Homeschooling in Sydney (& Homeschool Groups in Sydney)

Homeschooling in Sydney has been growing dramatically in the last decade. It has become widespread in Sydney, Perth and Queensland. COVID has also increased homeschooling registrations as parents realize they can safely educate their children themselves. This post will discuss homeschool registration in Sydney and finding a homeschool group in Sydney (with links to groups).

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How Do I Register to Homeschool in Sydney?

Registering to homeschool in Sydney is done through the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). NESA takes a while to answer applications. The current waiting time is 12 weeks!

Although you’re legally supposed to keep your children in school until you get approval to homeschool in NSW, most caregivers withdraw their children during this period without an issue (except perhaps for a bit of heat from the school).

You can register for homeschooling in NSW on the NESA website.
You can register for homeschooling in NSW on the NESA website.

“I haven’t Got Formal Approval to Homeschool Yet, and I’m Nervous!”

Perhaps you’re thinking the police are going to come and knock down your door for not going to school without a formal homeschool registration.

That will not happen.

However, you may get a bit of heat from your school about home education. The best way to reduce this heat is to show them you are in the process of registering for homeschooling in Sydney. You can do this by emailing them that your application has been received and processed.

In the meantime, you can start deschooling your children and looking into how to homeschool, including choosing a homeschool method and curriculum. You can get started by doing my free homeschool quiz here.

Most homeschool applications will be approved, so don’t panic.

I haven’t heard of a homeschool application being rejected. I’m sure it happens. But I wanted to assure you it is very uncommon.

What are the Requirements for Homeschooling in Sydney

These guidelines can be found here.

The process looks SCARY. But it’s not. Don’t be put off. Instead, go to a homeschool friend of yours (or make one through a Sydney homeschool group) and ask them what registering looked like.

In reality, it’s a lot easier than it looks!

Where Do I Find a Homeschool Parent to Chat To?

The best way to do this is to go through Facebook Groups (see the section on Facebook groups with direct links below).

When you’ve got into a group around your area, ask your questions on the forums. (There’s a special NSW Homeschooling Support Group that might be helpful.)

Questions about the homeschooling requirements in Sydney appear constantly, and other homeschool mothers are only too keen to help out.

Finding a Homeschool group in NSW
The best way to find a Homeschool group in NSW is to go to Facebook. You can also look for groups closer to where you live by typing in ‘Homeschool group in [your area]’.

What Will My Homeschool Inspection be Like

You may either do your homeschool inspection in person or by video conference. (Video conferencing has been preferred during COVID times).

How Long Can I Be Registered for Homeschooling in Sydney For?

Registration is either given for one year or two years. You generally get a one-year registration if you’re new to homeschooling and you’ve just registered. Renewed registrations often come with a two-year term.

Unregistered Homeschoolers in Sydney? No Way…

There is an astonishing number of homeschoolers who aren’t registered. During the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry Into Homeschooling in 2014, the government estimated half of all homeschoolers weren’t even registered.

Homeschool registration is seen as stressful, especially when homeschool inspectors are very exacting.

Hence, many people decide to drop off the radar altogether and go underground.

Sydney Home Education GROUPS

Below are Sydney homeschooling groups with links accompanied by the Facebook descriptions when provided.

SHEN – Sydney and NSW Home Education Network

  • ‘This page is a complement to the SHEN website – When you request to join this group, please message one of the admins with some information about your family and where you are on your homeschooling journey. If you do not, your request is likely to be rejected. The purpose of SHEN is to facilitate communication and interaction amongst home educators and to make it easier to organise events for our children. SHEN members can view details and book into SHEN events through the website. This page is for posting about events across NSW for home educating families and discussion about homeschooling in NSW.

Sutherland Shire Home Education Co-op Group

  • This group is all about families interested in working together to facilitate natural learning of our children. Social meetings, playgroup, excursions, playful learning, project-based learning, Steiner Education, Montessori Education…much more good ideas to be shared with friendship! 🙂
  • Homeschool Group in Menai, Sydney, Australia. 
  • This is a homeschool co-op in Sydney. 

Home Educators Northern Sydney (HENS)

  • This is a group for home educating parents in and around the northern suburbs of Sydney. I would love for us to have many opportunities to connect, play, have fun and support each other in our home educating journeys. We value co-creation, so please, if you have ideas for this group, would like to organise a meet or activity in the area, or know of an activity you think others might be interested in, please feel free to post about it. We welcome those adopting all styles of home education.​
  • Homeschool group in North Ryde, Sydney. 

Northern Beaches Home Educators

Central Coast Home Educators CCHomeed Community

  • ‘A group for homeschoolers on the Central Coast, NSW, to connect and chat. For information about events and meetups, please join the CCHomeEd yahoo group – For access to resources and information about events, etc., please join the Central Coast Home Education: Information and Events Page. Your request to join will be approved much more quickly if you answer both questions once you click “join the group.” Otherwise, please lookout for a PM from one of the admins in your “Others” folder. Thank you for helping us keep this group a safe place for everyone. ‘
  • Homeschool group in the Central Coast, Wamberal, NSW. 

