Homeschooling Groups in Adelaide

If you’ve started down the homeschooling path and you’re living in South Australia, you may be looking for a homeschooling group in Adelaide. Finding a group is one of the best moves you can make for your homeschool. A group will provide socialization for your children and support for you, the homeschool mom and dad.

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Below are some of the home educator groups and then homeschooling groups in Adelaide and its surrounding suburbs. Accompanying the name and link are the descriptions as per Facebook.

Homeschooling groups in Adelaide

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Home Educator Groups

Adelaide Homeschool Sell, Buy and Swap

  • This is a group to sell, buy and swap homeschool resources for people living in South Australia. Buying and selling is at your own risk. This group takes no responsibility for any transactions made through here.

North East Adelaide Home Educators

  • ‘A group specifically for home educators in the North Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide, SA.’

Homeschooling Groups in Adelaide

Tweens and Teens Home Education SA

  • No description given.

Adelaide Homeschooled Teens

  • ‘Adelaide Homeschooled Teens is for homeschooled/unschooled teens 13 and over who live in Adelaide, and their parents. Our aim is to help homeschooled teens connect with each other and make new friends.’

Adelaide hills Homeschooling Families, South Australia

  • No description given.

Adelaide Hills Homeschoolers

  • No description given.

Adelaide ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Homeschoolers

  • This is a group for Homeschooling parents/carers of ASD kids in South Australia. Homeschooling can be a challenge at the best of times but when you have a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or related disorder it can be even more challenging. I wanted to create a place where we can discuss ideas, techniques, challenges and successes with people who truly understand, from the local area.

Adelaide Homeschooling Groups

Murraylands/Mid Murray Homeschooling Group

  • ‘A friendly group open to any homeschooling families in the Murraylands/Mid Murray areas. A safe place to share, connect, vent, support, organise activities, advertise resources home-based businesses without judgment. We are all on a different journeys and hopefully this will be a good place for local families to connect.

Adelaide Homeschool Choir

  • No description given.

Adelaide Christian Homeschoolers

  • ‘This group is intended for fellowship, encouragement, events and practical advice (particularly in comparing the various Christian homeschooling curricula).’

Adelaide & South Australia Homeschoolers

  • ‘For everyone who is or is planning to homeschool in South Australia. We try to keep this group about home educating in South Australia so please keep threads and comments on topic.’

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Conclusion: Adelaide Homeschooling Groups in Australia

Social groups are a great idea if you plan on home-educating your children. These Adelaide homeschooling groups will give you a great avenue to have fun socially and make friends easily. If you’d like some more information on how to find a homeschooling group closer to your specific area, check out Homeschooling groups in Australia or watch the video above.
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