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Homeschooling stress can sometimes feel like an insurmountable obstacle, making even the most determined parents throw up their hands and declare, “The children are going back to school, now!” The challenges can be particularly overwhelming for those new to home education. But fear not because homeschooling doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In this engaging article, we delve into the causes of homeschooling stress and explore effective strategies for overcoming it.

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By understanding these stressors and learning how to prevent them, parents can reclaim control and ensure that their children’s educational journey is not just bearable but enjoyable and fulfilling.

Drawing from the insightful research conducted by Jennifer Rathmell and Gail Collins, who studied the experiences of nine homeschooling mothers, I’ll unveil the top five stressors and equip parents with the tools they need to triumph over them.

So, if you’re ready to banish homeschooling stress from your life, keep reading and discover the path to a harmonious and rewarding educational adventure.

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Top 5  Things Causing Homeschooling Stress in Parents

Although there are many things that can cause homeschooling stress, researchers identified the most common stressors below:

  1. Overwhelming responsibility
  2. Dealing with their homeschooled child’s behaviour and [lack of] motivation
  3. Confusion over finding the ‘right’ curriculum
  4. Stereotypes and stigmas over homeschooling
  5. Distractions and extras

The study identified effective solutions to resolve homeschooling stress in parents:

  1. Control and freedom (which counteracted Stressor #1 – overwhelming responsibility)
  2. Poignant moments (which counteracted Stressor #2 – dealing with their homeschooled child’s behaviour and motivation)
  3. Having the right curriculum (which counteracted Stressor #3 – confusion over finding the ‘right’ curriculum)
  4. Supportive spouses (which counteracted Stressor #4 – stereotypes and stigmas over homeschooling)
  5. The greater homeschooling community (which counteracted Stressor #5 – distractions and extras)

When parents manage to find the silver lining to the stressors above (that is, they found the good in the situation), their stress could be greatly allayed. If the event was handled successfully and recovered in this way, great satisfaction was often felt. On this point, the researchers, Rathmell and Collins (2013) explain:

For instance, “dealing with bad behaviour” was wearing on a homeschool mother, and yet the same situation provided an opportunity to “communicate family values, teach, and train” which was a primarily flourishing and positive aspect of home education. What seemed to be an initial reluctance is what I believe to be an inner tension of categorizing any facet of homeschooling as completely stressful. [Source]

The same frustrating situation was seen by participants as stressful, yet rewarding if opportunities were taken to make the situation positive.

The Problem of Overwhelming Responsibility

When it comes to homeschooling, the weight of responsibility can hit parents like a freight train.

Unlike traditional schooling, where parents entrust their children’s education to school authorities, homeschooling parents bear the full burden of ensuring their children receive a quality education.

This intense responsibility becomes even more daunting when they compare their children’s progress to that of their peers in conventional schools.

They worry about not just academic advancement; the quest for adequate socialization opportunities adds another layer of stress.

The Solution to Overwhelming Responsibility

However, there’s a solution to this overwhelming responsibility.

Homeschooling empowers parents by granting them control over their child’s education.

Liberated from the confines of a rigid curriculum or predetermined lifestyle, parents can chart their own path.

No longer burdened by concerns about subpar schedules, ineffective teachers, or unsatisfactory school environments, homeschooling parents can make informed choices.

They have the freedom to handpick socialization opportunities for their children, deciding who they interact with, when, and how.

By embracing this newfound control and flexibility, homeschooling parents can conquer the stress of overwhelming responsibility and create an educational journey that aligns with their vision and values.

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The Problem of Bad Behaviours and Motivational Issues

Dealing with challenging behavior and a lack of motivation in our homeschoolers can be incredibly disheartening for homeschooling parents.

It’s not uncommon for teachers to feel worn out from the constant demands of discipline and correction in the classroom.

In fact, disciplining students is a leading cause of stress among teachers.

As homeschooling parents spend more time with their children, the temptation to lose patience and snap at them becomes stronger, revealing our own flawed humanity.

And let’s face it; our children seem to have a knack for pushing our buttons like no one else can.

Failing to address these behavior issues effectively can lead to burnout, a struggle even teachers with low classroom management skills face.

​The Solution to Behaviours and Motivational Issues

Despite the frustrations of challenging behaviors and a lack of motivation, homeschooling parents have a unique opportunity to teach their children valuable lessons about behavior and motivation.

Through effective discipleship and mentoring, parents can guide their children toward wisdom and encourage positive change—a source of immense fulfillment for home educators.

The joy of learning together also serves as a powerful motivator, as parents model their Christian worldview to their children.

Specific programs, like the BJU Biblical Worldview curriculum, can aid in teaching and reinforcing these values.

By engaging in this mentorship and discipleship process, parents can address negative attitudes, promote unity, and significantly reduce the stress of dealing with misbehavior and discipline.

Embracing this transformative approach empowers homeschooling parents to turn challenges into opportunities for growth, creating a nurturing and harmonious learning environment for their children.