The Villiage – Lower North Shore Home Educators

  • ‘Welcome beautiful people. This group is a place to gather families who are homeschooling/unschooling and looking to connect in person with others in and around Sydney Lower North Shore (but open to all locals!). The group will grow and evolve as it needs to, but my wish is to create an in-person community that regularly comes together to share this journey and support each other on the path to who knows where.


Homeschooling Groups in Sydney, Australia

New South Wales Home Educators

  • ‘The NSW Home Educators was established in recognition that Home Educators in NSW need to work together to improve the systems and processes regulating home education. We are an informal group of parents who wish to exchange ideas and coordinate action supporting Home Education in NSW. VISION: Home Education is recognised as a viable and valued alternative to school-based education in NSW. MISSION: To advocate for a Legislative and Policy framework that supports the Home Education movement in NSW. STRATEGIES: 1. Raise awareness of current local and global issues and trends 2. Encourage discussion amongst the Home Educator community 3. Advocate for systemic changes to improve outcomes for Home Educated children.’​

COSMOS – Sydney Homeschool Group

  • ‘COSMOS is a home school social group running for over 20 years. We meet up Wednesdays in Ruddock Park, Westleigh.
  • Park group meets on Wednesdays. Gifted/Talented group but all welcome!’

Special Needs Homeschool Sydney, NSW

  • ‘This is a group for parents, families, and carers who home school, distance education, in the process or, just inquiring. It is a group to help connect, support and share information. It is for all disabilities and abilities. This group is for homeschooling families who live in Sydney and NSW.’
  • Homeschool Australia, Sydney, special needs group.

Macarthur SPECIAL NEEDS Homeschool Families

  • Special needs homeschooling group in Campbelltown, NSW. 

Macarthur Homeschooling Families

  • ‘This group is for families in the Macarthur area (Campbelltown/Camden/Wollondilly) who homeschool or are interested in homeschooling. For general support, sharing ideas and arranging joint activities so our kids can learn and socialise together.

Hornsby/Berowra Homeschool Group

  • ‘This is a group for home educating parents in and around Sydney’s upper north shore. We are open to all styles of home education. Looking forward to meeting everyone in person.’
  • Email contact – [email protected]
  • Homeschool Group in Berowra and Mount Colah. 

Homeschooling Sydney Groups

Sydney Homeschool Social Group

  • A social group for all homeschoolers in the Sydney region

Sydney ASD Homeschooling Social Group

  • ‘The drama-free space to get your social fix when homeschooling your Spectrum Superstars. This group was created specifically for families homeschooling an autistic child or children in Sydney. We attend bowling every Thursday and at various parks around Sydney every Tuesday. Siblings are welcome to attend.

Eastern Suburbs Sydney Homeschoolers – Homeschool Group in Maroubra, Sydney. 

  • Homeschool group in Maroubra.
  • ‘Wanting to connect all the homeschooling families in Sydney’s eastern suburbs (and beyond). Meetups happen weekly on Mondays.’

Sydney North Homeschool Activities

  • ‘This group is for advertising homeschool activities such as excursions, classes, workshops and gatherings held in the Northern Area of Sydney. Feel free to share other local events such as council-run events, discounts on educational supplies at local stores, and so on.’

Penrith Homeschoolers

  • ‘This group is primarily to chat about our weekly homeschool gymnastics class but also for other local home school things as they arise.’

HUG or HUGS, Homeschool United Group – Upper North Shore, Sydney

  • ‘Welcome to HUG. We are a group of homeschooling families with a Christian foundation, although all are welcome. We strive to be a group of integrity, love and support to the homeschool community. We meet regularly on Friday afternoons. This group is designed to encourage and support the homeschool community. As a member of this group, we hope that you will try to attend some of our meetups; we would love to get to know you in person.’
  • Social meets on Fridays in Saint Ives.
  • Contact [email protected].

Blacktown Area Inclusive Homeschoolers, Unschoolers, Eclectic

  • ‘This group is for homeschoolers, unschoolers, or distance-edders who would like to do activities/meet-ups in the Blacktown area. Everyone welcome. We are a welcoming group where everyone feels included. We encourage the building of friendships with diverse people. Anyone can post their outings and invite others to join them. All meets are casual, and parents are fully responsible for the care and safety of their children.’
  • Homeschool group in Blacktown.

Classical Christian Homeschoolers of Hawkesbury

  • ‘A group for homeschooling parents educating their children in the classical education tradition. Our co-op is located in Richmond.’​

Southern Highlands Homeschoolers

  • A social group for all homeschoolers in the Sydney region.

