In-Depth BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum Review [MUST-READ]

Are you considering a BJU Press homeschool curriculum for your children? If you are, you’re on the right track! I’m a massive fan of this program and the biblical worldview it gives students. I have used it for years with my children and plan to continue using it as long as I homeschool! This program is also popular among home educators today, so I thought I’d give it a preliminary review and look at the BJU forum reviews other parents have made. 

Rebbecca Devitt

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In this article, we’ll cover:

  1. What the BJU Press Program Is
  2. The Advantages of this curriculum (we’ll use about 15 homeschool reviews to source our data from)
  3. Additional FAQs about this program
  4. Pros and Cons from over 30 BJU Press reviews I’ve seen

There’s a video review of the BJU homeschool curriculum below if you’re not a fan of reading.

But for now, let’s dive in and get started!

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What is the BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum?

The BJU Press curriculum is one of many Christian homeschooling curricula for home-educated students today.

Originally, the curriculum was designed for Christian schools, but it has now been adapted to fit homeschools.

For this reason, this program follows the traditional education (or school-at-home) model where you buy the material and sit your children down to do it as a teacher might in a school.

A BJU Press homeschooling curriculum teaches everything from a Biblical worldview.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can choose between an online or paper-based curriculum.

You have the option of paying for the curriculum in monthly installments, making the program more affordable if you want to start homeschooling now.

Children studying this program generally complete their work in around three hours on average.

The curriculum also comes in an accredited form, which will offer many parents peace of mind when it comes to doing the paperwork for school authorities.

My Review of BJU Press

Before I go on to describe this curriculum, I’d love to tell you about my experience.

I originally started using this program with teachers’ manuals – a big mistake.

I just didn’t have enough time to get around to everything I needed to do.

But then I discovered their pre-recorded video lessons.

A momentous breakthrough!

Suddenly, I went from spending ages with my child (who wasn’t particularly enjoying me teaching him!) to not doing anything except cracking out a few pre-made manipulatives and plopping the workbooks before him.

Now, my son is excited to learn and is way ahead with his classes.

I’d recommend BJU Press to any Christian looking for an easy, open-and-go homeschool curriculum!

Is a BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum Online or Paper-Based?

A BJU Press program offers both online and paper-based options.

That is, parents can choose between an online and paper-based home education OR a purely paper-based curriculum.

As you can see, this curriculum isn’t wholly online like the Monarch program.

However, as a mom, I don’t want my kids to be glued to a screen for longer than they have to be.

For this reason, I like that it’s not entirely online.

If you’re a homeschool parent who’s working from home, the online option might suit you better as it’s less time-intensive for the home educators, as parents only need to put in less than an hour’s work.

Features of the BJU Press curriculum (review)

The Curriculum Itself

The curriculum is a colorful and exciting prospect for students.

I’ve reviewed a few of their programs and have been excited by the graphics, which have been thoughtful and thoroughly appropriate.

I saw this in the Math and the Focus on Fives Kindergarten Reading program they published.

The text has also been well-written and encourages students to think critically.

It introduces them to relevant concepts and gets students to grapple with the day’s issues, tackling them head-on (especially in the Biblical Worldviews course)!

As a parent, it’s exciting to see children being taught using this solid biblical worldview, which you rarely see in schools these days!

Curriculum Options

One nice feature of BJU Press is that they offer so many different curriculum options.

You can buy the textbook version of their grade kits and textbooks for individual subjects for each grade and access everything online through their Homeschool Hub.

Let’s quickly go over what’s included with each curriculum option.

BJU Press Grade Kits

The grade kits are one of their paper-based options and come in the traditional textbook format.

With the grade kits, you can purchase the student kit, the teacher kit, or the complete grade kit, which includes everything.

The student kit includes all the tests and workbooks for all subjects covered for that grade.

The teacher kit includes the answer keys and teaching manuals for all subjects covered for that grade.

They offer different purchasing options, so you aren’t forced to pay for the entire kit if you don’t need everything.

This is nice if you have multiple students using the same curriculum and only need to repurchase the consumable workbooks and tests.

BJU Press Choices, tracking and grading, online and offline options, testing, Christian, cost, accreditation and more.

BJU Press Subject Kits

If you would prefer only to purchase a few subjects instead of the complete grade kit, BJU Press offers subject kits as well. You choose which subject you want and which grade.

The kit includes the student workbook, teaching manual, tests, and answer keys.

If the subject has extra materials like manipulatives for math or things like that, those will also be included.

BJU Press Video Courses

A curriculum option they offer is video courses.