The Problem of Finding the Right Homeschool Curriculum

Embarking on the homeschooling journey brings with it a pivotal decision: choosing the right curriculum.

It’s a challenge that looms large, particularly in the early stages of homeschooling.

With the vast expanse of the internet at our fingertips, we are granted access to an abundance of resources and curriculum options.

However, this sea of possibilities can quickly become overwhelming, especially for new homeschooling parents who may lack formal educational training.

Navigating the tumultuous waters of homeschooling curriculum can feel like a daunting task.

The Solution to Finding the Right Homeschool Curriculum

The key to alleviating the stress of curriculum selection lies in finding the perfect fit for your family.

Imagine if your child is struggling with a math curriculum that feels too challenging or ill-suited to their learning style.

By making the switch to a more suitable program, you can address the problem head-on and significantly reduce homeschooling stress for parents.

One of the most remarkable aspects of homeschooling is the freedom it grants parents to tailor their approach according to their children’s unique needs.

With the ability to explore diverse homeschooling methods and curricula, parents have the opportunity to craft an educational experience that truly meets their children’s individual requirements.

So, dive into the world of homeschooling with confidence, armed with the knowledge that the perfect curriculum is out there, waiting to be discovered.

By embracing this freedom to choose, parents can transform their homeschooling journey into a personalized adventure that nurtures their children’s growth and minimizes the stress along the way.

If you need help choosing a curriculum, use this page to narrow your choice, or do this homeschool quiz to find out the right homeschool method, or do the Homeschool Parenting Program to help you choose a curriculum and make homeschooling much easier. 

The Problem of Stereotypes and Stigmas

When you homeschool, you’re going outside of the mainstream. Rejecting the status quo brings opposition from those who support the status quo or ‘the way everyone else does it’. This can create a lot of homeschool stress for parents.

Much of the opposition comes from friends and family whose opinions many home educators respect.

Criticism over homeschooling can cause parents to feel less confident and more defensive about their educational choices. Talking to people who don’t understand your educational choices may also cause a great deal of awkwardness.

Unlike mainstream school parents, homeschooling parents feel the need to justify their method of education as it is not the status quo.

The Solution to Stereotypes and Stigmas

Having the right people around you to encourage and guide you can reduce the stress that is related to stigmas and stereotypes about homeschooling.

A supportive spouse is important for unity and educational success in the homeschool.

Other homeschooling parents can also be a tremendous encouragement to home educators; their mentoring support can be the difference between sinking or swimming.

I’ve also found that knowing how to lovingly and gracefully defend and promote homeschooling among critics can turn detractors into advocates!

The Problem of Distractions and Extras

Venturing outside the mainstream and choosing to homeschool over the traditional path can invite a barrage of opposition and challenges.

By rejecting the status quo, homeschooling parents often find themselves facing stereotypes and stigmas that create significant stress.

The resistance can be disheartening, particularly when it comes from friends and family whose opinions we hold in high regard.

Criticism aimed at homeschooling choices can chip away at our confidence, leaving us feeling defensive and in need of constant justification.

Engaging in conversations with those who fail to understand our educational choices can be awkward and taxing.

Unlike parents of mainstream school children, homeschooling parents constantly find themselves in a position where they must explain and defend their unconventional method of education.

The burden to justify our choices weighs heavily.

The Solution to Distractions and Extras

To overcome the stress caused by stereotypes and stigmas, it is vital to surround yourself with a network of encouraging and supportive individuals.

A supportive spouse plays a pivotal role in fostering unity and educational success within the homeschooling journey.

Connecting with other homeschooling parents can be an incredible source of inspiration and encouragement.

Their mentorship and support can make all the difference between sinking or swimming amidst the challenges.

Moreover, knowing how to graciously and confidently advocate for homeschooling when faced with critics can yield surprising results.

By articulating the benefits of homeschooling with love and grace, detractors can become advocates, widening the understanding and acceptance of this educational choice.

So, stand tall, confident in your decision, and seek the support and guidance of like-minded individuals who uplift and empower you.

Together, we can shatter stereotypes, dispel stigmas, and create a thriving community of homeschooling advocates.

Your Homeschooling Stress

Now it’s time to identify your specific homeschool stressor and compare it to the problems and solutions discussed earlier.

By finding alignment, you can uncover a tailored solution to address your unique homeschooling challenges.

My PROBLEM is: _________.

​My SOLUTION is:_________.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey—reach out to fellow homeschooling parents, online communities, or local groups for support and guidance. (The M2H Community is FANTASTIC for this.)

5 Reasons You Are a Stressed Homeschool Parent. (1)

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Conclusion: Don’t Put Up with Homeschool Stress!

Why settle for homeschooling stress when effective solutions await? Embrace a harmonious home education experience by following proven methods. Seek guidance from experienced homeschooling parents and continuously evaluate your approach. Recognize that multitasking is hurting your homeschool sometimes and stop and enjoy your kids. Remember, when challenges arise, hit the “Don’t Panic” button. Prepare for a fulfilling and stress-free homeschooling adventure!

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