10 Ways Teenagers Can Make Money

In this video, I’ll show you 10 ways teenagers can make money. Making money is particularly easy when you homeschool. This is because teenagers have time and don’t have to pay for their board. They can use this time to research an appropriate business idea or homeschool entrepreneur pursuit. At home, teenagers have time to experiment and make mistakes. 

In contrast, it’s harder for someone with a family to do these things as they usually have very little time or money. They have more responsibility and don’t have the same level of freedom a teenager does.

But, there are many ways teenagers can make money doing different things. These include the following:



Through this blog, I make money to support my family through affiliate links or advertisements from sources like Google. 

You can start your own blog (here’s mine as an example) and blog about your passion. To do this, you’ll have to learn how to write well and learn a little bit about search engine optimization and keyword research.

Are you a teenager who wants to make money? There are plenty of ways to do this! In this video, I'll show you 10 ways teenagers make money, including blogging, vlogging, entrepreneurial ventures, baking, mowing lawns, working in a supermarket and more! #waysteenagersmakemoney



Youtube lets you monetize your blogs when you get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

Many people give up as they only try vlogging for a few months. Many also fail to research what makes a good blog or video.

This is where you can make your money. Research a topic you’re interested in and then make a video about it! If you persist for a year, you’ll go on a steep learning curve and eventually figure out what people love (and what they don’t!).

Don’t forget to ask your parents, siblings or neighbours for a video critique to take the guesswork out of what looks good and what doesn’t.

It’s fun and exhilarating when you get lots of views. You can check out my Youtube channel for homeschoolers here. 


Fixing faulty products

If you’re a bit of a handyman, find an expensive product, like a motorbike, that often breaks down. Research how to fix the broken part. Buy the faulty bike, fix its problem and sell them on as a fixed product!

You could also do this with a mobile. For example, if you buy cracked smartphones, learn how to remove the cracked glass, wipe its memory and so on, you can sell your newly fixed phone for an increased price. (The phone I now use is a ‘refurbished phone’. This means someone has had it before me but the refurbishment company has cleaned it etc. and put a new battery in it.)


Find a niche market

Find a hole in the market in your country. Discover if another country, like China, sells these for a good price. Import these products to sell locally and add a premium for the convenience of selling locally and being able to ship quickly.

My friend found an unusual niche in this area (you can read his story here…he talks a lot about his entrepreneurial ideas) and imported bread and butter products which weren’t available locally. He sold these for a premium.


Breed rare and expensive animals

After you check out the laws surrounding breeding rare and expensive animals, find out what animals will make you money if you breed them. 

If you love reptiles, have a go at snakes. If you like birds, why not talking parrots. If you’re a fan of dogs, French or British Bulldogs sell for a fortune.

Your key to success in this area is researching how much money and time you’re going to have to put in, and how much you’ll make on selling these little creatures!


Start a Lawn Mowing Business

This is a fantastic way teenagers can make money. It is a tried and true method as most people have a lawn. Many of these tenants or homeowners are not particularly fond of mowing their grass and will jump at the chance to get out of it.

If you mow five lawns a day for $30 or $40 a day, you can make a quick $875 for the week. That’s a good wage for a teenager!


Get a job in a supermarket

This sounds incredibly boring, but you can make a fortune just by working at your local servo or supermarket. The trick to making a fortune here is to start as young as you can and invest the money you earn. Many young teenagers who make money spend it as quickly as they’ve made it.

Few invest it wisely and save their money.

If you’re tempted to spend the money, make enough to put a deposit down on a house and get a mortgage. Paying a mortgage is essentially a forced savings plan. You could pay off your house in only a few years if you work hard at saving! (This is also a reason going to college can be a bad idea!)

The younger you start, the more money you’ll make in the long run. Check out this article about compound interest.


Bake treats for cafes

Another great way homeschoolers make money is to find something they can provide local businesses for a good price.

My friend baked treats such as biscuits, croissants, and banana bread for the local cafe and made a fortune doing it! The cafes were happy because they got the treats for a good price and the food was home-cooked, delicious, and nutritious. It also wasn’t stuffed full of sugar and preservatives so the customers had a win!


Become a tutor

If you’re a fan of a particular subject, you can become a teacher for that subject. If you’re into music, become a music tutor. If you’re into mathematics, become a mathematics tutor. If you love physics, like my sister-in-law, become a physics tutor.

After you’ve figured out what to teach, set up a website showing your address or how far you’re willing to travel. (Make sure you put your address or suburb down so Google knows you’re a local in your particular area. 

 Discover some great ways homeschooling teenagers can make money. Here we discuss some different business ideas that homeschoolers will find easy to impliment. This will help them begin their entrepreneurial venture at home! #homeschoolentrepreneur #wayste

Add value to your parent’s house

While there are some jobs that you are expected to do because you’re a household member, there are a lot of other jobs your parents won’t expect you to do for free. This might include:

  • painting the house
  • digging up a stump in the yard
  • selling vegetables you grow in the yard

Ask them how much they’ll pay you for doing these things!

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Conclusion: Ways Teenagers Can Make Money

So, what do you think of our 10 ways teenagers can make money? Have you got any more ideas? Help us out by putting them in the comments below and I can make another video with them.

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