You can access these either online through their Homeschool Hub or by purchasing the DVDs.

With the video courses, students watch the videos and then work through the lessons at their own pace.

It’s the same curriculum they offer via textbook, just in a video format, so you don’t have to do the actual teaching.

When you register for video courses, you’ll also receive paper workbooks and tests for your student to work through.

Just like with their textbooks, you can purchase the curriculum by grade or by subject.

Advantages of a BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum (Reviews)

Video Instruction is Appreciated

A lot of home educators were very impressed with the video instruction.

The videos were captivating and short enough so the children didn’t lose attention and wander off.

The great thing about the videos is that they are brief (many were only five minutes), and they demonstrate a point and then direct students back to their textbook.

This is opposed to an hour-long video in which children continually lose attention.

If you want a sample of the science video, this is below:

Shared Screens So Parents Can Log In and See What Their Children Have Done

The online system for students and parents is integrated to see everything their child has done. (Have a look at their free Homeschool Hub here.)

Parents can review their learners’ grades and credit them for something the system may not recognize (such as a misspelled word).

The system updates straight away, so correct scores display immediately.

Bible-Based Curriculum is Appreciated

As a Christian, finding a curriculum that supports your Christian worldview and edifies your children is essential.

A few mothers appreciated the biblical worldview the this curriculum teaches. (There are also many other great Christian options which you can find at this link.)

Is the BJU Curriculum Expensive?

Compared to other similar curricula, moms said the BJU Press home education curriculum is expensive – but the accredited version is no extra cost.

If you buy the teacher’s manual, the costs increase further.

Many moms felt they had to buy the teacher’s manual as some of the questions were unclear, and they thought they needed extra help to clarify the queries.

If cost is a big issue for you, you might want to check out free curriculum options here or the inexpensive Schoolhouse Teachers curriculum here.

Who would BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum be a good fit for?

Not every curriculum is right for every family.

Depending on your homeschool goals and schedule, the BJU Press curriculum may or may not be a good fit.

Here are the families who I think would get the most out of this curriculum:

  • You want to teach your child from a Christian worldview. If it’s important for you to teach your faith alongside your child’s schoolwork, this curriculum is a good choice.
  • You are a visual learner. If your child does well with videos and visually stimulating lessons, BJU Press’ video courses would be a good fit.
  • You want something planned out for you. The curriculum does all the planning for you, and everything is laid out. All you have to do is follow along with the teacher’s guide.
  • You want a curriculum you can stick with all the way through high school. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a curriculum and then having to switch because they don’t offer it for higher grades. The company offers a curriculum for pre-K through to high school, so you never have to switch.
  • You’re looking for accreditation. Many homeschool curricula don’t offer accreditation for their courses. If you’re looking for the classes your child takes to be recognized by certain colleges or universities, using an accredited program like this one is a good choice.
  • You want your child to work more independently. If you’re a working homeschool parent or have your hands full with younger siblings, BJU Press’ video courses would be a great fit. The videos do a lot of the teaching for you, so your child can work more independently and free up more time for you.

Homeschool curriculum reviews: Bob Jones University Homeschool curriculum. #bjuhomeschool #homeschoolcurriculumreviews #howdoihomeschool

FAQs about a BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum (Forum Reviews)

Will a BJU home education program be too easy or hard for my child?

This question is difficult to answer because it depends on your child’s capacity.

That is, if your child is gifted, they may find the program is too easy.

However, if your child has learning difficulties, they may find it too difficult.

When looking at the comments on a BJU Press homeschool reviews website, I found remarks saying it was too hard and too easy!

BJU vs. Abeka (reviews forum sourced)

What is better?

Abeka or BJU?

Compared to Abeka, the BJU home education program is a favorite.

Parents seem to like that the BJU videos are shorter (whereas the Abeka videos are relatively long).

The curriculum is also quite media-rich.

An Abeka curriculum is more labor-intensive compared to a BJU curriculum.

One mother said the BJU assignments were manageable, but the Abeka assignments were never-ending.

Abeka is also significantly more expensive. 

I also found parents were happier with the customer service at BJU Press.

Do they use Spiral or Mastery-Based Learning?

BJU Press generally uses spiral learning in all its courses.

This means a student learns more about a topic each time it is reviewed and encountered.

In this way, they expand their knowledge and hone their skills on the topic.

Mastery-based learning is where students must show they’ve mastered a topic before moving on to the next topic.

BJU Press include Abeka, Veritas Press, and Monarch.How Long are BJU Press Videos?

BJU Press videos are between 10 minutes and an hour.

