Does Homeschooling Produce Awkward Kids?

Does homeschooling produce awkward kids? Is there anything inherent in homeschooling that deprives them of the socialization they need to be able to fit into society well.

There are a number of reasons why many people think homeschoolers are weird and unsocialized. These include:

  1. Simply being educated differently and being different from the vast majority of children
  2. hildren who don’t socialize much actually don’t know societal norms – but my experience and research suggest this is not the majority. In fact, many are socializing 2-3 times a week or more.
  3. Children who are not as exposed to mass media appear unusual which is sometimes more the case with homeschoolers.
  4. Many homeschoolers are more versed in vertical socialization (with younger and older people) compared to horizontal socialization most children experience in school (peer to peer).

So, does homeschooling produce awkward children? I believe not, but perhaps it depends on the definition.

I do believe homeschoolers ought to spend time with others learning what is normal. This helps them fit into society more when they graduate their homeschool and move out of home.

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