Kids Say Funny Things! Hilarious Quotes from Children

Kids say funny things! As they learn, they correct themselves and discover what is socially acceptable. Along the way, they commit many innocent verbal bloopers, which are hilarious to older spectators. I’m sure many people have wanted to compile a book with all the funny things their children have said. I don’t know that I have time for a book, but a post with these hilarious quotes is well overdue!

Rebbecca Devitt

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Children are hilarious! Laugh with us as we catalogue some funny things kids say in this blog post. #funnythingskidssay #funnykidsquotes kids say funny things

Kids Say Funny Things – from Rebecca

After toilet training my son, he still had the occasional accident in his pants. One day he was rather ashamed when he did a poo in his pants. On this occasion, my husband entered the room and smelt it. He said, ‘Did you do a poo in your pants?’ Luke didn’t answer.  Instead, he waited a minute and looked inquiringly up at my husband and said, ‘Who did that poo in my pants?’ – Rebbecca Devitt

Mom: What noise does a fish make?

Son: Bubble, bubble, bubble.

Mom: What noise does a crocodile make?

Son: Snap, snap, snap.

Mom: What noise does a Mommy make?

Son: Cook, cook, cook.

– Rebecca Devitt

When we go to the shops, my two-year-old son often asks for toys. I often say, ‘No.’ When he asks why, I say, ‘Because it costs too many dollars.’ One day my son was playing shops. He asked me to buy something from him. When I asked how much it cost, he replied, ‘Too many dollars.’ He was quite serious. We almost fell over backwards laughing! – Rebecca Devitt

When looking into Luke’s eyes lovingly during the afternoon I said to him, ‘You’re a beautiful little boy, aren’t you.’ He agreed quite readily. Later that evening, while we were having dinner together, Luke had covered himself in the contents of dinner and he looked quite messy. I frowned at him and said in frustration, ‘You’re a filthy little boy, aren’t you, Luke.’ He looked quite miffed and offended. Searching for words, he found them with unexpected clarity, saying, ‘Luke’s…Luke’s…Luke’s not a filthy little boy. He’s a beautiful little boy!’ My husband and I almost fell off our chairs laughing. – Rebbecca Devitt

My son made a new friend at the playpark and was making conversation. He said, ‘My dad is a Physiotherapist but my mom doesn’t do anything.’ I thought I’d take that one on the chin…

Mothers Day

My dear son Luke (3-and-a-half) is characteristically sweet. He’ll often say beautiful things like, ‘Oh mummy, you look so pretty in that dress,’ or, ‘You’re a very nice mummy for doing that for me.’

So, I wasn’t surprised when on Mothers Day 2021 he uttered a very sweet sentiment that I supposed was aimed at me. But, to give you some more context, I have to tell you about my church playgroup.

My son and I attend playgroup at church every Wednesday. There is a dear old lady there, who we’ll call Jean. Jean reads Luke stories and chats to him about cars which put her in his good books.

Going back to Mothers Day 2021…

My husband went for a jog in the morning. As he was heading back he said, there’s a Mother’s Day gift for you in Luke’s backpack he is supposed to give you…although you might have to prompt him as he may have forgotten about it.

I went into Luke’s room and said, ‘Daddy says there’s a gift in your backpack.’

Luke jumped out of bed and said with excitement, ‘Yes, that’s right!’

‘Who’s it for?’ I said.

‘It’s for the woman I love.’ At this point Mummy immediately, goes, ‘Awwww… don’t I just have the sweetest kid. Is it for me then Luke?’

‘No, it’s for Jean at playgroup.’

Needless to say, I nearly fell off my chair with laughter.

I related the whole story to Jean at playgroup and she was chuffed!

Funny Things Kids Say – from Jesse

When my three-year-old son and I leave the house, I use a collective noun to describe how we are leaving such as, ‘off like a pack of wolves’, ‘a pride of lions’, or ‘a dazzle of zebras’. The other day my son said, ‘We are off like a set of drums.’ … Well, it is a collective noun and it is a fairly accurate description of our morning exit down the echoing stairwell! – Jesse

My friend, Jesse, has a 4-year-old who is a genius. At this age, the child can add, subtract, multiply, divide, read and almost write. This creates some funny situations. In one case her son did some amazing division. When he got a teddy bear, he started insisting it was the same age as his mother (who is 40-years-old). The mother insisted that the bear was, at most, 8 months old. The child thought for a moment. In order to make the teddy 40-years-old like his mother, he said, ‘I’ve got it. Teddy lives in 20 minute days!’   – Jesse

Children say the darnest things! We cataloge a few funny conversations with parents and teachers in this blog post. Laugh with us as we look at hilarious quotes from toddlers and other young children with their teachers and parents. #funnykids #funnythingskidssay #kidssayfunnythings kids say funny things

Funny Things Kids Say from the Internet

When asked what a grandparent is, this child said, ‘Grandparents are a lady and a man who have no little children of her own. They like other people’s.’ –

After reading the nursery rhyme about ‘The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts all on a summers day…,’ 3-year-old Luke got a little confused. In referring to his 3-month-old baby sister, he enthusiastically said, ‘Penny is the Queen of Tarts!’

If Jesus walked on water, could he do a handstand, too?” -a 4-year-old,

I had a student rush in all excited to tell me that her ancestors came over on the cauliflower. – Amy St. Ours,

My little sister was at the doctor’s office for her annual check-up–she had to be somewhere around 3. The nurse was asking all the standard coordination type questions–touch your nose, put your hands up, jump, etc. Being a healthy capable little devil, she’s doing everything fine. Then, the nurse says, “stand on one foot.” My little sister looks at the nurse, looks down, and hesitates. Then she walks over and stands on one of the nurse’s feet. ThoughtCatalogue

When she was 11 years old, my granddaughter Becca and I went to the library. It was closed. When we got home I checked the calendar and told her it was closed because it was Patriots Day. She said, “They must’ve had a big game!” – Grammy in Gardiner, TurnerPublishing

Kids Say Funny Things – from NIKKI

I once asked my kindergarten class how they know if someone is the right person to marry. One cute little girl said, ‘You know if they’re the right person to marry because you say, ‘You smell nice! And I like your shoes!’ – Nikki Hesford

A kindergarten teacher laughed when she read a story her student wrote. The story was about a unicorn that wanted to be prime minister, but he got stuck ‘doing too much paperwork’! – Nikki

Kids Say Funny Things – from ESTHER

One day in the car, Annabelle was singing to herself,  which she often does when she is winding down to sleep. She was singing, How Great Thou Art, the first verse. ‘O Lord my God,’ she sang, ‘When I in awesome wonder, consider all the works Thy hands have made, I see the stars, I see the stars, I see the….tars, I see the…’ And she was out! – Esther

I love that my three-year-old sings so many songs to herself. This includes some that are not necessarily classified as children’s songs. One such instance is when she runs around the house singing our church’s benediction, ‘Now to Hiiiim who is able to keep, able to keep you from faaaaalllinnng…’ – Esther

Lately my three-year-old has been replacing ‘sm’, ‘sp’, and ‘st’, with ‘f’. One day she got into trouble and knew she was going to get a spank on her hand. So she hid her hand and said, ‘Don’t fank me!’ I almost choked and spat out my tea with laughter! – Esther

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Children are natural-born comedians. They say the funniest things if we have ears to listen. Some are peculiar to themselves and tie in with their character. Others are reflections of their learning stage. We laugh with them as they learn social skills and norms, committing a few hilarious faux pas along the way!

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