Students in younger grades have videos between 10-20 minutes.

Students in older grades watch videos that run for around an hour.

What Denomination is BJU Press?

The BJU Press curriculum is closest to protestant Christian in denomination.

This curriculum originated from Bob Jones University, which teaches reformed theology.

So, it’s quite a conservative homeschool curriculum.

Is It Common Core?


BJU Press hasn’t changed any of the curriculum material to align with Common Core standards. They don’t support it or believe in common core.

But the creators sometimes compare their standards with Common Core so parents can better understand the course, but they are certainly not Common Core.

Is It Challenging?


BJU Press is challenging and encourages children to think analytically.

This comes through in all their material as they use many questions to help students analyze perspectives and apply what they’ve learned.

Is BJU Press Bob Jones?

No. This curriculum provider is no longer affiliated with Bob Jones University, although the curriculum originated in the university.

That is why many people now mistakenly call it the Bob Jones University curriculum.

But, if you hear people referring to the Bob Jones University curriculum, they are talking about the BJU Press curriculum.

Who Owns BJU Press?

BJU Press is now owned by the BJU Education Group (BJUEG) in Greenville, SC.

Bob Jones University no longer owns it, although the University was its founder.

What Grades Does BJU Press cover?

BJU Press has a curriculum for grades K3-12th grade.

So not only can you stick with the same curriculum all the way through high school, but you can use it for all of your children.

Pros and Cons

I went to have a look at the BJU Press reviews on the Homeschool Mom, and I noticed the following common pros and cons mentioned about the program.


Some of the common advantages that I noticed among the BJU Press homeschool reviews were:

  • Students can work independently
  • Homeschool Hub helps keep things organized, and you can see progress at a glance.
  • More hands-on than Abeka and uses manipulatives
  • Homeschool Hub is very flexible, and you can change the scheduled completion time.
  • Videos are engaging and factual
  • Incredible quality in books, lessons, and support
  • Accredited and unaccredited versions (accredited doesn’t cost extra)
  • Quizzes and tests are graded instantly
  • Less fluff and assignments than Abeka
  • Homework doesn’t take long
  • Fun math program with manipulatives
  • Self-paced
  • BJU Press holds the Bible as the ultimate authority on everything!

But, some people noticed some cons.


Some of the common disadvantages I noticed among the BJU Press homeschool reviews were:

  • Songs and poems could be more creative and fun
  • Have to jump between videos, workbooks, and manipulatives
  • On the more expensive side of curriculum

But, some things were positive or negative, depending on the person.

Neutral Points (could be positive or negative)

Some other things I noticed among the BJU Press homeschool reviews were:

  • Protestant-friendly conservative, reformed, Baptist curriculum (Catholics don’t like it)
  • Very biblical worldview – Secular families don’t like it
  • On the rigorous side, don’t use it if you want an easy curriculum
  • Some videos are very up-to-date, while others are dated
  • Sometimes videos are long because they’re covering a lot

I hope this gives you a closer look at what the BJU Press program is like.

Abeka vs BJU Press

Bob Jones University Press (BJU Press) and Abeka are both well-renowned Christian publishers that provide a wealth of educational materials for homeschooling, traditional schools, and distance learning.

They both offer an array of curricula that cover various subjects such as Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health and Safety, Bible, Music, and Physical Education.

These programs are known for their strong academic rigor, conservative Christian perspective, and traditional approach to education. These two publishers take pride in emphasizing phonics and reading and a traditional approach to teaching math.

They both offer a variety of educational materials, including textbooks, workbooks, and tests. They both have options to purchase video lessons OR teach the curriculum yourself using teachers’ manuals.

While BJU Press also offers a distance learning program, Abeka offers an online school option called Abeka Academy.

Both programs have a conservative Christian perspective and traditional approach to education and offer distance learning options. Still, the curriculum may have some differences in terms of content, teaching methods, and materials. It’s ultimately up to the student and the parent to decide which aligns with their educational goals and beliefs.

My Father’s World vs BJU Press

BJU Press and My Father’s World (MFW) are both Christian curriculum providers that offer educational materials for homeschooling and traditional schools.

Both are known for their strong academic rigor and conservative Christian perspective, but they approach education in different ways.

This curriculum is known for its traditional approach to education, which is centered on textbooks and workbooks.

This approach is often considered to be more structured and less flexible, but it can also be fun and engaging.

BJU Press’s curriculum is designed to be easy to use and understand, which makes it a great option for parents who are new to homeschooling or who prefer a more structured approach.