Family Run Education Southern Highlands

  • ‘This Facebook group is to help facilitate communication of a group of home educators who meet every Wednesday during term 12:30-3:30. We pay a $40 term fee per family, which pays for the rent of the hall and the odd sundry. There is also a casual rate of $10 per visit to $40 per term. We are fortunate to have a hall with a kitchen and a fenced large play area. We are an eclectic group open to all. We ask that you take responsibility for your children. This is a HEA Insured event. Feel free to visit for free for your first visit. Please email [email protected] for more information.’
  • Homeschool group in Moss Vale, NSW.

Sydney Homeschoolers Buy/Swap/Sell

  • ‘A group for the Sydney region homeschoolers to buy/sell and swap curriculum and learning resources locally. The group is not for any specific homeschooling methods. Any non-homeschooling items will be deleted. Please delete items after they’ve been sold.’​

Teen Events Sydney Basin Homeschoolers

  • ‘Welcome to Teen Events Sydney Basin Homeschoolers – a place for advertising events organised by our Admin Team. Our Admin Team consists of a group of homeschooling parents representing all areas of the Sydney Basin, where the vast majority of events will be held. If you have a non-SBH event to advertise, please seek admin approval first. This is not a discussion group. Small talk will be removed. Details of SBH events are not to be reproduced elsewhere. If you know of anybody wanting to participate who is not an SBH member, please direct them to apply to join this group. For this group, the Sydney Basin Area is roughly a triangle between Woollongong, Newcastle and the Blue Mountains – basically, anywhere within 3 hrs drive from Sydney CBD. This group was set up with a focus on activities suitable for tweens/teens in response to a lack of suitable homeschool happenings for this age group leading to many homeschoolers returning to school purely for social reasons. We aim to broaden the homeschooling social circle for older homeschoolers. While most events will be teen-focused, many SBH events are suitable for all the family.’

​Sydney Christian Homeschoolers

  • ‘This group is intended for fellowship, encouragement, events, and practical advice (particularly in comparing the various Christian homeschooling curricula).’​

Rouse Hill to Kellyville Group

  • ‘Here we are! If you’re in the Hills area and you homeschool your kids, we’d love to hear from you. Our regular meet-up day is every Thursday, 1 pm at various parks around the Hills area. You will find all the details on this page, including wet weather fallback options. The admins will bump weekly events to the top of the group feed. Admin are Debra, Vesna and Sarah. Feel free to invite your friends along too. If you have any suggestions for a great park, please let us know. Please note: – We are an active meet-up group rather than a FB social group. It is expected that you will attend meetups at least once a month. We would rather get to know other lovely homeschoolers in real life! ?. – Please answer the automatic admin questions we have set up. If you don’t answer the questions, your request to join will be deleted. We expect that we will be respectful to our environment as a group at our meet-up locations. We will leave the area as we find it. This includes leaving no rubbish behind no damage to play equipment, plants, or wildlife. We expect that parents will take responsibility in informing their children of this principle.’​

Hills District Homeschool – Homeschool group in Northwestern Sydney.

  • ‘This is a homeschooling group for families. Whether you HS by curriculum, unschooling or natural learning. Weekly meets will be organised in the new year ♥ If you are considering homeschooling, please look at these resources to help you on your journey.’
  • Homeschool group in Castle Hill.


Hawkesbury HomeSchoolers

  • ‘A support group for those Home Educating (Home Schooling) in Hawkesbury area.’
  • Homeschool group in Richmond, Sydney, Australia. 
  • Weekly and monthly events and activities.

Pre-homeschoolers Sydney

  • ‘This is a Sydney-based support group for those who have kids under the age of 6 and intend to home educate. We can share information, ideas and our experiences. This is also a forum where we can organise catch-ups and events, and build a community that supports our educational choices.’​ ​

Heart in the Home – Blue Mountains Homeschool Group

  • ‘Heart in the Home is a home education group in the Blue Mountains. We meet on Thursdays for informal plays in the park and for group excursions.’
  • ‘Social Group for ages 4-10.’
  • Homeschool group in the Blue Mountains area. 

A Worldwide Community of Homeschool Moms: M2H

The Made 2 Homeschool (M2H) community is a wonderful resource for homeschool moms seeking a supportive and engaging community.

Joining a community of like-minded individuals can alleviate the loneliness that can sometimes accompany homeschooling, especially when local groups don’t meet one’s needs or preferences.

The M2H community offers various avenues for connection and support.

Chats, LIVE chat events, webinars, and videos provide opportunities for homeschool moms to interact, learn from each other, and share their experiences.

Additionally, contributors provide printables and articles that can assist in homeschooling endeavors, offering valuable resources and ideas.

If you’re looking to join a community of homeschool moms and benefit from the support and resources they offer, I encourage you to check out the Made 2 Homeschool community.

You can explore their website or social media channels to learn more about their offerings and determine if it aligns with your interests and needs.

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Conclusion: Sydney Homeschooling Groups in Australia

Social groups are a great idea if you’re planning on home educating your children. These Sydney homeschooling groups will give you a great avenue to have fun socially and make friends easily. If you’d like some more information on how to find a homeschooling group closer to your specific area, check out Homeschooling groups in Australia or watch the video above.
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