20 Funny Homeschool Memes to Make You Laugh!

Want some funny homeschool memes to make your day? These pics will have you laughing as you identify with the truths they portray. The following memes represent the advantages and ironies in many homeschools, exhibiting reasons parents choose to home-educate. 

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Coronavirus School from Home a Disaster!

Many people think virtual school or distance education is homeschooling. This is not the case!

Public school parents transitioning their kids to virtual learning - homeschooling parents #meme #homeschool

Homeschool Meme about the Ease of Life

Homeschooling offers a pretty cruisy life for many students. This is easily typified by homeschoolers who can sleep in, wear their pajamas for extended periods, and do only a few hours of formal work a day.

8 hour school day vs 3 hours at homeschool #meme

They aren’t constrained by uniforms…

Of course I wear pyjamas...I'm Homeschooled!

…in fact, the uniform thing is an attractive reason to homeschool…

Public school vs homeschool. Me in my Pajamas. #meme

The many advantages of home education understandably make some public school students envious…

You can't forget your homework if you don't have homework #homeschool meme

You see, we only work 3 hours a day. Home educated students explaining homeschooling to a public school student. #homeschoolmeme

Mothers, as well as their children, enjoy the flexibility of homeschooling…

Me when other parents are dropping their kids at school homeschool mom life from howdoihomeschool.com homeschool meme

Mothers often find it less stressful than sending their children to school…

Actually, I just realized there's no need to cry because they're not going anywhere. Mom on the first day of homeschool.

…and parents might just ruin your ‘day-off-from-school’ by making you homeschool…

Not feeling well panik panic. Mom says you can stay home today calm. But you're homeschooled panik panic. #meme

…not fair!

Homeschool Memes About Choices

When parents are choosing between homeschooling and public school, their choice can be a stressful one. With parents and friends questioning their decision, the choice to home-educate or not can make them sweat…

Public School vs Homeschool Choices. #homeschoolmeme

Many choose to take the road less traveled…

Whew That was a close one. Homeschool vs public school. #homeschoolmeme

Homeschool Memes on Socialization

Although the homeschooling socialization argument has been well and truly killed, boiled, and flayed alive, the idea that homeschoolers aren’t adequately socialized still arises. Understandably some home educators get a little frustrated when asked this question…

Really, Again? The Unsocialized Homeschoolers Argument. #homeschoolmeme

The following gem is about what happens when people suddenly find out a person was homeschooled! All of a sudden, they’re suspicious of their socializing skills…

You're telling me you're homeschooled...and socialized? #homeschoolmeme

But, so many of us worry about socialization unnecessarily:

So, you're saying I've been worried about socialization for nothing? #Homeschoolmommmeme.

Sometimes the news that you’re going to be homeschooled is just plain exciting…

He just got the news that we're homeschooling. #meme

…but sometimes, when you settle into your curriculum, you find there’s a lot of busywork in there you weren’t expecting!

Anyone for some busywork? #meme

…but there’s way less than in school…

Public school students does one online assignment and asks is this homeschooling. #meme.

College Homeschool Memes

A significant advantage of home education is that you can start college incredibly early

Doing college when you're 13. You can do that when you're homeschooled. #meme

Other Funny Homeschooling Memes

Homeschool Memes: Disbelief over 3 Hours of Work a Day

Ducky Disaster. We had some beautiful ducks we loved. We gave them to another homeschool family...#meme

Make Your Own Homeschool Meme

Creating your own meme can be a great way to express yourself creatively and make your friends laugh.

A meme is an image, video, line of text, or combination thereof that quickly spreads across the internet due to its humorous nature.

Plus, with all the popular meme maker apps available on iOS and Android devices, it’s easier to create your own. Here are some tips on how to make your own meme from scratch!

You can also look at making memes as well as videos with Flexclip. Check them out here.

Tips on How To Create Your Own Meme

First, determine what type of message you want to convey.

Are you looking for something funny, or do you have something political that you’d like to get out?

Is there a specific topic or idea that resonates with you?

Knowing what kind of message you want your meme to portray will help narrow down the image and text choices.

Then, use an online meme maker tool, such as ImgFlip, Adobe, or Meme Generator, which provides templates and tools that allow users to customize photos with captions and other features.

Then choose the right image. Selecting the right image for your meme is key as it can create a humorous effect combined with clever text. Try to find something that stands out from the rest and expresses what you’re trying to say amusingly.

Next, add your text carefully. Memes rely on witty text, so add words that are funny or thought-provoking depending on the message you want to send. Be sure not to overcrowd the page with too much writing, as this can ruin its impact!

Finally, before publishing your meme, show your meme to a friend or parent to make sure it’s appropriate and makes the impact you want it to make.


When people choose to home-educate their families, they go against the grain. When they do this, people can see many differences compared to others who send their children to public school. These differences and ironies are reflected in these funny homeschool memes. This page is filled with hilarious laughing memes that never fail to make me smile, even though I’ve seen them so many times. I hope that has been the case for you

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