What are Some Great Personal Traits For Homeschool Moms to Have?

As I look into homeschooling further, I thought about some amazing parents who did a great job educating their children at home. They seemed to have humility, gospel-centered attitudes, a great deal of patience, and a well-thought-out educational philosophy.

I also considered some homeschools that failed or weren’t as successful as the former one outlined. What made these homeschools fail? So often it was impatience, laziness, or proud, legalistic inflexibility.

But what have other parents observed among homeschooling families in their groups? What is their opinion of the character that makes a successful home-educating parent?

I crowdsourced some answers on some beneficial traits for a homeschool parent to have by asking, ‘What are some good traits to have if you’re a home-educating parent?’ The answers blew me away with their collective wisdom!


9 Answers About Beneficial Traits for Homeschooling Parents

Answer #1

If you’re a homeschool mom, you need to trust God and have a prayerful attitude. Always be obedient to Him. There’s more, but I pray for the rest, and God provides it. God has grown my patience and given me discernment. These are two traits that are needed for sure.


Answer #2

A homeschool mom needs faith, patience, flexibility, and perseverance!


Answer #3

It’s great to have forgiveness, endless grace, and stick-to-it-iveness.


Answer #4

Willingness to look beyond traditional teaching methods is a great characteristic for a homeschool mom. You need to put your child’s needs before your feelings.


Answer #5

You need fortitude!


Answer #6

A homeschool mom needs patience to handle outsiders who don’t understand what you’re doing or why, as if it’s their business to know.


Answer #7

A good homeschooling trait is being able to see the big picture. Patience is great, but I know few who can truthfully say they excel at patience (my mom couldn’t, and I sure can’t!), but being able to see and keep the big picture in mind can help get you through where patience leaves off.


Great Personal Traits or Characteristics for Home Educating Parents, Moms and Dads.


Answer #8

I’ve known so many whose main comments against homeschooling is that they don’t have patience. They say, “Oh, I could never homeschool. I just don’t have the patience for it!” as if homeschool moms are just mystically imbued with the stuff.  Having true patience is obviously not a requirement, or no one would homeschool!

It is necessary for day-to-day living with children, but the big picture is more attainable, I feel for most.

Actually, I feel it takes more patience from me to deal with outsiders than it does to homeschool. homeschooling is a breeze compared to defending our choices or responding to criticism and ignorance! I don’t think it takes any more patience to homeschool than it does to have kids in general, it’s the naysayers that I need patience for.


Answer #9

A homeschool mom needs a willingness to learn, flexibility, and a will to be patient. Few of us are actually patient, so the desire and willingness to grow in that area are very important. To me, the willingness to learn, and also the ability to admit that we don’t know or make mistakes are absolutely vital!

Total reliance upon God. That’s really it in a nutshell. Being flexible and compassionate are super helpful too. Knowing your day may end up looking much different than you planned is ok! Being open to putting down what you thought you would study in order to explore something truly interesting to your child, or sharing a great conversation you had with God with your child helps them see the importance of staying connected to God throughout the day.

To me, the willingness to learn, and also the ability to admit that we don’t know or make mistakes are absolutely vital!



It seems like many of these parents get their wisdom and strength from God and ask Him for help when times get hard and they need encouragement. Perseverance and prayer are also important, encouraging fortitude in home educating moms and dads. Flexibility with the curriculum and with your daily routine are also vital as they allow parents breathing room when the day is tough. But the main trait people acknowledged as important was patience. Thankfully, we just need to ask God for this, and He’ll help us develop this fruit with willingness.

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