How Do You Know If You’re Covering Enough in Homeschool?

It’s a common question, but are you doing enough with your kids? How do you know if you’re covering enough in your homeschool curriculum?

A lot of moms worry about this and fret when they miss something in the program.

It’s good to know that a lot of these programs like BJU and Sonlight give you more information and resources than you can do (they prefer to overdo it rather than underdo it).

But, this can stress out the conscientious mother who feels the need to do it all. She doesn’t want her children to have any holes in their education. It’s good to realize everyone emerges from their education with holes.

And some have more than others, it’s true. But, most people get by just fine. This means stressing about not having done EVERYTHING leads to even more anxiety and a homeschool that lacks luster.

You can navigate these waters by getting your children tested using standardized tests. This way, you know exactly where your children sit in relation to others around them. Hope this was helpful. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more!

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