On the other hand, My Father’s World (MFW) offers an eclectic approach that combines elements of classical education, the Charlotte Mason method, and unit studies.

This approach is often considered to be more flexible and student-centered, which allows students to explore their interests and passions.

MFW’s curriculum is designed to be adaptable and easy to customize, which makes it a great option for parents who are looking for a more flexible approach to homeschooling.

MFW offers a fun and engaging curriculum that allows parents and students to tailor their learning experiences to suit their needs and preferences.

The only downside is that it can be quite craft-heavy at times!

Compare BJU Press vs My Father’s World more here.

Sonlight vs BJU Press

BJU Press and Sonlight Curriculum are both Christian curriculum providers that offer educational materials for homeschooling and traditional schools.

Both are known for their strong academic rigor and conservative Christian perspective, but they approach education differently.

BJU Press curriculum is known for its traditional approach to education, which is centered on textbooks and workbooks.

It also offers video lesson options, which can be a great time saver for busy parents who don’t want to teach everything themselves.

BJU Press’s curriculum is designed to be easy to use and understand, and it is considered fun and engaging, which makes it a great option for parents who are new to homeschooling or who prefer a more structured approach.

On the other hand, the Sonlight Curriculum is a literature-based approach to education.

This method emphasizes using real books, biographies, and historical fiction to teach various subjects.

This approach can be engaging and interactive, but it can also take up a lot of time.

Sonlight Curriculum is designed to be adaptable and easy to customize, which makes it a great option for parents who are looking for a more flexible approach to homeschooling.

The curriculum is designed to be stimulating and student-centered, emphasizing the Christian worldview.

BJU Online Academy – Replaced with the Homeschool Hub

BJU Press’ Online Academy Has been replaced with the Homeshcool Hub.

What is the Homeschool Hub?

The BJU Press Homeschool Hub is an all-in-one resource that supports homeschooling families using curriculum materials.

It serves as a comprehensive learning management tool, assignment scheduler, and planner, providing various features to streamline the homeschooling experience.

The Homeschool Hub offers different formats for accessing BJU Press curriculum content.

Families can access streaming video lessons, complete with a schedule of video lessons and assignments.

The platform also provides online tests and quizzes for students in Grade 5 and up.

Additionally, eTextbook copies of student texts and PDF copies of teacher editions are available for easy reference.

Other Features of the BJU Press Homeschool Hub

For families who prefer physical DVDs, the Homeschool Hub provides a DVD option with the same benefits, including video lessons, assignments, handouts, and answer keys.

The platform’s dashboard offers a day-at-a-glance overview, providing a quick look at course progress, assignments due, completed work, and upcoming assignments.

The calendar feature enables easy scheduling and rescheduling, allowing families to plan efficiently and adjust as needed.

Under the courses section, users can access the full assignment schedule and extra resources like teacher edition PDFs, student handout files, quiz files, and more.

The grade book feature allows parents to monitor their student’s progress and review or edit grades for completed assignments.

Finally, the reports function enables the generation of transcripts and other reports to showcase children’s development throughout the year and fulfill any reporting requirements for homeschooling.

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After looking at quite a few BJU Press reviews, I think there are very mixed feelings about the BJU Press program. I get the feeling that you either love it or hate it. Some homeschool reviews were disastrously negative, and others were glowingly positive (I wholeheartedly fall into the latter category!). But, if I were to synthesize these reviews, I’d say the general gist is that BJU is an excellent Christian homeschooling curriculum.

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  1. As a teacher who is using the Bob Jones material I have been very unimpressed. The lessons throughout the pre-Civil War and Civil War era reflect a very Northern bias in the material. They make the false claim that Sherman never touched buildings, farms, or seed in his March to the Sea. This is not just incorrect it is an assault on the very traumatic history of his devastating attacks which left hundreds of farms completely devoid of all life and thousands of Southerners completely without home or work.

    Further the material for the homework insists that the student write a letter explaining their opposition to Manifest Destiny. The problem is that A) It frames it as a one-sided issue namely that you must oppose it and B) It never clarifies that Manifest Destiny is a term coined by later historians and was never a named or explicitly termed policy. There are other problems but these demonstrate the type of problems encountered throughout the historical material.

  2. At the time when I bought my curriculum the represntative never explained the difference between distant learning and regular learning???
    We bought the Dvd’s and still had a hard time understanding curriculum. We bought the entire package deal $800. Not user friendly. I do not recommend.

  3. I think is big changes but, will be greatly improved for my children’s. I feel blessed to found a Christian curriculum for my children.