Northern Rivers NSW Homeschool Group

  • ‘Northern Rivers NSW Homeschool Group is for all homeschoolers living in Northern NSW – a place to share events, ideas, and chat about homeschooling. Anyone can join, but events will mostly be limited to Northern NSW.’

Homeschool Groups: PenrithBegaGoulburn,.

Grafton and Coffs Harbour groups.

Blue Mountains: Katoomba, Mount Victoria, Springwood, and Blackheath.

Hunter Valley: 

Illawarra Homeschoolers

  • Wollongong,
  • Shellharbour,
  • Albion Park,
  • Flinders
  • and Figtree.

Southern Highlands. This Link covers the following towns:

  • Bowral
  • Mittagong
  • ​and Moss Vale


Conclusion: Homeschooling Australia NSW

Social groups are a great idea if you’re planning on home educating your children. These NSW homeschooling groups will give you a great avenue to have fun socially and make friends easily. If you’d like some more information on how to find a homeschooling group closer to your specific area, check out Homeschooling groups in Australia or watch the video above.


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